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  1. On the dumaOS it shows 80-90, and on the game it shows 100+
  2. Why am I getting put in lobbies where my ping to the server is 90+ even though my radius isn't anywhere near that server and my ping assist is set to 20?
  3. Been 10 days and still nothing 🤔
  4. I don't actually live in sweden, but since the UAE server is located there on the cloud, I have to set it accordingly. And right now it's putting me in games with 150+ ping. (FYI, the only server covered in my radius is the UAE one.)
  5. With ping assist, I'm getting put in lobbies with pings that are more than double the limit I set
  6. Sooo, still haven't moved the server(s) to the correct location ey? When placing my location in the middle of the ocean and making the radius the smallest, with ping assist set to 60, I have party chat issues with friends and it takes ages to find games.
  7. Didn't need them taken down, just moved to the correct location (United Arab Emirates). Now I doubt I'll even manage to find the occasional "good" game.
  8. @Netduma Joseph so any progress ?
  9. It shows up as 1 server on the map, but these are the different IDs that show up yes. They appear in Sweden but should be in United Arab Emirates.
  10. Anytime, I'd appreciate if this was addressed immediately, thankss!
  11. 991f5520bc387f84 991febb6bc387f84 991f8752bc387f84 991f6631bc387f84 991f8a55bc387f84 991f531ebc387f84 991f4712bc387f84 991f905bbc387f84 991fab76bc387f84 991f5f2abc387f84 991f400bbc387f84 991f632ebc387f84 991f814cbc387f84 991f703bbc387f84 991f4a15bc387f84 991f7641bc387f84
  12. Could I copy and paste them here ? The forms are quite case sensitive etc which makes it difficult
  13. They're not really misplaced as the IP tracks back to Sweden (I'm guessing that's how the DumaOS is locating it), and I don't think it would be easy to input each of the servers details that I've sent above individually into the form here. Can't the engineers just shift that "peer" that shows up in Sweden to United Arab Emirates ? Since I'm guessing UAE bought the IP as the admin mentioned above.
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