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    Mikzxr got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR500 issues and latency, Frontier Fios Services.   
    One of the best tools I have used to check my network while playing games is the network info on Battlefield 5. There is an option in the main menu to turn it on. It gives packet loss in and out, latency, latency variation and a bunch of other stuff while you are playing ( it is at the bottom of the screen). It shows my network is perfect at the moment with my variation in ping averaging 1 ms. 
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    Mikzxr reacted to iTz Gandhi in XR500 issues and latency, Frontier Fios Services.   
    Hey guys, I've been lurking on these forums for a while now though this is only the second time I've posted. Let me start by saying thank you to anyone and everyone whom takes the time to read this, even if you don't know what to make of it, or haven't a piece of helpful information to put forward.
    Let me also say I have learned so much about networking and technology over the last 3 years searching for a resolution to my problem, and for that I am thankful because I truly am passionate about technology and learning about the underlying mechanics that drive it and even allow it to operate. But with that said, I should have come here sooner looking for help but I'm stubborn and tend to be impatient, and posting in a forum to wait forever for a response seems unattractive as I have had not great experiences with posting on forums in general and receiving help. I'm also autistic and tend to be more of an introverted recluse, so asking for help isn't something that comes easy for me.
    A brief foot note I'll add in an effort to be as through and helpful as possible. My services are internet only 300/300 symmetrical. Provider of course being Frontier. Network topology is very simple which is as follows, Alcatel Lucent i-211m-l ONT - Nighthawk XR500 - LAN. I've gone down the list of simple common sense troubleshooting recommendations you'd expect from anyone with even the slightest inkling into networking such as, eliminating the possibility of a bad Ethernet cable, running ping plotters to check for oddities in line activity, even doing line quality checks at dslreports.com, and to no avail. From all that I can tell with ping plotter line quality appears great as you'd expect on a fiber optic connection. I can share results of dslreports line quality test or ping plotter if requested, but again no indication as far as I can tell that anything is a miss. One thing I will say though that strikes me as odd, and having read extensively on NAT, especially enjoying the comprehensive and meticulously written article Badmodems has on the subject. Full Cone, Partial Cone, and Port Restricted NAT being the most common ways NAT is implemented, it confuses me that when I forward a port to say my phone to check if it's actually being opened, then do a port scan from say canuseeme, sometimes I get a LAN access from remote in the logs indicating to me that a connection to said port was at least attempted, sometimes I don't, but it never says on the other end that it was successful. It either always says connection timed out, or port closed. Even with NAT Filtering set to open. Which bothers me more than a little. I've also read a little about Teredo regarding Xbox and how Microsoft handles NAT and the implications of needing players to have the ability to connect to one another. I definitely have a few questions regarding that and possibly what Sony's version of Teredo is.
    My problem has followed me across two ISP's and two routers for three years now. First with spectrum using a Nighthawk R7000, and a Arris Surfboard cable modem I purchased to entirely eliminate ISP equipment from the equation. Now with Frontier Fios, an Nighthawk XR500 and a direct connection to an Alcatel-Lucent i-211m-l ONT. The common denominator being Netgear Nighthawk routers. The issue I'm experiencing is strange to say the least. Every device I own and use I experience "lag" or latency when using said device. A list of those devices includes an Xbox one X, PlayStation 4 Pro, Asus ROG Phone 2, Razer Phone 2, Dell Laptop, and many more I won't arbitrarily list. Suffice it to say it's anything and everything I use. Alongside a very high latency when using any of these devices is a strange phenomenon, where I feel like things on the screen are almost warping and changing size, almost the way say a scaling feature would work. And with that also comes this odd two dimensional quality everything from games to YouTube videos exhibit. To elaborate on that a little more, as a for instance when I am not experiencing the issue (which is very rare) things look amazing in games, be it on my ROG phone 2 playing PUBG Mobile, or on my PlayStation 4 Pro playing Call of Duty. It's like the textures are so alive with depth and detail and the colours appear so much more vibrant, intricate, and present. Strangely enough, I would describe the issue I have with audio in a very similar manner, where all the detail and nuance is gone. I can't hear enemy players in things like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty for the life of me (literally lol) until it's too late or I'm dead. Sensitivity in games is also very inconsistent, and never feels the same. Whether it's the touch screen of my phone, keyboard and mouse, or a controller. YouTube videos appear pixilated and blurry almost, lacking in visual and audible information. Players in games like Blackout and PUBG Mobile are very difficult for me to spot. And distances are very difficult to gauge, where it seems like things on the map, be it players or objects, appear farther away than they should be. Things like my wingsuit in Blackout are consistently pixelated and fail to properly render in. And lighting and shadows are also very strange with things appearing darker than they should be sometimes, like shaded areas and inside of buildings. Sometimes I'll walk into a structure for instance, like long barn in Blackout right beside red barn, by wagers and silo and it will be dark and oddly lit and suddenly the lighting will change where I can see and it's lit up the way it should be.
