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  1. Yes I know, if you notice I was just back because I forgot to type update distribution (which I always do besides typing backups, I always do both). I check the name from the right panel to see if they are on the correct tab of both device and download or upload.
  2. Yes what is happening with this game is not normal for anyone and it is even more so for people like me who participate in tournaments or streamers as we try to earn some money. In my opinion @Netduma Fraser could have had a fair intuition and that is that it could be a problem of who has pppoe connections but if no one shares if it is on a pppoe connection or on pppoa you can not pull at random. 3 days ago she came back to write me activision after 2 months as if they had done who knows what when in reality they have done nothing but assign me the earned rewards that I was missing (which I never asked for by the way, with them I always talked only about stuttering problems) and again I was told that the practice would go to the next level.
  3. As far as resetting to factory settings is concerned, it's a random thing, it can happen like no. It just happened 3/4 times already in a month and it seems very strange to me and I wanted to report it. As a browser I use chrome and am on macos. I did more than that, I made a screen recording with the steps I do but this time strangely went, better like that; now I'll try and update you. As you can see I was trying the rules you told me with a little modification only to the ports that I still have to try in game (I put only udp) I always lose some time before writing when there is something to try because anything I modify seems to go well for a while and then everything goes back to the way it was before. But I have to say that the 1:65535 - 1:65535 tcp/udp rule was working well. Stuttering was always present, but never serious until now, so I wanted to experiment a bit more. I simply had never tried these rules because they were very inadvisable on the forum. Now I'll try the new bandwidth and let you know. Thanks always for your help and support, I appreciate it. 1.mov
  4. As much as I'd like it to be so (to give me an explanation that doesn't drive me crazy after hundreds of tests and configurations) unfortunately it isn't. I played during the day, afternoon, evening and night. I played on the Italian, English, French, Spanish and American servers and in all my games stuttering is present, none excluded. In the meantime my friends who are in the lobby with me don't have any problem and above all the problem is present also in the custom games where you don't connect to any server.
  5. @Netduma Fraser Only power off button behind the router without unplugging it. The night before going to bed I sometimes turn it off in the morning when I turn it on and I have to reconfigure everything. Yes, unfortunately I'm working a lot with qos because of this problem and I don't understand why 1 mbps doesn't save it, it goes automatically on 1% which for me means 10mbps more or less.
  6. Have you tried downgrade the firmware?
  7. That's what I do, but I don't understand why you don't save 1mbps even though you save the setting. I think why 1mbps is like 0% to me.
  8. Yes exactly, I have a habit of turning off the router before bedtime and turning it back on in the morning. I've sometimes had to configure it from scratch as if it had been reset to factory default values.
  9. Hello @Netduma Fraser, I tried the priority traffic rule that you recommended and I noticed that the problem is always present, even if it is minor, then I don't know if it is a placebo or not. As for the 1Mbps bandwidth assignment simply the flower doesn't allow me, the least I can do is to assign 1% but I had already tried it and it hadn't led to great results. One thing that I still had not tried and that would seem to be leading to some small result was to increase the % of ps4 (I have brought it to 60%) this would seem until now to have reduced the severity of stuttering that however remain present. One thing I wanted to ask you is if you are aware of some software problems with my router (xr700) I'm asking you this because lately I'm noticing that in the morning when I turn the router back on sometimes the memory is completely erased and I have to configure it from the beginning, it has already happened 4 times in the last month. @Mobel were you able to solve the problem?
  10. Sorry to pick up now and thanks again for helping us out, I finally got it.
  11. I confirm ping around 40/50 in the game without any higher peak, always the same and actually often is 35/45. Sorry for the delay, but as promised here are the lag videos. As you can imagine it took a while to cut them all for this I was late, please watch them all please each video lasts a few seconds. You'll be able to see the more serious ones and the less serious ones. In the meantime, my friends play nice and smooth. Lag_1.mp4 Lag_2.mp4 Lag_3.mp4 Lag_4.mp4 Lag_5.mp4 Lag_6.mp4 Lag_7.mp4 Lag_8.mp4 Lag_9.mp4 Lag_10.mp4
  12. Do you still have that icon? What published version are you using?
  13. which version of the published ones are you trying out for xr700?
  14. Hello @RedBull2k and congratulations on what you've created, really great job friend. I'm just sorry I can't try it because I don't have a windows but a macos and I was wondering if you could make a dmg of this tool please
  15. Have you tried the downgrade?
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