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  1. I know something about computer science, but I'm not an insider so I went on trying. I think that if it had been a connection problem we would have problems in other games too and I think that if they were the activision servers you shouldn't have had problems in customized games. Do you use dmz, upnp or port forwarding?
  2. I don't know about cheating and I don't care about these things. I don't even really understand how you ended up talking about these things. As for the packet burst problem I can only report my experience and what I did, whether you want to try or not it doesn't change me I'm just glad it worked with me
  3. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I don't have it with you, there'd be no reason to, but here if you laugh at something a person says is to make fun of them. Behind a screen it's easy to misunderstand, there are no tones, but surely words can't be misunderstood. I don't think I was rude in my answer, I just expressed my thoughts to your sarcasm. Then I never know if for you and for me the translator works well. Friends as first brother 😉
  4. I see that you are a dumaos attaché, your colleague fraser has been very kind to me and has followed me so much on this issue, this is to tell you that he knows how many things I have tried and how much I have tried a solution to this. I understand that it's not a very nice thing to do and I guess everyone is not willing to do it, I could easily eliminate them because they were almost all friends of friends or people of weger or gamebattles so I tried. I keep getting the packet blast every now and then, but nothing compared to before. Before everything I felt was a placebo, this has been working for me for weeks.
  5. Glad to have made you laugh, but maybe you should first read what I wrote as well as take a good look at the video that makes you realize it's not fake. It's been 7 months that people like me here, on reddit and everywhere on the web are looking for a solution to this. So I don't find it strange that someone has thought and tried them all. I felt like trying and it's going well, excuse me if I felt like sharing. I'll keep it to myself next time.
  6. It's something private done by a friend, nothing public. It should be based on citrix but I'm not sure.
  7. Free to try if you want, I can tell you that my result is that I receive 1/10 of packet explosions compared to before. I deleted over 500 friends between psn and activision and made sure that the ones left activision were only from xbox and pc.
  8. My situation is that I needed to run an application but because of the firewall I couldn't . I understand what you mean, but a router in this bracket and a brand of this importance cannot afford certain shortcomings, they are basic options. With the right alerts is an option that in my opinion you have to implement, then it is intelligence of the users to understand if and when to deactivate it. If people do wrong things it's not your fault and basic users shouldn't touch certain things if they don't know what they touch and don't know where they put their hands. But you can't put all these restrictions on a product like this and penalize the more advanced users. I hope the translator helped me.
  9. Thank you but I have already solved with a router that costs 90% less than this. I think and hope netduma has nothing to do with this, but that it is netgear side. A router of this range can't afford not to have such basic functions. I hope somebody will fix it sooner or later, but I don't believe it one bit, but if I could take it back to netgear it would be nice of you.
  10. Thanks for the advice, I tried but nothing. It returns me an error that says that a firewall blocks the connection to the application. Is there really no way to disable the firewall? Seriously?
  11. Thanks for the answer, I hope you're wrong. Spending all this money on a router and not being able to manage it 100% would be really absurd. It would be another limit in addition to the ones already found and it doesn't seem normal given what it costs.
  12. it's not for mw. the point is another, I can't find anywhere the option to turn it off altogether and I'm asking you where you do it from
  13. Thanks for the advice, I don't like the idea of turning it off completely either but I'm having some problems and I wanted to give it a try.
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