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  1. Same, now I find out I bought an XR500 for nothing since the R2 will probably run Dumaos 3.0 better.
  2. Weather you perceive it as a problem or not, I think you should be able to filter games based on system and input method. I do agree with you, M/K isn''t as easy as it others have made it out , as I play on both PS4 and PC. My beef is the methodology of this game where the developers imposing their will onto the community. Examples of this are as follows: 1 - No Map voting 2 - Being kicked out of the lobby after every game 3 - Not able to view the deaths via the scoreboard (Why even put a scoreboard there in the first place? I play on both PC and PS4, and I often see console players on controller getting pub stomped by PC players using MK. Also, not that my K/D is 1.58. I find myself being placed into very sweaty lobbies with a the enemy team being primarily M/K users while I get teamed up with Console players who refuse to play the objective, or who just get slaughtered, handing the enemy team top tier killstreaks who then back out. The result of SBMM to make it "fair".
  3. I'm so glad I purchased a XR500 in June.
  4. SBMM is aids, so is Crossplay that doesn't allow you to filter out PC and mouse and keyboard players. PC is full of hackers with aimbots etc, Most console players only want to play other console players who use controllers. Instead we have console players using controllers playing against PC players with Mouse and Keyboard who also get to run hacks. Nyd
  5. I have 1GB fiber and a XR500, make sure you set your anti-bufferbloat to 70-70.
  6. I feel the skipping and get the symbol. Some games everything is perfect, others I get the packet loss. This game is the bane of my existence.
  7. I've been noticing severe lag spikes in COD MW. I am running QOS at 70/70 and getting A+ for all tests at DSLreports. I have Telus 1GB fiber. I think its the games dedicated servers, these issues started once Warzone was released. This is PC Modern warfare with cross play enabled. Nyd
  8. How do I open ports for my multiple consoles and PC? I have COD MW on PC and PS4 and don't want to have to update the IP in the port forwarding. Adding the PS4 MAC into the R1's DMZ doesn't work. Someone said to set nat filtering to open but I don't see this option. Help! Thanks Nyd
  9. I'm in Vancouver too, and I used to always connect to the Seattle server on B04 and get like a 4ms ping. Now if I use the geo filter I get connected to a peer game that shows a connection to a server on the east coast. No idea whats goin on
  10. I'm on the west coast of Canada as well, on previous cods I could use geofilter to connect to Seattle Dedicated server no problem, now If I adjust my geo filter It shows me connecting to some server on the east coast and it says its a peer server. It also takes forever to connect. WTF happened, My Netduma worked on all the previous CODs perfectly, but MW is is a nightmare.
  11. I used to always get amazing connections in COD when using my Netduma, now no matter what I always get a 50+ MS ping, I can't figure out what server I'm connecting too. I used to always connect to the Seattle server, now I always connect to east coast servers when I'm on the west coast. Do I need to by a night hawk or something? Should I just go back to a regular router? What am I doing wrong?
  12. Sorry, what's the method? Downgrade or put my location in the ocean? Lol
  13. For the last few days or so I can't seem to connect to the Seattle dedicated server for BO4. Anyone else having this issue? flushed the cloud, rebooting a million times, and I see all the servers pop up but not the one closest to me which is in seattle. On the attached map it shows where the server I used to be able to connect to was on the north west of the US,.
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