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  1. I had the same issue, I was having to reboot the router every 2-3 days. I then went out and bought a Netgear network switch for $50 and all is perfect. Have not rebooted once in months...
  2. Cool, thanks, I actually changed the routers range of IP addresses from 1-254 to 1-99 as I used 100 for the static. All good now. This might fix my other issue. I will let you know. Cheers
  3. Ok, I think I found the problem. I have assigned the Xbox a static IP address in the router settings but when I go to the settings in the Xbox, the IP listed is completely different than the static one I used for the xr500. I also use that one as my DMZ IP. Why is the Xbox giving a new IP even if the static one is set using the Mac address? How do I fix this?
  4. It is: modem, router then xboxonex. Everything else is wireless. Nothing connected directly to the modem but the router. It works fine when I reboot the router but stops working after a day or two. I test using the xbox
  5. Hi, I should rephrase it and say that it is the QoS that stops working. I just tested it again and even though it is set to "always" and the sliders are at 70%, the speeds are reading 115mbs which is my full speed, when QoS is working, it reads as around 75mbs.
  6. Hi, when is the new version being released? I am still having this issue, have to reset the router almost every day.
  7. Hmm, that didn't seem to work, it just made it impossible to connect to the EA servers. Nothing would show but a spinning line. Deleted it and battlefield works again. I will leave it off as I just can't work it out. Thanks anyway. Tried cycling, rebooting, adding, deleting etc. No luck
  8. Cheers, I will turn it on, the only problem is that I live in Western Australia and the closest servers are in Sydney, about 3000km away.
  9. Ok, Will do. I don't use the geofilter, should I? I usually use a server browser to find games
  10. Hi, 1. Yes, the red light is not coming on, even after waiting a while. 2. I had Battlefield as a priority game but deleted it and changed it to just the xbox console being priority, should I delete that too? 3. PPPoE
  11. Traffic prioritization stops working every few days. When it stops, i run a speed test and get and F, confirming it is not working. Turning off the router and running another speed test gets me an A. Thanks
  12. Hi, I just had this happen again. Everything is great for a few days and then it seems to stop. I have sliders at 70%, priority set to always and the xboxonex is connected by lan. Getting an F rating for quality and bufferbloat when this happens. Turning off the router gets me back to an A grade. Turning off the router every few days is annoying though. It has the latest firmware and I have the xbox in a dmz.
  13. My speeds seem good but bufferbloat gets bad after just a few days, resetting the router fixes it but it is getting frustrating going from a router that needed a reset once every 6 months to one that needs it every few days. Solutions?
  14. Thanks, seems to be fine now, it shows on the connection tree 'lan'-xbox and 'wan'-modem. It only had 'wan' before. Cheers
  15. Cool, I will try and record tomorrow when I get time, thanks
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