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  1. After removing all of the VPN configuration information and turning off HybridVPN for several weeks, the issue seems to have resolved itself. I turned HybridVPN back on today and was able to add services (both basic and advanced) without running into the RPC error.
  2. I tried that file but the VPN fails to connect. I tried changing the port from 5060 to 80, 443, 4569, and 1194 individually, but the VPN failed to connect in each case. I'm in the process of trying several different VPN config files from my VPN provider to see if using a different one will make a difference. If those don't work, I think I'll try resetting my router.
  3. Woops,😅 here's the VPN config file I'm using Yes, I was able to add several devices without configuring any services on them (Playstation 4, Samsung TV, HD HomeRun Connect 4, etc). I tried removing all of the devices and adding just one (Windows laptop) and applying a basic service (Skype) but still get the RPC error. I tried the same thing with just the PS4 and then again with just the Samsung TV but got the RPC both time, regardless of whether I tried to select a basic or advanced service. us-tx-03.protonvpn.com.udp.ovpn
  4. I'm trying to "Do not VPN these services" for the World of Tanks ports on my computer which has the Hybrid VPN applied to it. I've tried adding them different ways by changing the port ranges and protocols but keep running into the RPC error. I tried the Basic services as well just to see what would happen but they all produce the RPC error as well. TCP Range 80, 443, 5222. UDP Range 53, 3432, 3478, 3479, 5060, 5062, 9987, 12000-29999, 30443, and 32800-32900
  5. I haven't been able to add any ports or protocols to any of the devices I have the Hybrid VPN applied to. Attached config file EDIT: attached the wrong file, correct file attached below
  6. XR500 V2.3.2.40 When I try to add a service for "Do not VPN these services" to any of the devices I've applied the Hybrid VPN to, I get the error code below. When adding the service, I've tried both the "Basic" and "Advanced" options with both the Source and Destination ports filled out. Any ideas what might be causing this and how to get around it? RPC error 'ERROR_VALIDATION': Validation failed for 'sport'
  7. XR500 user here - please add me to the list. I use ProtonVPN
  8. Any word on when the beta will be available? It's been over 4 months since you posted this
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