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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to Netduma Fraser in IS NETDUMA R2 WORTH IT   
    Depends what you consider to be worth it. If you really care about hardware specs then the XR routers would be more suited to you. If you want a router that is optimized for DumaOS that will receive faster updates then the R2 is recommended. It has AC WiFi and can handle roughly 800-900mbps bandwidth. You'll also receive DumaOS 3.0 pre-installed on the R2 which includes loads of new features that you can use right away.
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to Netduma Fraser in Ingreso a Netduma R1 desde el PC   
    He escalado esto al nivel más alto para que pueda recibir una respuesta rápidamente la próxima semana. Perdón por el retraso.
    I've escalated this to the highest level so that you should get a response quickly next week. Sorry for the delay.
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to BeansBeams in Net Duma R1 Router does not have R1 firmware   
    I just revived my Net Duma R1 router today and I followed the quick start sheet included with the shipment. However, it seems to be a default Mikrotik router with no Net Duma firmware. The first difference from the guide is that the router is titled Mikrotik- instead of NETDUMA. When I went to open the router on my computer via IP, I was greeted by a simplistic looking Mikrotik interface instead of the Net Duma interface that was show on all tutorials. I read that it is possible to gain assess by typing /r1 but that gave me a message saying it could not find the designated IP. Im not sure what to do as I have yet to find a forum that discusses this issue.  
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to ND Steve in Net Duma R1 Router does not have R1 firmware   
    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Sorry to hear that this has happened. Please email us at [email protected] and kindly include a link to this thread so we can assist you further.

    Thank you.

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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS got a reaction from Alex49H in MW is not working for me!   
    Lo que debemos hacer es no jugarlo mas como castigo
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to Netduma Fraser in Unable to access R1 interface   
    ¿Aún no has recibido un correo electrónico?
    Have you still not received an email yet?
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to Netduma Fraser in Factory reset R1 and now can't access the control panel   
    Cuando envíe un correo electrónico, debería recibir una respuesta la próxima semana con algunas preguntas / próximos pasos.
    As you emailed you should get a response next week with some questions/next steps.
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to Dcm12 in R1 RESET   
    Jack hi I cannot rest pinhole , I have followed link disconnecting hub, port 2 on r1 to web and only gives me the password box for interface I have tried my passwords for this and not working
    If the pinhole was able to reset I would be able to gain access. Any other methods I have isp changeover Thursday from cable to Vdsl
    So need router up n running ideally .
    Thanks. Seemed to be convo hijacked still with problem of no interface .
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to Herr Ert in R1 RESET   
    There was an issue which I could fix in another way. But I wonder why the button doesn't work. I never used it before. At the moment there isn't any need to use it but I hate to know that things don't work anyway.
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to Herr Ert in R1 RESET   
    Hardware reset doesn't work on mine, too.
    No response by pressing the button.
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS got a reaction from Tua PR in Ingreso a Netduma R1 desde el PC   
    Fraser, ya lo envie estoy triste 

