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  1. Why the people keep asking for a modem? If your ISP allows it you could use your xr500 and it will configure very simple, I have mine directly to the RJ45 because my ISP convert the fiber to an ONT box then I get the lan cable directly to my router, the modem they provided me works as a paper holder...
  2. I didn't know we have a hotfix for this problem, should be more visible... Well, I updated my router and I am waiting if my fiance report drops in his phone/tablet... I will report the status in a week.
  3. The thing is that you don't been to boost the CPU clocks, I think with the current hardware (top line) don't bottleneck the current workload. You only will get something if the current workload is bottlenecked.
  4. Hello guys, I have been using the xr500 as main router(without isp modem) and it works, is this a problem in this configuration? What are the benefits of using the isp router in modem mode? My isp reach my home using fiber to a box converter and then the rj45 comes out. It's just plug and play.
  5. Once I noticed this I started rebooting the router every day, that's why I would love to have a scheduler reboot! It's a must have guys please add it!
  6. Set your speed on the QOS and use the bufferbloat at 70% upload and download.
  7. same happens to me, but I though there is something wrong in my connection...
  8. Ohh I understand what you mean. That is called Turbo in some CPUs, it is a good suggestion, but that's is something that need to be built inside the CPU in the microcode.
  9. I asked this once as a feature, coming from Asus was a feature that I miss a lot, scheduled reboots it's always good, you can get rid of malware if something is residing in memory, or if you have a memory leak, or if the performance is degraded, it's a great feature that needs to be added because the benefits are a lot, please guys I hope with the new firmware this come as an option
  10. Oh thanks for the head up. I haven't had any issue but if you recommend not to do it I will disable it
  11. I use a the preset rule of console games and all my traffic is prioritized on PC
  12. Guys any news about a new version for the xr500, new features in future, roadmap?
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