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    joel82 got a reaction from Newfie in PS4 Rest Mode   
    no way! hahaha. thanks for your help. I figured it went offline because when I get home from work there are times that updates that come out in the morning don't automatically download until I'm out of rest mode. thanks again!
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    joel82 got a reaction from GHOST-1-EC in XR500 Beta (Mini Montage)   
    damn that is badass! 
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    joel82 reacted to DUMA BOLTON in Apex Legends is now Geo-Filter Compatible!   
    Okay, Apex would be amazing if the geo-filter worked 🎮😁
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    joel82 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Getting Kicked out of Apex Legends   
    thank you for the info. this might take a while since it always seems to be a different server from texas. 
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