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  1. For research purposes I stumbled upon this, but this is intended for the R7800 but I will try and report back, obviously doing backups. This is done via Telnet. Change to /etc/init.d vi net-lan Check on print_dhcpd_conf() Replace the line "option dns $($CONFIG get lan_ipaddr)" with "option dns aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd", where aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd is your preferred DNS server, you can create up to 3 entries.
  2. Hello. Is there a command I can push through telnet to allow all my clients to use my Pihole DNS server of via LAN DHCP without having me to individually input them on my clients, I know the LAN or DHCP for it lack for the allowing of adding DNS options, this is also the case for private VPNs for individual clients which I've already suggested to add in the future but to stay on topic, just looking for a cli command until it's added in LAN DHCP options, this isn't for VPN just local clients.
  3. Hello. I'm not sure if this has been discussed in regards to allow VPN providers DNS address. Basically, when you've set your VPN details up would it be viable to add a drop down menu to allow you to force the Hybrid VPN / Router to use your providers DNS details. It would consist of 3 options; 1. Off 2. Relaxed 3. Exclusive - Force all selected clients that are in the hybridvpn to use the VPN DNS exclusively and not ISP DNS etc.
  4. OK - I would prefer to use the TV only since it's 4K and supports HDR, and the old man won't let me have ANY consoles hooked up. 🤣
  5. Sorry I took so long to reply. Yes, the Plex Client App on my TV displays the remote server port, but still I've tried adding it so many way in the advanced tab, only option works is doing 1:65535 but then all traffic filters through the VPN I don't want this, the remote port which my TV displays is: 32400 > I assume this is for remote access from TV > Plex Server. I have a seedbox so it comes with a free Plex server addon. 😂
  6. The issue is Netgear haven't added an option to their IPv6 which allows customers whom are on Sky or any other provider to get an IPv6 address natively, meaning you cannot get it through the PPPoE side since Sky have weird authentication and I think correct me wrong non of the options without the use of 6 to 4 tunnel work, because when I ran an Asus router in their IPv6 options as with DDWRT they all have the XR500 option plus get it an IPv6 address natively meaning once the router sends the Sky authentication MER, IPv4 WAN come ups it grabs the IPv6 information too and sets it up from the intial IPv4 connection, don't even ask me about the authentication methods I just know from previous routers this is how IPv6 was implemented naturally and not using 6to4 tunnel. We're hoping Netgear sort this hassle out and updates their IPv6 implementation and bring up to Asus's standards.
  7. Hopefully this will benefit us Sky Fibre customers, I know their methods are backwards as in regards to authentication to getting custom routers are concerned, hopefully Netgear WILL implement the naitive IPV6 option, many other router brands already have this with the exception of Netgear. Can't fault the XR500 - Hopefully upgrade to XR700 in the future.
  8. I'm not using Plex on a PC/Laptop, I am using Plex through a LG SmartTV... LG Smart TV > XR500 > VPN > WAN 🤗
  9. Tbh I've tried adding the ports but can't add more, the only way I can get buffer free is to add 1:65535 but that means my whole TV is exposed.
  10. Hello. First off I am not having ANY issues with the hybrid VPN. I am running NordVPN which connects fine then I'm running my smart TV through the VPN, but I don't want my Plex traffic to be filtered through the VPN which incures buffering when streaming. Would it be possible for the devs to add in the "Don't VPN Services" a Plex option, so any Plex traffic is filtered to my ISP and avoids the VPN. 😀
  11. Sorry my mistake, I'll try to explain again... Basically what Im requesting 1 of 2 things, that you add supoort for .opvn files, essentially meaning if a VPN such as NordVPN which support different servers in the same country the end user wants to be able to download that .opvn config file goto to the Hybrib VPN option and able to upload that .opvn configuration file to the router, hence adding a "browse" button to essentially make it OpenVPN friendly, the .opvn config would contain all server, keys and username and password information with a few single clicks hence the elimination of having to enter credentials in manually as of the current firmware revision, sorry it was me and i didn't explain it clearly. Secondly I would like to see another VPN provider added "NordVPN". Confirm that you now understand my request. 😀
  12. I did do "ifconfig brwan netmask but cripples everthing, lose internet, in my experiment, definitely needs an extra virtual interface, sounds like we need to pester Netgear for this.. 🤣
  13. So, instead of uploading an .opvn file, for different locations just put the username and password of any VPN provider? Yeah be glad to see Nordvpn included.
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