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  1. I confirm ping around 40/50 in the game without any higher peak, always the same and actually often is 35/45. Sorry for the delay, but as promised here are the lag videos. As you can imagine it took a while to cut them all for this I was late, please watch them all please each video lasts a few seconds. You'll be able to see the more serious ones and the less serious ones. In the meantime, my friends play nice and smooth. Lag_1.mp4 Lag_2.mp4 Lag_3.mp4 Lag_4.mp4 Lag_5.mp4 Lag_6.mp4 Lag_7.mp4 Lag_8.mp4 Lag_9.mp4 Lag_10.mp4
  2. Do you still have that icon? What published version are you using?
  3. Hello @RedBull2k and congratulations on what you've created, really great job friend. I'm just sorry I can't try it because I don't have a windows but a macos and I was wondering if you could make a dmg of this tool please
  4. Have you tried the downgrade?
  5. Morning, boys. @Netduma Fraser in attachment 2 ping plotters just made, I'll bring more. @Mobel were you able to make a wireshark capture? @Bert excuse me, either it's the translator or it's me who doesn't understand how to perform the steps to make the traffic read with this program.
  6. No problem, I don't remember in what discussion I asked you but I'm not going to look for it doesn't matter, an oversight can happen to anyone. To look for a common point I asked you if you had a pppoe or pppoa connection and then I don't remember what sincerely. We are all busy, but in the meantime I wanted to thank @Bert for telling us how to get a traffic acquisition with wireshark nobody had answered before. I too will bring a few things when I have some time but in the meantime I will read and answer.
  7. @Netduma Fraser I can't tell you why on the previous version it doesn't happen, I can only tell you my experience. It would be good if he also @Mobel tried it to have his say and know if it works for him too. I did some pingplotters while I was playing that I enclose, I didn't understand instead what I have to look at on network monitors even if I saw a strange thing.
  8. @Mobel did you check the stuff I asked you about your connection? I don't know if you've followed the discussion so far but since you're playing with the ray perora I suggest you go back to version waiting to find the correct solution.
  9. @Netduma Fraser have you seen the netcode video I posted? What you say about ping is the second symbol of the left row, it happens to those who have a bad connection or very rarely to everyone and when it happens talking to my friends it happens to them too and in that case it's a server problem (I've had this error 2/3 times since the game came out) but what we have is the second one of the right row and it doesn't depend on trusted servers, that's for sure. It happens in the Spanish server, in the French server, in the American server and in the Italian one where everyone here except us plays quietly and we don't. My friends with me play well and we are playing on the same server, if we play with friends in custom games there is no server but host and I always have the problem. If I tell you that if I go back to version the problem is not there it means that it is something about the router that is not going well and it must be fixed.
  10. Cable game. Yes, I've tried playing with the beam on the French server and the Spanish server but it doesn't change. I also tried to play without geo filter but it doesn't change. Believe me when I tell you that in these 3 months I really tried them all and I don't think I forgot anything but the advice is always welcome, maybe I forgot something or there is something I don't know. I just finished playing and I've had a lot of stuttering, some of them very strong and I saved the videos, when I cut them I'll share them. Nobody was using the connection, just ps4 connected.
  11. The 2 videos I shared last night made by chance, not for the problem, I put them to show you that on bo4 everything runs smoothly, while on mw there are 2 small stuttering. The problem has improved a lot with those much-discussed traffic priority rules, but they're still there sometimes a few and sometimes a lot smaller. My ping assist is set to 35 and on the servers the game is from 38 to 48 max 50 but only sometimes. I enclose a ping plotter screen. Video mw: stutter 1 see 35 to 40 seconds stuttering 2 see 45 to 55 seconds (in this case first there is stuttering and then the 3 squares appear) I repeat, these are small and there are only 2 in a round, let alone 2 in a whole game. As for the servers, I hope the translator is helping me, stuttering happens in private games.
  12. Premise, I'm not interested in advertising is only for demonstration purposes of the problem and I don't know how to cut the names in the videos. They are randomly recorded videos to have fun with friends. I'm sorry I accidentally deleted the private one where you could also see the problem, I host or my friend doesn't change. In this video of mw the problem is there but it affects little both the number and the importance of stuttering. If it may be useful I will bring others where you see the importance and number of stuttering. BO4.mp4 MW.mp4
  13. I can run a pingplotter if you want while I play and share it, but it's not about the server. I rarely play alone and all my friends have no problems. Plus I can say that it also happens when we play custom games. So the servers have nothing to do with it, I enclose a picture of the servers I connect to. And then I repeat, when I downgrade the firmware the problem is no longer there but I can't use ping assist because on firmware it doesn't do its job well. One thing I had read, I don't remember if here or on reddit, is that you think that who has very fast connections shares them with the servers for the high demand, but is it ever possible something like this? I don't think so because otherwise it wouldn't explain why on that previous version the problem doesn't arise. Inside the firmware only you technically know what can be changed and I ask you to please analyze it. As said before also in beta version the problem is present, an extra clue to start from?! If you want to and can do it, then I don't know where your work ends and netgear's work begins.
  14. Yeah unfortunately, it doesn't change. Just to try it out thinking maybe the connection had been touched by my isp I went to play a game on bo4 after 3 months...no problem, no lag. I don't know what to think anymore.
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