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  1. Many thanks, its working and I have access. Please let us know of any issues you experience, we are going to work on what you reported so far for the moment. We'll keep you updated about our progress and if we have any more questions.
  2. Hi again @Unfinished, Really appreciate the effort you took into explaining all your issues. The steps to replicate the problems with QoS are very helpful! As for the other issues, we are going to try to replicate/analyze them independently and work on solutions for them. One thing that would be useful for us is to have access to your unit, could you enable the option "Remote access to tech support", which can be found in "Network Settings" > "WAN"? We would like to grab some more verbose logs which could help us with some of the issues described.
  3. Hi @Unfinished, its Adrian from the dev team. First, we are sorry for the error you are experimenting. The log you sent is very useful, and we have a couple of related questions: How often does the issue happens? Is it happening consistently once a week aprox? You mentioned in one of your comments about provoking it to fail. Have you found any set of steps that can help replicating it? Are you having this issue only on the latest firmware, or did you had it on previous ones too?
  4. Hi, it seems some Valorant servers of our dataset have went down (probably the IPs have changed). Also, we are missing many of them, so we will try to make a new update to add more servers. In the meantime, if any of you wants a server added to Valorant, feel free to share it here and we will try adding it (sometimes it doesn't work due to that server's configuration).
  5. Hi @techbbq, I'm Adrian from the dev team. First of all, thank you very much for letting us know about the issue. We are currently looking into it and we expect to give you more updates about it during this week, just so you are aware.
  6. Forgot to announce it yesterday, but now that Rocket League is free, we have added it to Ping Heatmap!
  7. Thanks for reporting it guys, we will do a cloud update for Ping Heatmap today fixing this.
  8. Hi @patnj. Yes, we expect the full history of connection benchmark to be deleted whenever you reboot the unit. This is intentional and will not change. The reason for it is that if we saved the Connection Benchmark history so it could be preserved between reboots, that could cause the memory of the unit to fail after some years of repeated use. When we considered the possibility, we took the decision of not preserving the history between reboots, because we thought it was better to thing on the units working properly even many years in the future. On the other hand, the scheduled tests should never be deleted. We will try to replicate this issue internally and solve it. Many thanks for reporting it in!
  9. Hi everyone! We have just pushed a new cloud update with: - Support for CoD: Modern Warfare (not the same as Warzone) - Support for Team Fortress 2 - Support for Dota 2 We'll keep adding more games over time, thanks for all the suggestions! This should be downloaded automatically to your router over the next 24 hours, but if you want it sooner, you can force a cloud update from Ping Heatmap's hamburguer menu. PD: @mohands, I have included your Fifa 20 server, thanks for that! Unfortunately, I couldn't get the CoD servers to respond to any of my pings, so I haven't included them. I'll research why this is happening.
  10. Hi @mohands, sorry for not adding them yesterday. We are currently working on adding a few more games to Ping Heatmap, so I'll try to add them today or tomorrow. Apologies about that, I forgot to add them on yesterday's update. And many thanks for sending us the servers, that really helps!
  11. And as a more general update to everyone: We have updated the Black Ops 4 dataset (as most servers were failing) and added Valorant as a new game! Hope everyone enjoys the cloud update!
  12. Because what Geofilter does is take advantage of the game pinging those servers to display them on the map, while Ping Heatmap has to replicate the ping that Overwatch does. Ping Heatmap tries to replicate ping to servers, following what the game would exactly do. We have a couple of generic ways that allow us to ping most games, but unfortunately Overwatch doesn't work with those.
  13. Hi, a comment regarding Overwatch: We know its one of the most requested games, but adding it is not as easy as other games due to its internal functionality. We'll probably take one or two months before being able to actually go and add it, but don't worry, it'll arrive eventually. I've noted all other games suggested here, and we'll try to add all of them (or as many as possible). Many thanks to everyone!
  14. Hi @Am0kGaming, thanks for all the information provided. Honestly, we are a bit puzzled at the moment. On our side, we can confirm users are reporting speeds up to 1000 Mbps on Connection Benchmark. So we think either there is something wrong with the way the mlabs server is connecting with you, or there is some traffic interfering with the results. There isn't much we can do for the former, but we'll add an option for the later in future firmwares, to see if that improves your results. We apologize for this, and we'll keep thinking on solutions for your specific case, but unfortunately without being able to replicate it ourselves we are a bit constrained. But putting this in perspective, we can confirm your R2 is getting the expected speeds through fast.com and speedtest.net, so your experience when playing or using the internet at your home shouldn't be affected. Is this later point right? Or are you having any connection issues when using your R2 at home? We think that shouldn't be the case, but let us know if otherwise.
  15. Hi @Arno, thanks for your comments about the R2! Just to add on what Fraser said, I have Virgin Media at my home too, and based on my personal experience it was worth setting it on Modem mode. I tested having it in Router Mode, and the stability of the network wasn't as good as when I switched to Modem mode. Again, this is my opinion as a user only.
  16. @Am0kGaming, What are your QoS settings at the moment? We have tested on different units, and many of our users have experienced speeds way higher of what you're getting, so we suspect at the moment this could be related to QoS. Could you make sure QoS is disabled, or at least anti-bufferbloat is set to never? If this doesn't solve it, could you test after a factory reset? Finally, if neither of that solves the issue, even if it sounds weird, could you try testing with a different ethernet cable?
  17. We plan to keep this open to confirm if the replacement unit fixes the problem for Yam Yam. We will also debug the returned unit once it reaches us to find the root of this problem, and hopefully deliver a fix for new users, in case anyone else experiences this problem.
  18. Okay, this is something else. We are going to have a look into this. Thanks for reporting in!
  19. Thanks for the results. This test was done with the same servers we use for the Connection Benchmark test, and that explains why your speeds on our application were lower than what you expected. There isn't much we can do at the moment with this, as unfortunately this is due to the server's location. This is usually due to this server not being inside your ISP local network, while the tests on "speedtest.net" is inside. Also, the actual speed of the server might explain the difference. As for why your test on the computer is slower than on the router, as @Netduma Fraser mentioned, that's because our test is essentially the same but from the router, so it performs somewhat better!
  20. Hi @Am0kGaming, thanks for your feedback! Would you mind going to this url, doing a connection test and sharing the results? We want to know if there is a problem with our tool, or instead there is a problem with the servers used for the test.
  21. Oh well, fair enough 😂😂😂 Don't worry, we got what we needed. We'll let you know if we need to access again. One question, which ip do you use to access your Sky modem web interface? Like, what do you type in your web browser?
  22. Okay, I got what I needed. I'll get back to you with what we find. Many thanks and enjoy your birthday!
  23. Thanks, I'm inside the R1. I just rebooted the router to get what I need, sorry for the inconvenience.
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