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  1. I'm not using smart connect and my advanced settings page look like this as I dont remember if I changed something in the past but I remember changing the channel of both 2.4ghz and 5ghz to the best one.
  2. Perfect, thanks a lot. I have another question, I have an iphone 8 plus and whenever I use wifi 2.4ghz or 5ghz it randomly disconnects and the wifi drops. What can be the problem?
  3. ok thanks, but if I have to download a game do you recommend me switch to the 5ghz wifi?
  4. Hello I have a 500/500 connection and for the moment I run out of ethernet cables and the only one is a cat5 that I found today. A cat5 is supposed to only achieve 100mbps, so if use the 5ghz of the xr500 I will have a better connection on my xbox one s as the xbox is very close to the xr500 right? What do I do? Use the 5ghz or the cat5? Thanks in advanced.
  5. They have come this morning and used their own laptop and they didn't want to tell me what they were doing, they only said to me to not reset anymore the router. I asked if they could explain me how to achieve an open nat but they told me I'm not allowed to enter to the router interface😕
  6. I reset the isp router and now I'm without internet connection and the backup file doesn't work because the interface give me an error while trying to upload it. I'm waiting for the technicias to come Monday
  7. So I download the backup file, reset from the isp router interface and then use the backup file to restore everything right? Wouldn't that be the same setup as right now?
  8. I don't use or require PPPoE and I don't want to mess up something with the isp router as I'm not an expert. What can I do?
  9. Yes there is one and I downloaded the backup. Do I proceed with the reset?
  10. I wouldn't do a factory reset because there is a big sticker telling to not touch the factory reset button at the back of the router.😅
  11. I just tried to connect the xbox directly to the isp router and it says that there is no ip assigned and no internet connection is detected. What do I have to do?
  12. few days ago I was with a static ip for the xr500 but Fraser told me to try and switch to a dynamic ip, but in both ways I still having a moderate nat and double nat. Also the wan ip is correctly addressed.
  13. I can't bridge mode because there isn't any specif settings for my isp router(HS8546V5) to do that, and in the past I've also tried to put it in bridge mode with the help of Fraser but we didn't find the solution because everytime we tried some settings I would lose access to internet. Regarding using dmz on the isp router it seems like it does nothing to forward the ports to my router. I've also tried to enabled upnp while using port forwarding and it stills with moderate nat and the double nat issue comes back.
  14. I've been trying again and now I'm only using port forwarding on the xr500, upnp is disable, and on the isp I have delete the dmz, so the only thing enabled is port forwarding on the xr500 and now on the xbox one network settings it went from nat moderate and double nat detected to nat moderate and upnp not successful. At least is not double nat detected no more, so we are making progress. This is my port forwarding page and I also have enabled nat open setting on the xr500 as you suggested. Is there any way to also try with upnp but without having to delete all the ports I've added?
  15. I still with a moderate nat and double nat detected on the console settings
  16. But I just want to have an open nat on one console, because I'm not playing at the same time with the ps4 and xbox myself. I want to have an open nat while I'm on the ps4 or the xbox or pc separately, without using any of the other two at the same time.
  17. On every possible method is always double nat detected and nat moderate in console settings on xbox one. I'm not using dmz, only upnp on the xr500. The port using is set by default 3074.
  18. I've tried to only use upnp on the xr500 and set nat from secure to open but stills moderate, also tried disabling upnp and using port forwarding 3074 udp but stills moderante, all this was tried without using dmz, I've also tried using just dmz but moderate too.
  19. moderate with double nat detected xbox one, type 2 in ps4 settings but every bo4, ww2 or mw has moderate, pc cod mw has moderate.
  20. I switched to dynamic but the nat stills moderate.
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