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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to dpk_ydv in Unable to hard reset R1   
    Din't work for me. Just to confirm, isn't the default username/ password admin/password on DumaOS? I can't access the DumaOS UI using those credentials. 
    When I tried as was suggested in the link, nothing came up.
    On trying, I am stuck on username/password part.  
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to seanc683 in No more able to access R1 interface   
    I'm in this situation right now cpuld someone reply to me on forum please.!!!?
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to bbursley in No more able to access R1 interface   
    So what youre saying is the router boots up, and you can eventually get to prompting the use of user and password? Are you using the Ive had mine disconnect many times and I have never had issues with not getting it to work afterwords. What user and password are you using to access it? default or custom? There are several passwords that it could be, admin/password, the default password when you login to the router(the one you use when you're first logging in), or a custom one you may have set, there is one that mikrotik has but I doubt that would be the case. Have you tried clearing out cookies etc? then trying to redo the process. Perhaps something else you could check is command prompt to see how youre being connected to the device as well. You could go to go to the search option in windows and type CMD also known as command prompt, and then type ipconfig/all. If theres nothing unusual there then perhaps after that you could just to an ipconfig/renew, and that would refresh any connections and adapters. Hopefully you get it figured out though. Sadly the reset button is picky and I have found over time it just stops responding to pressing it. I only ever used it in the beginning when owning the router and since then when ive tried it, it doesnt work. 
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to GKD in No more able to access R1 interface   
    Nothing else. Just the IP or r1/.
    I don't know if it matters but I think I should mention this because it could be related to this one. Around the time that the power supply was unpluged I was trying to connect a second console to the router. Thinks happened in this exact order. 
    1.At this time there are a desktop pc and a Ps4 already connected to the router with ethernet and a bunch of Android devices via wifi. Both Pc and Ps4 were already added to the Geo-Filter and Hyper-Lane services. 
    2.Router is unpluged and reconnected to the power source.
    3.A second Ps4 is connected to the router also via ethernet cable.
    4.I try accessing the R1's interface in order to add the second Ps4 to the Hyper-Lane but I cannot sign in anymore. I always keep the R1's interface open on a tab on Chrome on my pc which every time that chrome restarts asks for login. The credentials are saved and filled by Chrome. This how I use it from almost day one and I never had a problem.
    From my point of view the power failure seemed to be what caused the issue, that's why I didn't mentioned the second console. I hope these information come in useful.
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to Stimuli in Unable to access R1 interface   
    I moved my modem to another room a while ago and never set up my r1 and eventually forgot/lost my login credentials. I tried factory reseting and using the default admin/password on and it seems to be incorrect. Im currently connected to my r1 via ethernet and can access the internet, but can't login to the r1 interface. Also when my laptop wifi is turned on the r1 network doesn't show up. Im pretty sure i was on on the latest r1 software before dumaOS was released, but i could be wrong and the default login is something different. I reset my modem, cleared cookies/cache on chrome and still no luck. I have attached a screenshot of my network preferences and pingplotter result that might be helpful. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Warzone Packet Loss   
    Creo que es problema del juego , porque mira que cuando el lobby va en 70 personas empieza a desaparecer la perdida de paquetes.
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to CrispyCheats in Question: qos   
    This is what im trying to tell them to add, an option to allow rebalancing the bandwidth for connected devices.
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to N3CR0 in preferential treatment... youtubers etc...   
    I know a few folk with leased/business/dedicated gaming lines and they have just as many problems on CoD as the rest of us do so I don't think that makes as much of a difference as you might think.
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to GT9484 in preferential treatment... youtubers etc...   
    can any one confirm if - streamers, youtubers, twitch, facebook gamers get preferential treatment when gaming?
    theory's i have heard so far 😀
    1- different official game given by the makers so they can advertise the best game play possible...
    2- leased lines - business broadband 
    3- static IP addresses  
    and many more...
    I accept that some of these gamers are top players without any help but when you compare and contrast the game it doesn't seem like we are playing on a level playing field...
    we all have probably one of the best tools for gaming (XR300-XR500-XR700) R1 or good combos, yet it feels like they are 2 seconds in front of the game and we are 2 seconds behind.
    i compare myself to a local streamer who has similar internet connection (40/10) and uses the same ISP provider so you would expect similar gameplay, not outcome but gameplay. he is obviously a better player and will win much more than i ever will but when you find yourself in the same situation and the game doesn't react the same i ask myself why????
    obviously using a leased line will be much more stable, maybe this is the tall and short of it 🎮🎮🕹️
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to RaulMenendez_Xx in Warzone Packet Loss   
    No the packet loss issue still persists!
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to Chaiyoabc in Let’s share your netduma setting here for MW   
    Do you have any recommended firmware for mw and bo4? 
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to GT9484 in what is going on with BETA 3.0? 2nd of JUNE is here   
    Anticipation is driving me mad 😀😀😀
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    BERNARDINO DE AGUAS reacted to Netduma Alex in Sign up to DumaOS Insiders   
    We'll be opening sign-ups for DumaOS 3.0 beta at some point, and everybody's that's accepted into the beta will automatically be an insider as well. It comes with a beautiful forum badge that's sure to impress.
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    Having a good Internet line is a vital part of every home- whether it’s getting high speeds for streaming to having a stable line for gaming. But current ways of measuring your line are inaccurate, since they can only run on your home devices and not on your line itself. We designed Connection Benchmark to solve this problem.
    Connection Benchmark is a pure test of your Internet line, measuring all the key metrics you care about with extreme accuracy. This lets you find out if you’re truly getting the Internet speeds you pay for, and how high quality the line to your home really is.
    Because the test runs directly on your DumaOS Powered router rather than from a PC or phone, it is the most accurate and powerful test of its kind. It cannot be weakened by a poor connection between your device and your router like a normal speed test can, giving you the ultimate insight into your home connection.

    Each test you run will grade your line based on your speeds, ping and bufferbloat results, indicating whether there’s a problem and informing your QoS settings. Soon you will be able to find out how your results compare to other people in your region or on your ISP, so you can see how well supported your area is and whether your home falls below average.
    DumaOS 3.0 is the biggest update we have ever built, effectively doubling the feature set. Connection Benchmark is just one of many features coming to your router with DumaOS 3.0, so stay tuned for our next feature announcement.
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