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  1. Hey, what exactly is the problem with you having?
  2. Finally there we are, thanks to people on the internet I have come to the point. the problem that is whipping me on this game (3 squares orange / yellow) is a problem of packet burst. So I wanted to ask the developers for a divine hand in this, what can I do on my router so that this does not happen? And then another important question always to developers, in the geo filter can I make sure to find games only on dedicated servers? Thanks
  3. Magic! Activate the motion blur options. I'm very angry with activision for this. I literally went crazy for 8 days. More and more convinced that they sold us a beta and not a definitive game. PS: As not said, the problem has returned after a couple of games. Sorry
  4. Good morning, has the update been released?
  5. I'm glad you talked about the call of duty modern warfare, I had opened another discussion so as not to create confusion here. But I'm happy to talk about it with you who are good and nice. I'm having so many delays on this game, I'm always with the connection indicators active, so many lags and I don't like it. Then, please, I wanted to ask you for advice on the best mtu to put on ps4. I have a pppoe connection so in the wan section of the router gives me a maximum of 1492 (as it is correct that it is for this type of connection) and I had the opportunity to verify that it is the correct one with the terminal of the mac, but if I put mtu 1492 on the ps4 I get the error of fragmented ip while with mtu 1500 no. Can you light me up? At what time do you think the update will be released? Thank you very much
  6. Hello and thanks for the answer, but using the dmz is not the same thing only that I open all the ports only for the specified ip address?
  7. Good morning and good Sunday to everyone. I create this discussion because I'm really freaking out. I am playing the new cod but I am a victim of monstrous delays and continuous lag, so that the connection indicators appear in the center on the left. I state that my connection is of 1gbps (850 download - 200 upload) and that in the other games I never had any problems. Right now you will say the problem is the new cod then, but how come all my other friends even with a "worse" connection than mine have no lag? I think it may be useful to provide my settings: - pppoe connection - no upnp - no port forwarding - ps4 with fixed IP address to which I assigned the dmz - Anti-Bufferbloat disabled - band assigned to ps4 both in download and upload 60% - dumaos games activated - band sharing disabled both during download and upload I also tried to activate Anti-Bufferbloat with 70% indicators but nothing has changed. What can it be? Can you help me? I take this opportunity to ask (given my connection) if it is possible in any way to have cod read more than 4mbps of band. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help me.
  8. Hi, unfortunately I still have problems with the party. Better than before but the same problems. Now when I join or create some people I hear them and others don't.
  9. Hello, I wanted to know if there are any news regarding party problems. I have read another discussion where you say to update the cloud but this has not solved.
  10. Hello, I wanted to know if there are any news regarding party problems. I have read another discussion where you say to update the cloud but this has not solved. However, after updating the cloud to me, no pop-up window just ends. Do I have any problems?
  11. UPDATE After repeated attempts and careful consideration I was able to see that the server's position is always the same but every time it freezes id but not domain which is 2.comnute.amazonaws.com After blocking so many ids everything seems to be back to normal even if the position of the server that turns on is always the same (america). I hope I have been helpful
  12. I think so too, because if I turn off ps4 from my devices in the geofilter I have no problems. if you can help all this started when sony released the 7.0 update for ps4
  13. Ho già provato ma niente, continua a connettermi in America. Ho anche provato a disabilitare il pin assist e giocare con il filtro geografico, ma quando accendo la playstation il primo server da accendere è quello. cosa devo fare?
  14. Certainly, this is one of these, if I deny it then I get one from a neighbor and then another if I deny it first. But real strange thing remains that I access the play on these servers while I am in Italy should access it on the Irish one is not it?
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