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  1. Appreciate the responses received, did a test last night connected to router via wired and it knocks that out too. To me it’s odd that devices which have reservations already get impacted also, can understand that those without would be impacted. there are checks preventing you from reserving more than one ip per device, so why kill the whole network? Also, the IP address being reserved has already been allocated to the device via dhcp, I’m just adding it to the table as fixed. If I was giving new then yes, I agree it would flush and re-allocate to pool but again, why disconnect everything?
  2. Hi Fraser - that would make sense if all devices disconnect but appears to be only WiFi, wired remain connected.
  3. Thanks for response and advising this is how it has been designed. Just seems strange that reserving an ip causes all devices to disconnect, not sure of the logic.
  4. Hi, Not sure if known issue but happens every time. In LAN setup Click Add Select Client Click Apply Whilst waiting for it to be added, WIFI goes down and devices lose connectivity. On latest firmware, not prepared to revert back to earlier versions, reset to defaults and setting up again is a pain. if it’s known, will it be fixed in next release?
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