    There are other oddities such as haptic feedback being horribly inconsistent across the board on every Android device I've owned in the last three years. And typing feels very slow and tedious, with what I would also describe as a "lag" or latency regarding the input of characters and haptic response to hitting a key. Again, when things are working properly the small percentile of the time they do, this is not the case and everything feels so responsive and it's effortless to type things out. And on a $1000.00usd phone sporting a Snapdragon 855+ , Adreno 640 GPU, Cortex A-76 architecture, and a prime core clock speed of 2,960 MHz, I would hope the very least I should expect to be a responsive keyboard lol ;D.
    Anyway I've rambled long enough, and apologize for being long winded. To anyone who reads this, let me thank you once again for doing so regardless of whether you have some helpful piece of wisdom to offer or not. I'm at my wit's end with this issue and it's causing me to go to some very dark places psychologically, so any help is most certainly appreciated. Again from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
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    Mikzxr reacted to Netduma Fraser in I reconnected it   
    That is great to hear and thank you for giving it another go and updating us on your experience. Out of interest what was your previous ISP/modem and what is the new ISP/modem being used? No need to apologise!
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    Mikzxr reacted to Netduma Fraser in I reconnected it   
    Thanks for letting us know, we'll keep that in mind should anyone else encounter issues we can't quite solve. As far as I can see the Arris is a lot newer, router/modems can degrade over time so perhaps the NG CM degraded.
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    Mikzxr got a reaction from Zippy in Problems are not ending with XR500   
    I have just given up and put the xr500 into AP mode and set up a ubiquiti edgerouterx. All good now!
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    Mikzxr reacted to Guilders in XR500 is just rubbish   
    I'm at the end of my tether with this router!!
    Keeps dropping internet connection......and yes on the latest firmware.
    Keeps putting me onto servers/peers that have already been denied.....the whole point of this thing.
    And support from netgear and here netduma is trying at best....
    Its not like this router was cheap and nasty......it was a premium price and I only got it because the R1 was so good.
    Time for a re-think on routers, as this one has been 90% grief and 10% great and when its great it is great, sadly too much the other way
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    Mikzxr got a reaction from Locosano in Problems are not ending with XR500   
    I have just given up and put the xr500 into AP mode and set up a ubiquiti edgerouterx. All good now!
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    Mikzxr reacted to Killhippie in Problems are not ending with XR500   
    Find a R7800 second hand, they have much better Wi-Fi than the XR500. No idea why but something Netgear did antenna wise on the XR500 reduced throughput especially over 5Ghz and also coverage wise compared to the R7800 yet they are technically the same router. Also the R7800 can use high gain antenna if needed, as it has standard mounts unlike the XR500's.
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    Mikzxr got a reaction from Killhippie in Problems are not ending with XR500   
    I have just given up and put the xr500 into AP mode and set up a ubiquiti edgerouterx. All good now!
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    Mikzxr reacted to Netduma Alex in Packet loss but only when using Speedtest?   
    I imagine the packet loss is caused because the speedtest is intentionally trying to flood the connection to it's maximum capacity. In most situations, a server will slow down sending packets when one gets dropped. This technique is used to figure out what video quality your connection you can handle... but for a speedtest I imagine they push lots of data regardless of how many packets get dropped.
    If the problem only occurs during a speedtest, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Mikzxr reacted to Netduma Alex in Packet loss with QoS enabled?   
    The results on the graph look pretty good. The only concern is that one really huge lag spike, but since it doesn't seem to have happened again, I can only assume that something on your network was using a lot of bandwidth very briefly.
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    Mikzxr reacted to Zippy in Packet loss with QoS enabled?   
    I have this same problem and have had this issue since milestone1.3 Doing a factory reset is the only thing that works to get it under control. But the sad part is that it only lasts for awhile and you will likely get the issue to resurface. Im hoping the next new major update will fix this issue.  Maybe you will be lucky and the factory reset using a paper clip to the back of the router will work for you. Good luck! 
