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  1. I Ask these Qestions because i got hard delay in my Game it feels spongi in my Gameplay. and not very nice it feels like i enabled V-Sync which is very bad 😞 But iam pretty sure with your or netgears help i can fix this problem and i know taht is 100 percent a Problem with the router. Because with my Isp Router all works well but when i set the xr500 router to the correct settings all works well to. Please help me when you got Time maybe ask netgear ?
  2. I Have 250 mbts download and 40 Upload and 4-5 ms ping. in my Speedtest. Do you think it is better for me when i disable qos ? What kind of settings are disabled when i disable Qos in the netgear xr 500 gaming router ?
  3. Does it any good effect on my Game or stability to my connection in game ? when i add my Gaming PC in to this Adressreservation ?
  4. Ok thanks Fraser then i keep these settings on standart. Bringt es für PC oder Xbox Gaming etwas eine Adressreservierung zu machen im XR 500 Gaming router ?
  5. But i think there is some things that i can do but now no problems anymore.
  6. Now my Game feels every Round like i have 5-10 Ping and in my game the Game show me i have 0 Ping in Game and iam only 5ms away from the server now it feels so very very smooth.
  7. I have no Problems anymore no delay i fixed the Problem by myself and no i dont create a static ip adress in the draytek vigor
  8. I am only 5 ms away from the server so the only problem that i have is it feels in game spongie so there are definitly some settings that fix the problem in the xr 500 router. I set Nat Filter to Open I use Qos I have no Ping Isues all is right at this point. i dont use anti bufferbloat because i have 250 mbts down 40 Upload but my game feels little spongie not direct you know ? I Have highend PC setup and i have no backround apps etc open and i update all drivers bios and graphic driver an iam not beginner i understand alot. What is Rip 1 is it worth activate it ? can i change my dns server numbers in my xr 500 router with perfect results or is it needed to change it in the draytek vigor or on my pc network adapter or is it enough change dns server in the xr 500 router ? like Google Dns: Primary : 8888 Second 8844. ?
  9. oke no not nat issues but it feels evertime different sometimes better sometimes not so the router is definitely nice.
  10. Lan Setup: Do you think i should create Adressreservation for my Gaming PC helpful or not ? I want to do all things that are good for me.
  11. Nat Filter set this to Open or Secure ? for Fortnite ?
  12. ok and do you think that these settings give me better connection like input delay or something ?
  13. I Copie the wan ip of my xr 500 Router and then set a static ip adress with this one on the draytek vigor 165 is that right ?
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