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  1. 1. Xbox One 2.Yes 3.Strenger Mode on ping assist 10 upnp on 2000 km geofilter cicle 4.Spectating mode do not fix the problem 5. In the middle of a game
  2. 30-4 is the Standart is their any Setting that works Better ?
  3. i cant see some gold things under my profile only green and yes i use the right name to sign up
  4. Alex can you see under my profile duma os insider ?
  5. 1.Jitter Assist , More Fluide Gameplay, 2. A special or good stabilzed connection on a Server that is much away from you. 3. A Feature that lower the Game ping on Server that are much away from you * Eu to American *
  6. I like the Geofilter very much but It lacks in my opinion, only a ping assist the even more stable connections or a new feature that eliminates spikes Final at least on its own connection. Would be cool If you can decide for yourself which server you want to connect to, some games will not work
  7. So In Halo 5 you have 2 settings 1. Balanced = EU Server 2. Expendet = American Servers So i set it always to Balanced And i never get Game ping over Max 30-35 ms Most of the Time Game ping is 30ms or 18 ms. So i was wondering Why it is Not Smoth Can you give me some Tipps for optimal Qos und Ping Assist settings I use Geofilter with grabbing Land area ?
  8. Yeah i talking about Controller to Monitor lag the Input lag yes so i asked my Developer of my Monitor he seid to me my Input lag from my Controller to Monitor has 10 ms
  9. When comes the Milestone 1.4 Since 2 Weeks you guys say to me it schould be come out next week
  10. Do you think Input lag of 10 ms is good for Professional shooter Gamer?
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