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    Mikzxr reacted to DMC_81 in Ping Assist   
    What's up !!! First of all ping assist is broken as right now so you should disabling it by entering 0 then enter !!! It works but is broken...so the dedis you see as peers are dedis (you can confirm with ping stats...all dedis will have an ip adress with either Choopa.net-Setaptr-Vultr-Game servers-Amazon ect...beside the ip adress in Domain Name) !!! The reason i say it works is the reason why you banned them but they still pop in...because the ping assist let them in !!! The bans are like putted aside by ping assist as it only task is to Allow pings you selected even if they outside of your radius(the distance you set from home location) so it kind of bypass bans and radius !!! Now the reason i say it is broken now... it not only don't care about bans...it also allow way higher pings than what you setted !!! I've tried mine at 7ms like my line is and at 16ms  ... both have let dedis pop in with higher than 40ms !!! Last week i've finally fixed my XR500 stability issues by downgrading to the .40a fix and factory resets(8 times each in a row) because the .56 broke more things than any firmwares out there and it is impossible to stabilize it on .56 while i can stabilize any XR500 on earlier versions (best firmware for XR500 is .40a fix) and by stabilizing the XR500 i talk about stabilizing your Tickrate and that's impossible with .56 !!! Also on .56 when computer shut off...not sleep but Real power OFF then the light of it's lan on the XR500 becomes Red meaning it is in sleep mode !!! It does the exact same problem as with my Premium 4K UN55NU8000 while hooked via lan on every other firmware versions...and i didn't even tried it again while on .56 since it made the same problem with my 1 month and a half old Ryzen 3000 computer !!! It's because of that problem i recommend everybody to buy monoprice Cat8 cables for complete cat8 setup (between modem and router and between router and devices) and then hook problematic device like my premium tv via wifi 5ghz... you will have a better experience than via cable since it wont trigger the lan problems thus keeping your setup flawless like it should !!! Also cat8 from monoprice runs at 2000mhz and 40gb/s so all your setup will run at that 2000mhz lightness 😛 bringing a much better experience with every devices in the setup !!! Also even my Premium Samsung shit only have a 100mb/s card on them so you have way more bandwith with 5ghz wifi vs 100mb/s lan !!! Do i need to tell anybody that a 100mbs card is not enough bandwith for a decent 4k streaming ??... cause it's really not !!! Because of these lan problems i always use and recommend to use a wifi device to manage Duma Os...i use my phone with Chrome only for managing Duma Os and i only use a computer to upgrade or downgrade of the firmwares as it is Extremely Important to prevent and/or fix weird problems !!!    So while doing my tests between each firmwares and factory resets i tried ping assist again...also tried 3 days ago as it was hard to find dedis (in my case it's now rare that it happen) and it found absolutely 0 dedis... even raised it to 30 ms and that 30ms let all usa dedis in with 2-3 exceptions only... nothing at all !!! Restarted everything and in the real proper way...still found nothing at all !!! Flushed cloud and restarting everything the proper way again...still find no dedis for BO4 with my 7ms line !!! I decided to disabling it again...flush cloud like i always do when having hard times finding dedis (rare in my case but still happens) and then after restarting everything the proper way Boom everything was back to normal...instant access to a lot of dedis !!!
