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  1. Are you with Sky too? was a bit of pain tbh to get it working with the vigor130 If you have bother I can screenshot what I configured on the Vigor to get mine working at the time, I have since switched ISP (Virgin Media) Cheers,
  2. Surely it won't VPN the whole device, considering I have not selected the services to 'Do not VPN these services' all I did was add it to the list, kind 9f contradicts being able to select the service/application that you don't want the VPN to be applicable to, will try a couple more websites to verify my IP tomorrow though.
  3. Hey Fraser, I have used both modes, last night I tested 'Only VPN these services', created my own custom service to have everything use the VPN for my device and then this morning I used 'Do not VPN these services' and did not select any services so essentially it should not of been used for any traffic (verified not being used by checking what IP was seen on the internet from the device). Yep I am using the closest servers to me! (London) Cheers,
  4. Must admit, performance through the VPN is not great for me either, Download is 20Mbps on a 50+mbps connection currently. Interestingly if I add a device to use the VPN but do not bind any specific applications to it aka so nothing is actually going to use the vpn and run the speed test again I get 20Mbps download again (before anyone asks, yes I still see my ISP's actual IP address still), I can only assume reason being is that the router is now checking every packet from that ip to see if it matches any applications that should use the vpn, aka PBR (policy based routing) kind of thing. Using NordVPN, will try configuring some of the other servers incase there is some problems with the server I am currently using.
  5. Hey Guys, Was thinking with 'hybrid vpn' coming (hopefully!), might be good to get notifications etc that your VPN has disconnected/reconnected. The push notification can be for more than just for the VPN like a notification for when your internet comes back online too etc. Just an idea
  6. Already did say but will say again to make sure it's seen 😬 XR500 NordVPN - used continuously on my NAS
  7. Hey Mai keth, Welcome to the forum! This thread is quite old, the fix was in the latest release which is currently v2.3.2.32 If you are not running this version I would suggest upgrading to this first, it can be downloaded direct from the router or from Netgears website. If you are running the latest version already then I would suggest creating a new forum thread giving information regarding your problem. Cheers!
  8. The router won't care about the file format (I think), was more curious on the protocol you mount the NAS share to the router with, but thinking about it more I imagine it supports at least NFS and AFP at a minimum considering it will be Linux under the hood of the router. Don't worry about logging in to your NAS though! I am hugely jealous of you getting the router as a beta! 😭
  9. Nice! I hate to think how large my library is, I like how you create the network mount/share on the same page as the Plex server, makes life that tiny bit easier rather than hopping between pages. What type of file shares are supported by the router (NFS, AFP, SMB etc)? Or what type have you got enabled on your Synology?
  10. Have PM'd you, next question would be if the cron job remains after the reboot itself! πŸ˜ƒ
  11. Thanks for the info. Yeah sounds about right regarding the USB drive for the metadata etc as that could fill up the space on the actual router depending how large the library is.
  12. Oh wow really!? I have the 415play, have you done much with multiple transcodes happening at once through the XR700? What quality was the transcodes etc would be great to know too! I have plex setup so my parents can use it from their home too so to save on my upload bandwidth I need it to handle at least 3 transcodes at once (ambitious from a router I imagine though).
  13. With NordVPN they have some servers that do twice tunnelling (i.e you vpn into the 1st vpn server and that server is vpn'd into another server).
  14. It would be the XR500 that I would like it on, when I am ready for 10Gbps in my home network I may look at the XR700, waiting on reviews regarding Plex Media Server running on the XR700 too! πŸ˜ƒ
  15. You could probably do that via CLI with a cron job maybe if you know Linux? If not ignore me!
  16. Although this thread was for R1, I see lots of people talking of XR500 so thought I would volunteer for the XR500 too (if being considered) πŸ˜†. My NAS (Synology) currently routes all traffic via a VPN (NordVPN) configured on it. Would be happy to configure another VPN via the router for testing also. Cheers!
  17. Hey All, Not sure if this is of any interest to anyone but I wouldn't mind a bit of link aggregation going on through this router 😁 Not sure if the ASIC('s?) can handle it or not also. Cheers!
  18. I too would be interested regarding the Plex server part too! 😁
  19. Hey markfiore73, Welcome to the forum. You have posted in the wrong section but your problem doesn't sound too good, can you share a screenshot of what the error looks like? seems like something didn't upgrade correctly and something is missing now, might be an idea to try a factory reset and then start from scratch setting it up again if it lets you login after the reset that is. If you aren't keen on the reset you may need to wait for someone with more experience with the R1 and upgrade process to respond.
  20. Thanks Fraser, I am not sure either to be honest, I know that the modem I use (DrayTek Vigor 130) has a feature to β€˜broadcast dsl status to router in LAN’, whether this is proprietary or not I am not sure, if these broadcasted packets can be interpreted then a programmer could possibly write something to display it within a router GUI 😁, wishful thinking from myself more than likely though. I will see if I can see anything in a packet capture when I am feeling better maybe.
  21. Hey Guys, Would be really great if we could get modem stats shown in the router e.g SNR, uptime, max attainable speeds, current speeds, input / output statistics etc. Cheers!
  22. Looks like so much effort to get working from what I have read. Was curious what modems others are using and if they produce stats straight into the router, what modem are you using with talktalk if you don't mind me asking?
  23. I notice that one of my TV's has learned a new ip within the space of 30 mins of being off by checking my logs..
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