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  1. I did another factory reset and for now it seems to hold the speed at 480 down and 98 up. and this is the diagnosis when speed is good. if it gets capped again I will do another diagnosis and report back here
  2. Yes it drops with those 2 on. And yes I have disabled IPv6 in both LAN/WAN
  3. yes, those 2 are on and whenever i wanna use CC, I just turn off super turbo mode.
  4. it was ok for the whole day but suddenly capped again at 90
  5. actually i had no idea that i created a duplicate post, sorry about that
  6. Hi. These speeds are wired using cat 6 cable straight from R1 to my pc. And Ive checked the cables using a cable tester and wires are connected on both ends. I downgraded to 1.03.6j Havent done a factory reset, will surely do. Thanks
  7. So i upgraded the firmware to the latest DumaOs, but most of the time the interface wouldnt even load. So had to downgrade to the latest r1 firmware. I have a 500 down and 100 up connection. I was getting 480 down and 98 up. But once in a while R1 would cap my speed at 90 mbps down and 90 up, i had to either reboot from the interface or reset the router manually to fix it. The past 2 3 days it randomly caps my speed at 90 and no matter how many times i reset the router it still stays at 90 or its sometimes even 10 mbps. No idea why this is happening. So anyways I went ahead and ordered an R2 and hopefully it doesnt do the same thing.
  8. So is the duma os 3.0 out for everyone or should i wait for an invite still? Thanks
  9. Which is sad cause crossplay is infested with aimbotters and wallhackers.
  10. I dont think in a month the WZ player base on ps4 in asia has vanished. Japan died too? Middle east died too? My only option is somehow europe? I play ww2 and bo4 and i find matches so fast with very low ping, yet somehow WZ in the entire asia is dead. And then a server appears in south africa, and then i get connected to somewhere in US but ping is 80 ms. Too many factors involved, u cant just say its because most people play on PC. Also the choopa.net server that i connect to in MP is located in India, how can my ping from Malaysia to india be 15 ms? My ping to my friend in thailand is 32 ms, i think these server locations make no sense.
  11. I cant find games in any warzone mode with this setting, 20 mins wait time and still nothing. (Crossplay off). I dont wanna play against pc players cause every game got aimbotter or wallhackers.
  12. So u mean put geo filter on filtering mode, turn on strict mode and set ping assist to 50?
  13. ok first of all excuse my terrible paint skills, but here is a screen shot when i boot up MW and its trying to connect to online services, im always on spectating mode and ping assist is always on 0, if i put on filtering mode with strict mode on then I wont be able to find any warzone games at all, even withing the range with crossplay on
  14. Let me boot the game up and post a screenshot here from geo filter.
  15. For warzone, Sth is not right with the geo filter, im playing from malaysia, singapore server is missing again. When i turn on cross olay on ps4 i find games with 15 ms ping on a peer called choopa.net If i turn crossplay off it staright connects me to europe 90% of the time, not even japan anymore. All the multiplayer games are on choopa.net as well. Somehow i see a server in south africa which probably is a misslocates server Im using spectating mode as well. If u need i will take some screenshota tmr
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