    Also note that this is an old trick for the old os of R1 routers to put your home location in water at 111km radius and with ping assist On .... and that's really not a good idea with Duma Os !!! Put your home to the closest of where you live and then set your radius accordingly to get 2 dedis at different locations if possible inside a 1000km radius !!! If the second nearest dedis is at higher than 1000km i recommend disabling auto ping then start game to see dedis on your geofilter map then click the ones you'd like to test (1 at time only) and scroll down to see ping of this dedis then allow it !!! Do that on the ones that are outside your -1000km radius and when ready to test them just enable auto ping again...refresh the page of the geo filter and restart your console then enter and play your game !!! Once in a while it will select the dedis outside your radius so you'll then be able to test them and then decide if you keep them or deny them (but since they'll be outside your radius you'll just need to remove them from the Allow/Deny list ) !!!  You also can simply put your home where the dedis to test are with smallest radius possible so it will straight away test them instead of waiting to fall on them !!! Then i would recommend you to remember (maybe with screenshots) the location of the tested dedis that are in real world located at more than 1000kms from you... then 3 factory resets in a row (once rebooted after each factory reset you should unplug power cable from it then wait 30sec or press power button 6-7 times to release current from the router...plug back power and power on...factory reset again...ect ect ect ) then properly set your router internet-lan-wan-wifi then you add one by one every devices you have that will hook to your setup...name them and reserve ip for every devices...don't do geo filter and Qos yet...reboot router when every devices will be reserved and hooked and close aka shut off every devices except the one you use to manage...now Qos untick duma classified games... add your console(s)...for bandwith allocation you want it equal for every devices except led lights and/or devices that don't really need internet to work so i set Led lights at 0 on both upload and download then save each...so it's like if i don't have Led lights on my setup but they are and they just don't use any internet  😛 so all my bandwith is equally shared to 4 devices in my setup even if more than 4 devices are hooked to it meaning more bandwith for devices that matters !!! Once done your last setting is geo filter... i select zoom x15 and i then select my home location...once home location is selected and auto applied refresh the page to confirm it have saved your proper home location...i then unzoom and let it at basic x2.5 !!!  Never touch that setting again cause i found out that it cause problems in the long run !!! You can add your console up there in geo filter !!! Now get back on Qos tab... set both slidders to 70/70 and Always !!! Restart router and close managing device aka shut off !!! Once the main 4 lights will be white you remove power cord from the router and also from your modem or Aio ... press modem or Aio power button on off 6-7 times then let it at off and plug power cord back then power on... wait 3mins... now put power button of router to off and plug back power cord then power on router...when the 4 main lights are white you can start devices and test gaming !!! Before every gaming session... you have to disable both share excess before starting console (you enable them when finishing gaming) then you start console... do a manual internet setup with the same ip you reserved for it earlier... if in result you have a message telling This router might not handle packets fragmentation... that means your mtu is not set properly !!! My vdsl2 7ms setup runs mtu 1492 and my ftth 1ms runs 1500mtu like for cable lines !!! Setting mtu manually is best !!! As this is for COD... knows that COD perfect bandwith in game is between 4110 and 4128kb... i mostly always have 4117 or 4118 and that's the first thing you check when entering COD also as your Open state !!! If under 4110 ingame we restart game again till we have that bandwith !!! Once you confirmed you are Open and with around 4117kb ingame bandwith... then you'll start playing !!! If you feel your running heavier like you now 568pounds vs your normal average 165pounds... raise your download by 2 at time...so 72...74...76... just until you walk and move lightier (download affect your lower body aka legs) If you find your bullets don't always register like flawlessly...raise your upload (it's upper body aka arms and bullet registration related)still by 2 so 72...74...76... !!! I suggest finding the optimal upload first then the download !!! My down is at 78 and my up is at 98 !!! Understand that not a lot of devices uses upload when not asking them to there is less congestion on upload meaning you can raise next to top 100 but don't be stupid it won't help at 100... at 98 my bullets are precisely killin everything it touch as soon as it touch it but 99 or 100 cause them to less register like if set at 70 !!! It's been months now since i didn't had to play with the slidders... i just had to test again and raising them a lil bit after successfully bringing back my XR500 to a stable state... but for the last 7months my down was at 76 and upload at 94...same results on every COD's we tested and whatever time of day or night...day after day same flawless experience !!! Now having same flawless experience but with a lil bit higher specs 😛 (had to test again because things have again changed in internet and in COD's) so we have to adapt like i did !!!
    If you have an Aio instead of a modem then Bridge it or put only 1 dhcp adress and dmz your router !!! If you're lucky your Aio can have an option named Advanced DMZ...if you have that enable that as it will give your router a public ip like your modem/Aio gets from isp (so it's almost exactly a bridge mode and that's what we use on the ftth 1ms setup running R1 Duma Os with Bell Canada Home Hub 3000... my 7ms vdsl2 setup runs XR500 and AIO in real bridge mode that is not available on bell home hub 3000 just like my Aio don't have an Advanced DMZ so bridge mode and pp0e on XR500)
    If you go in internet setup on duma os XR500... under pp0e you have Connection method... select Always On !!! I myself test my isp dns and set both to the same so i always have the same experience as both dns won't run same ping so you should test them and select to use only the best dns your isp provide by entering same ip for both dns !!!
    In Wan... disable igmp proxying... if you setup with duma help your mtu should be right there...mine is 1492... Nat Filtering should be set at Open and more important if you have more than one gaming console or devices that play the same games...like BO4 !!! Disable Sip Alg...apply !!!
    Lan is where you've reserved ip's to devices... also where you change the ip to manage your router (i set mine at 50.1) and where you can set the number of devices you'll let hook to your setup...only allow 3 more devices...so if only 5 devices will hook...at all times... allows like 8 in dhcp server like 192 168 50.15 to 50.23 !!!
