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  1. hi guys after dowmloading the fifa 20 demo i have notcied thier is more servers located in my region, which is europe as im from the uk, servers pop up in france, london, ireland and also germany, where as fifa 19 i was only getting one loacted in germany. i dont no if the devs want to do some testing for cloud updates etc :)
  2. hello jack yeah all devices are connected to duma, and wifi is off on sky hub, like i say i have followed all recomendations according to the wiki pages but still no joy! yes all gaming devices are hard wired and so is my laptop when performing speedtests, pingplotter, etc also have tried giving my gaming device more band width allocation but again still no joy
  3. good morning fraser thank you for your response i mean it looks good when im not using the line but for some reason i cant seem to hone in a decent setting for me, i have tried the recommended 70/70 but it dont seem to get me a stable ping when downloading or watching youtube, twitch etc, i have also tried tinkering with my own settings but to no avail, my speeds are skys bb, on adsl line at 20down and only 1.2 up measly i know but i avoid using vigin been there and all im saying is horrendus and i cant get fibre in my area unfotunatly, so if theres anything you can reccomend im all ears thank you
  4. hi again fraser i think i sorted uploading photo, this was only a 5 minute trace with nothing on the line with qos at 100 each way, i currently cant do much testing tonight as work calls for me tommorow the joys, would it be possible for someone to possibly do a 1 on 1 or have a look at my settings and try to configure something as im just stuck in a rut on what settings i need to stop having lag and delay when gaming thank you
  5. hi fraser thnak you for response i have pingplotter already download but only have the free version so how would i upload it for you to see?
  6. hi there guys im back again with another issue clealry it seems that the tech guys at both my isp and ea have no idea how to describe traceroutes, im having a problem in interupting this one i have attached now the ea team are saying that i have a lot of packet loss on the trace and by looking myslef i noticed it starts at hop 3, i have spoken with my isp about this and ther saying the usual oh your speeds and line are fine blah blah blah, no i no there is definantly something wrong somewhere, please help me solve this and who i need to talk to get it resolved thanks tracroute 2.txt
  7. thanks for the speedy response, ahh okay that seems to be the problem then, what is that server by the way like i say it always pops up as being host for some reason no matter what game i play?
  8. hi there guys i have a couple of questions, first of all what is this server 46338d58d0e5878c as i cant seem to deny it? also is there anyway to block it as ive done some testing on a few games and its seems to always pop up has host and pings are really high and spiky maybe this could be why im lagging? i have tried all other theories my network is the best i can possibly get it whith ping plotter staying solid even when im watching 1080p videos and streaming netflix i just dont no why its happening!
  9. Thanks for your response I’m with sky so there default hub unsure what it’s called and also the r1 with duma os! And yeah chappa I’ve tried all that I always have it anti Buffer on unless I’m out at work then I turn it off as I’m not using it, like I said I could put all the way down to 1% on both and dsl reports will still give me the speeds I entered on the r1
  10. hi there guys i have an interesting question i need to ask the team, i usually test my buffer bloat on DSL reports and im never seeming to get the correct settings, as i was looking at the dsl reports screen i noticed that i was still getting my full speeds even when i apply qos for example i have 20mb dl entered on the anti buffer bloat but even if i limit the speed to lets say half so i should only get 10 but on dsl reports its still saying i have 20 like the qos settings are not being applied at all could anyone shed some light on this issue? thanks
  11. hi jack yes that makes sense the reason i ask mainly is due to having heavy sluggish gameplay and jitter on fifa and other games i dont, well not that i can notice im just trying to get the best connection possible, if you guys or any other member have any ideas i will appreciate that thanks
  12. Hey Fraser thanks for the response I thought that was the general idea but it’s good to ask the experts lol, another question on battlefield 1 the receive rate is consistent over 200kbits per second but on fifa is only around 40, is that’s normal due to the game or is it something to check In to thanks
  13. hi there i would like to say first of all congrats on milestone 1.3, i have a quick question about auto ping host new details, is is better to have a higher receive rate or lower? thanks
  14. No worries fraser I will get straight on it soon as I can
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