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    nyder reacted to DanyKTM in Bad experience COD mw   
    you should play on monitor or tv with less than 1 ms, UPNP or port forward, no difference for me, good HDMI cable and Good ethernet cable should help you.  You can give a call to your ISP and ask for they can check the road of your connection, sometime they can change the route and help a little bit
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    nyder reacted to N3CR0 in Dumaos 3.0 and MW (2019) any experiences?   
    I know one or two who tried 3.0 with MW19 and they said it didn't seem to make any difference to their gameplay.
    At the end of the day, MW has horrible netcode and servers so your network setup now is probably the best you're gonna get with this game.
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    nyder reacted to Bert in MW is not working for me!   
    By the way, something that hasn't clicked with a lot of folks in this game with regards to hitdetection is the importance of bullet velocity. Some attachments make a huge difference in this.
    Some figures:
    Stock M4A1 = 722 m/s.
    M4A1 + Grenadier Barrel + monolithic suppressor = 1267 m/s
    M4A1 + 11.5" compacty barrel + monolithic suppressor = 588 m/s
    Why is this huge? Suppose your enemy is 30m away.
    Let's compute the travel time to target:
    Stock M4A1 = 41ms
    M4A1 + Grenadier Barrel + monolithic suppressor = 23ms
    M4A1 + 11.5" compact barrel + monolithic suppressor = 51ms
    So there is literally almost 2 frames (console) of difference between the short and long barrel in this case.
    Here is another one.
    MP5 9mm = 537 m/s 
    MP5 10mm = 433 m/s
    MP5 9mm + integral monolithic = 671 m/s.
    So supposedly the target is 20m away. Lets look at the travel times:
    MP5 9mm = 37ms
    MP5 10mm = 46ms
    MP5 9mm + integral monolithic = 29ms
    So again, here there is slightly over a frame of difference on these setups. 
    It's not just the travel time by itself but at 46ms for example there is a good chance your target has moved out of the way.
    I swapped my MP5 to 9mm when I saw this data and basically it renders 10mm rounds almost useless. Data is from truegamedata.com
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    nyder reacted to scoobypreza in Dedicated server's   
    hi I'm having issues 90% of the time I am connecting to a peer server's according to my geo filter i live in the UK is any one else having this issue 
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    nyder reacted to Ashkan Phenom in Found mislocated servers? Let us know here!   
    Which is sad cause crossplay is infested with aimbotters and wallhackers. 
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    nyder reacted to Netduma Fraser in Dedicated servers   
    The servers you're referring to that have the block button greyed out have been whitelisted by us as they are authentication servers required for online play so it doesn't matter what your ping to those servers is. Are you allowing the router to auto ping as the host should also be on the map.
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    nyder reacted to Netduma Alex in Packet Loss in Cod   
    If you're playing on a console and your device type in Device Manager is set to a console, then Modern Warfare and Warzone will be caught by DumaOS Classified Games
    If you're playing on PC, then it probably won't be caught at present. It will be added in DumaOS 3.0, along with a system for updating DumaOS Classified Games through the cloud so that you don't need to wait for firmware updates.
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    nyder reacted to atlantaacman in My setup for modern warfare to reduce lag   
    This game is so broke
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    nyder reacted to HaBlo0 in Warzone Servers...   
    They are making a mobile app 👍🏻
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    nyder reacted to lilstone87 in Packet Loss in Cod   
    IPv6 support for gaming really isn't ready for prime time. I would for sure keep IPv6 disabled, if you're gaming.
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    nyder reacted to Sukhi in Packet Loss in Cod   
    You are feeling spike, I have the packetloss warning on my screen all the time when I multiplayer. And i feel im skipping in most games. 
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    nyder reacted to Netduma Fraser in Prioritising gaming traffic on PC I feel isn't working   
    As above, leave the source ports on their default range. Some people experiment with this but the source ports can change a lot so I recommend to leave that as is and yes do so for all ports mentioned. To make it easier these are the rules I would suggest making so you don't have loads- source ports all default.

    TCP/UDP: 3074, 27000 - 27050
    UDP: 3478,4379-4380

    So just 4 rules to make there.