    Wireless: Never use Smart Connect... NEVER !!! Enable 20/40 mhz Coexistence (much important thing when you scan more than 3 wifi setups near you with phone or wifi devices) Now choose Channel 11 for 2.4g and 153 for 5ghz !!!
    Usb storage : i disable media servers as i don't use that so i remove chances to bad peeps to enter by that way in my setup !!!
    Advanced wifi:   Let 2.4g wmm option ticked but untick it for 5ghz !!! Down there i disable router's pin and keep: Keep existing wireless settings ticked also as beamforming ticked and mu-mimo ticked !!!
    In Advanced settings you can also make sure ipv6 is disabled !!! 
    That's all the settings i use and recommend to everybody except for when exceptions occur...like if for any reason you really need Sip ALg then just re enable it but do try with it disabled as it is an old tech not really needed anymore for most people !!!
    So try that and the settings i shared...like i shared...not in a different way since we won't be able to know what caused wich problems ect !!! I have done this a lot of times and now once i've done all this so many times i know exactly how to handle these XR500 and R1 and that makes me able to help others with proper explications and settings also as proper ways to do things !!! I know it's long to read...please try to figure out how many mins i've spend just to write this in another language 😛 ah ah ah So sorry if it's a long text... but you're not alone to read and i do try to give more explications so more people in our Duma ARMY start understanding proper things so they too can enjoy their Duma Os routers also as their gaming sessions !!! I might forgot something once in a while and i'm sorry if i do... also as i try to use the proper words to explain things even when it's hard to explain to people without my knowledge...and not in my first language !!!
    Test that and you'll enjoy your gaming sessions more and more as you'll fine tune the sliders only... and only when every other settings are properly done !!!
    I didn't even include My XR500 fix to make it handle Tickrate never dropping under 120 !!! So set things up...test a lil bit... while you play check your auto ping cause it shows Tickrate in real time... if you never see it dropping to 60s so it stays around 120 and jumping to around 180-200 once in a while... then your XR500 is miraculously stable !!! If it drops from 120 to 60 each 1 to 3 seconds...then your XR500 is Unstable...and at that point just ask me i'll give you the trick(or search on the forum and or youtube and or twitter as i've already gave the trick with almost same settings i just gave you) !!!   I will start making vids on my youtube soon since i now have my Ryzen 3000 baby... so i'll post here on the forum with links to my vids !!! 
    Have an awesome gaming sessions homies !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!! DMC ✌️
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    Mikzxr reacted to DMC_81 in Ping Assist   
    Nope if you disable strict mode nothing works at all like it won't block either peers or dedis !!! You have to get Strict mode enabled at all time !!! Even then...like i explained... your ping assist will overpass both the radius and the ban list and yes Alex it is a bug in Duma Os as ping assist was working veryyyy good on R1 before Duma Os and also in the beginning of Duma Os !!!
    If you want to know how to know if it's allowed via ping assist or via radius or via Allowed list...it's simple... radius or Allowed dedis and peers will have a full circle around them .... while ping assist will make a chopped circle around them !!!
    Also mr UK Wildcats... not only you should do like i mentioned in the long reply  😛  but also understand that in my situation... i only play on New Jersey dedis aka the one on your pic you called Northeast dedis... don't care it is located at 600some kms while Montreal dedis they removed from BO4 is 5km away and 7ms... the normal New Jersey dedis ping between 15 and 18ms (on my straight 7ms vdsl2 line)... normally one physical location like in this case New Jersey is supposed to have a couples of dedis at same location and with same beginning of id's and same ending of id's....confirming you it's physically located at same real world location (it's been like that with netduma for the past 4years) well right now there is around 20 different id's batch numbers meaning they all appears at New Jersey on my map but aren't at the same real world location like there is california and other cities dedis poppin in New Jersey on the map... running at 18ms and up instead of between 15-18ms and they behave differently !!! So like i explained in my long answer... you have to test and manually block the bad ones !!! If all have the same id's begin and ending then they located at same real world location so then try other locations (but like i said there is a lot of mislocated dedis showing on locations they not belong to so i would be surprised if your problematic location have only the same batch id's) !!!
    Also note that even on the same exact dedi... if you didn't fine tune your sliders like i also mentioned you will struggle a lot in gaming sessions like sometimes it will be flawless and sometimes you will feel like a noob... on same exact dedis with same exact settings and without isp line problems !!! So once all big settings are done you have to finetune like i explained with lot of details in...yes in my long answer 😛 ah ah ah !!!
