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  1. How do I open ports for my multiple consoles and PC? I have COD MW on PC and PS4 and don't want to have to update the IP in the port forwarding. Adding the PS4 MAC into the R1's DMZ doesn't work. Someone said to set nat filtering to open but I don't see this option. Help! Thanks Nyd
  2. I'm in Vancouver too, and I used to always connect to the Seattle server on B04 and get like a 4ms ping. Now if I use the geo filter I get connected to a peer game that shows a connection to a server on the east coast. No idea whats goin on
  3. I'm on the west coast of Canada as well, on previous cods I could use geofilter to connect to Seattle Dedicated server no problem, now If I adjust my geo filter It shows me connecting to some server on the east coast and it says its a peer server. It also takes forever to connect. WTF happened, My Netduma worked on all the previous CODs perfectly, but MW is is a nightmare.
  4. I used to always get amazing connections in COD when using my Netduma, now no matter what I always get a 50+ MS ping, I can't figure out what server I'm connecting too. I used to always connect to the Seattle server, now I always connect to east coast servers when I'm on the west coast. Do I need to by a night hawk or something? Should I just go back to a regular router? What am I doing wrong?
  5. Sorry, what's the method? Downgrade or put my location in the ocean? Lol
  6. For the last few days or so I can't seem to connect to the Seattle dedicated server for BO4. Anyone else having this issue? flushed the cloud, rebooting a million times, and I see all the servers pop up but not the one closest to me which is in seattle. On the attached map it shows where the server I used to be able to connect to was on the north west of the US,.
  7. Why is this happening? factory reset the other day, router still works somehow, but I can't log into the interface. I tried to log into the interface, but it keeps rejecting the credentials admin netdumar tried 3 browsers, tried from my mobile, WTF? Why doesn't it just use admin/admin like any other router that gets factory reset? Nyd
  8. Thanks, I tried this and it worked. I was just impatient as I installed BO4 the same day I installed the Dumaos firmware. (too much at once) I'm starting to figure out how to navigate dumaos. Does Dumaos have a speed test/diagnostic like the old r1 firmware? Thanks again, Nyd
  9. I kinda wanna go back too. I can't see any dedicated servers on the map, even after clearing, removing, also, I have 150/150 fiber but now my ps4 speed test is like 20/6mb up. Even though sliders set to full and everything turned off. WTF? Also every BO4 game I join is 100 ping.
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