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  1. One of the best tools I have used to check my network while playing games is the network info on Battlefield 5. There is an option in the main menu to turn it on. It gives packet loss in and out, latency, latency variation and a bunch of other stuff while you are playing ( it is at the bottom of the screen). It shows my network is perfect at the moment with my variation in ping averaging 1 ms.
  2. Hi Fraser, the new modem is an Arris CM8200 and the old one was a, wait for it, a Netgear CM450 cable adaptor. I am not kidding. The only other change that could be the difference is the ISP...
  3. Ok, I decided to give the xr500 another go after giving up on it previously. My reasoning, I got a new ISP, a new internet type (HFC) and a new modem. I set it up and today and I have to admit, I am impressed. Speeds are great, bufferbloat is great and everything seems stable. It is a totally different router than before. I think this thing is extremely sensitive to the modem used. I was getting packet loss, bad connection, terrible gaming lag, bad bufferbloat etc. Horrible experience. I guess the moral of the story is: if this thing isn't working for you, it is probably the modem or your ISP. I am sorry to the Netduma crew for giving them stick about this thing. We will see how it goes over time. Fingers crossed
  4. Lol, I have an edgerouterx which requires 10x the know-how and I have it working perfectly. The xr500 is garbage. Pure and simple. Why do you post the same stuff in every thread? Are you paid by netduma or are you just a homer?
  5. I gave up and put this router in AP mode a few months back and replaced it with a edgerouter. Best decision ever.
  6. I have just given up and put the xr500 into AP mode and set up a ubiquiti edgerouterx. All good now!
  7. Turned off QoS and now have zero packet loss. Gaming is also way better. This router is definitely not working as intended. I have spent dozens of hours trying to get it right. Wasted time. I am done.
  8. Hi, I was getting huge packet loss before a factory reset to the xr500 but even now, I am still getting packet loss when using the Speedtest app. My computer doesn't indicate packet loss nor does the Xbox test. Are there any known issues regarding the xr and Speedtest? I am averaging about 17% packet loss. Switching to mobile data indicates 0% so it isn't the app.
  9. Anyone care to give an opinion on the graph? Thanks
  10. Looks good to me besides that weird lag spike? I let it run longer and now it looks like this
  11. I have done a factory reset of the router. It seems to be better now. I will post some pingplotter pics in a sec. Could you please have a look at them and see if they are ok? Thanks
  12. Did some more tests. Packet loss is as high as 47% with some tests. Neighbors have same internet. They have 0% loss using the free router they were given by the cable broadband company. This is infuriating
  13. Hi, I am getting packet loss of between 4-10% while QoS is enabled and the sliders set at 70/60. Is this normal? I turned QoS off and packet loss was 0. Games also played better.
  14. Yep, Xbox test but I have never had over 1.5 wired in the hundreds of tests I have done. And then bam, first test on wireless. I will plug in my laptop after work and test it.
  15. Weird. Just thought to check this on a whim and look at the difference. Why is my upload over wireless so much faster? I am running a cat6 cable to a Netgear switch. Only thing besides the Xbox using the switch is the tv.
  16. My internet has great download (115mbps) but slow upload speed (5mbps). If I leave the download slider at 70 and the upload slider at 70, DSL gives me a B grade. If I lower the slider, the grade gets worse (tried 40 and 50%). If I move the slider to 85, I get an A. Does this seem backwards to anyone or do I not understand the sliders?
  17. I understand everyone's frustrations but I also think netduma has been awesome with supporting what is out there and helping with settings and other issues. Don't be too hard on these guys, they are only doing what they can do. I blame Netgear and would like to thank all the support guys here for their thankless work.
  18. Xbox is connected by cable to a network switch and then the xr500. Only the tv is connected to the switch as well. Should I turn off DMZ and test it?
  19. I hear you, I am also done with Netgear after this. What other options are there?
  20. Is using a DMZ good? I keep having issues with connectivity to some games (Apex, bf5) and have always had my Xbox in a DMZ. Should I just rely on the xr500 and upnp instead? I have cable internet with 100 down and 5 up.
  21. Yep, I will try and take a screen shot later. A bunch of triangles with exclamation points popped up on the world map. None in Australia
  22. Nope, can't even connect to the apex servers now. Is there a trick for Xbox in Australia?! It appears to need an authentication server in the USA or Europe. It just keep throwing up error, unable to connect with the geofilter and ping assist on.
  23. It has gotten worse. I will turn the ping assist back on. Should I pair it with the geo filter too? Xboxonex
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