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    Mikzxr reacted to Netduma Alex in Packet loss with QoS enabled?   
    You certainly shouldn't be seeing an increase in packet loss because of QoS. Is DumaOS Classified Games enabled? Perhaps this is prioritizing some traffic at the expense of other traffic?
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    Mikzxr reacted to Netduma Alex in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    Well our main rule is that every single thread, tweet, ticket and email must be replied to. Replying to all of this stuff is the most important part of my job and I always give it maximum priority.
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    Mikzxr reacted to e38BimmerFN in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    People need to realize that the ultimate owner of the XR series IS NetGear. If you want to keep complaining and nagging, then you should be discussing this over on the NetGear forums and or filing support tickets. NetDuma is only the 3rd Party or Co-Developer for a portion of the FW that is developed and marketed BY NetGear. NetGear holds all the plans, policy's and release dates of when actual FW updates that go to public. It's up to NetGear and NetDuma to work together in getting code fixed based on which side of the code needs fixing. If there is problems with the NetDuma portion, then NetDuma needs to get this corrected then handed back to NetGear. If there are problems on the NetGear side of the fence, then NetDuma has nothing to do with it and NetGear needs to make the corrections. However NetGear needs to know what all the problems are first and foremost. 

    There's a long processing and development and in house testing that needs to be done. So this can take a long time, several months. So FW just cant' be released willy nilly based on users complaints and nagging. If there are legitimate complaints, users need to post about these in the NetGear forums as well as NetDuma and troubleshooting should be performed to narrow down where the real problem is and also might find out which side of the fence it resides. I most cases, this will be NetGear and they need to see and review ALL information to determine who needs to take corrective actions. 
    IMO, most of you people are barking up the wrong tree. If you want to voice your opinions and complaints, you need to field them with NetGear first. They hold the entire responsibility of the XR series. It's there product. If this was a NetDuma R series router, then you would be in the right right tree. 

    Please give NetDuma a break on this. They can only do so much and say so much. There are reasons why the public gets limited information about FW updates and product releases. This is business and how router business is ran. 
    Be patient and show some understanding. 
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    Mikzxr reacted to Netduma Alex in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    Reputation is a big concern for us which is why we don't often make promises that we're not 100% certain we can keep. I'm relatively new at the company and I made a mistake in judgement when I decided to tease the upcoming announcement before knowing for sure that it would be coming out the next week.
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    Mikzxr reacted to Netduma Alex in My upload speed is slow, best slider setting?   
    Well the sliders effectively reduce the speed so that's probably why the rating goes down, but the idea is to balance usage between devices on the network.
    Anyway if your upload bandwidth is often being used up, it might be more important to use anti-bufferbloat on that rather than the download, because your download bandwidth is pretty good.
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    Mikzxr got a reaction from Zippy in Xr500 firmware updates   
    I hear you, I am also done with Netgear after this. What other options are there?
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    Mikzxr got a reaction from Zippy in Xr500 firmware updates   
    I am a pretty patient guy but even I am losing it. I have to reset this router every 3 days or so or I get melted playing apex. I can tell when it needs a reset as I will go 3 games in a row without even a knockdown. Ridiculous. 
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    Mikzxr reacted to Netduma Alex in Xbox in DMZ?   
    Okay yeah turn off the DMZ to see if it helps at all. Make sure UPnP is on.
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    Mikzxr got a reaction from questvr3 in Xr500 firmware updates   
    I hear you, I am also done with Netgear after this. What other options are there?
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    Mikzxr reacted to Netduma Alex in Xbox in DMZ?   
    Having the Xbox in DMZ essentially sends all undirected packets to the Xbox, so I suppose it's possible that the Xbox is being sent too much nonsense data, seems unlikely to me though.
    What hardware do you have your XR500 connected to? Could be that the problem is upstream.
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    Mikzxr reacted to Zippy in Xr500 firmware updates   
    Well we are now getting close to the end of another month and no firmware updates. Im also getting close to my end of warranty now. That means since I purchased this router ive had one firmware update in almost one full year! That's right! That means one firmware update and zero patches or fixes along the way! zero nada! This really is beyond thinkable.. This next firmware update better be damn perfect! If we don't get support with the next drop im done and selling this as well. I will give this a chance but very little wiggle room.. I cant even wrap my head around this to believe there has been zero patches to known issues for so long. But I guess they did say the Titanic was unsinkable and that it was one big lifeboat herself! Well we all know how that turned out!
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