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    nyder reacted to dustyh1981 in I give up   
    I have had this XR500 router for three months. I have read every post, watched every video I can find, tweaked every setting from one extreme to another and I have yet to see any benefit of owning this router. My ping times have not improved 25-35ms, the quality of my game play has not improved, hit detection is non existent I may as well be shooting limp spaghetti at the enemy. I swear its like everyone has a half second advantage over me. Ill be the first to admit I suck at the game but I am loosing in situations where I clearly have the upper hand.  I have got behind people and shot them in the back just to watch them turn around and melt me instantly. At this point I am sick of tinkering with this router nothing changes. So If anyone has any suggestions that I have not tried Id love to hear it because I honestly feel like I have wasted my money and my time.
    Rant over thanks for listening
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    nyder reacted to jassem_m in no server showing at all   
    When I check geofilters, I see no servers at all only Peer connection. Cod MW & Warzone.
    im on PC, I also set it up as a PlayStation still can only see peer connection no servers?
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    nyder reacted to Netduma Fraser in Modern warfare servers   
    It is most likely a misclassified server, if you provide us with the ID then we can fix that.
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    nyder reacted to PUBzZz in Cloud update any news ?   
    You guys should make a post explaining the problems you are having with MW as to why a cloud update isn't close to being done yet.  Listen people here who spent money on a duma are gonna be mad it's not done but if your open about why I think the majority will accept that the problem is the game not the duma or duma team.  
    You guys are gonna sell a good amount of Duma's this Holiday season.  I can see a lot of upset new duma users coming in here in the near future.  So it might be best to have the issues on the table so new users come here complain and we can point them to the post explaining the issues with MW and that the Duma team is working on it.
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    nyder reacted to ItsMrWes in Cloud update any news ?   
    I believe their idea of “soon” is nothing less than 6 months. 
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    nyder got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Cant get into NetDuma GUI   
    Thanks man, I was losing my mind lol
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    nyder reacted to Netduma Fraser in Open Beta of DumaOS on the Netduma R1: General Discussion   
    Hard to keep track in this topic but you're not running PPPoE are you?
    That's normal behaviour just refresh a minute after seeing that message and it will have applied.
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    nyder reacted to Netduma Jack in Open Beta of DumaOS on the Netduma R1: General Discussion   
    We never recommend using the in-game ping reading since it's not a true representation of your connection - it accounts for input and server delays that are out of your hands, as well as not being accurate. If you're getting a 12ms ping that's awesome  there will be cloud updates in the future to make sure servers are in the right place!
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    nyder reacted to Netduma Jack in Cant get into NetDuma GUI   
    Could you try the factory reset button on the back of the router? Seems like a really weird issue, maybe it's not installed the software properly.
    Your password will be 'password' if you're on DumaOS, not 'netdumar1' or any variant of that. I hope that works out
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    nyder reacted to RL317 in My best BO4 DumaOS setting that eliminates Shoot-first-die-first   
    I don't think there's anything they can do with the matchmaking to improve a game that's so flawed deep down. I mean, they bump the update rates to 60Hz on the downstream and suddenly every player in a lobby is teleporting? Lol
    I played two and a game games a month ago and haven't been back since. What an absolute mess. 
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    nyder reacted to Urge in My best BO4 DumaOS setting that eliminates Shoot-first-die-first   
    so what i'm seeing is that all the UK guys are coming to my NJ server and fudging it up more with your high pings.
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    nyder reacted to Netduma Fraser in Reverting to Original Firmware   
    Hey, welcome to the forum! 
    I would start a separate topic regarding your issue as that shouldn't happen. Try turning off your console, removing the device from the Geo-Filter then readding it. Setup the Geo-Filter how you want then boot up the console and game, you should see hosts on the map. If not then flush the cloud in Geo-Filter Map settings.
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    nyder reacted to Dan in Reverting to Original Firmware   
    There's quite a few niggles to be dealt with but don't think Black OPS 4 problems are to do with DUMAOS.
    Blackout keep putting me on USA servers so I'm on 100ms pings and BO4 is all peer-to-peer so there must be server issues.
    Tried a bit of both and in the end went back to WW2 and had a good session - never thought I'd say that 
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