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  1. Sorry, what's the method? Downgrade or put my location in the ocean? Lol
  2. For the last few days or so I can't seem to connect to the Seattle dedicated server for BO4. Anyone else having this issue? flushed the cloud, rebooting a million times, and I see all the servers pop up but not the one closest to me which is in seattle. On the attached map it shows where the server I used to be able to connect to was on the north west of the US,.
  3. Why is this happening? factory reset the other day, router still works somehow, but I can't log into the interface. I tried to log into the interface, but it keeps rejecting the credentials admin netdumar tried 3 browsers, tried from my mobile, WTF? Why doesn't it just use admin/admin like any other router that gets factory reset? Nyd
  4. Thanks, I tried this and it worked. I was just impatient as I installed BO4 the same day I installed the Dumaos firmware. (too much at once) I'm starting to figure out how to navigate dumaos. Does Dumaos have a speed test/diagnostic like the old r1 firmware? Thanks again, Nyd
  5. I kinda wanna go back too. I can't see any dedicated servers on the map, even after clearing, removing, also, I have 150/150 fiber but now my ps4 speed test is like 20/6mb up. Even though sliders set to full and everything turned off. WTF? Also every BO4 game I join is 100 ping.
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