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  1. does it natter what wireless type it is eg, gaming voice or video etc ?
  2. Hi thanks for your help I managed to get ping plotter line stable - I also but the ASUS in bridge mode which did drop my ping around 2ms however I am still getting around 0.2 - 0.5% packetloss on shadow , I have tried hotspot off my phone and didn't get any packetloss so the issue with to be with my ISP?
  3. I use cloud gaming service shadow - now in traffic prio when I set up the ports I have a notice saying cant remember word for word but if your using this for high bandwith application you may experience lag? now can someone help set this up as shadow is using around 25mb/s. Thanks
  4. Thank you for all your help I do appreciate it.
  5. As requested - 7.50 am is when I did a speed test and packet loss then appeared on hop 7 soon as line was saturated and it never disappeared after that. Issue when I get packet loss on shadow even minor it has visual or audio effects which gives you bad experience. Thanks
  6. Hi, Allowing all traffic didn't work however shadow reached out to me saying Thank you for reaching out to the Shadow Support Team!With the screenshot you have shared, it looks like there is latency on your network. This will cause issues when trying to maintain a stable connection with Shadow, which is why you are experiencing this as Shadow has a hard time maintaining a stable connection. So basically 0.2% is unacceptable 🙄 Can anyone help Thanks
  7. I understand what your saying but shadow are saying I need packet loss of 0% for a smooth service I'll attach another document, they are saying it's unacceptable. It may look minor but it does effect the stream
  8. Of course its shadow cloud gaming (blade) I have no issue with other services and shadow support said issue my end my ISP is vodafone 66 up 18 down - it has been working ok but according to shadow 0.2% packet loss is not ok and needs to be 0% for a smooth stream while using tcp i have no packet loss - would the router be blocking the huge amount of udp packets from shadow ? [DoS attack: UDP Flood] from source,port 7010 Thursday, Sep 23,2021 13:39:06 I get alot of these errors - also when I pingplotter hop 1 which is XR1000 showing around 0.7% packet loss so I have no idea I will post a screen shot now . Yes I have tried ethernet wifi 2.4 and 5ghz all the same respionce
  9. Hi, Wodnering if you can help, I have XR1000 trying to connect cloud gaming service should however getting 0.2% packet loss which is big enough to cause issues, however in logs I can see I have UDP FLOOD which is coming from shadow service is the router causing my UDP packets to drop [DoS attack: UDP Flood] from source 85.***.**.46,port 7010 Thursday, Sep 23,2021 13:39:06 thanks
  10. Just force closes as soon as I try to login then asked me to send error
  11. Netduma app keeps crashing logs file are attached, have tried clear data and cache. Didn't work and reinstalling app please could you help. Regards sentcrash.log
  12. Thanks for all your help Fraser 👍 awesome
  13. Just an update it appears the r-app error appeared again everything I went into the QoS so a factory reset the QoS is working again, problem is I shouldn't have to keep factory resetting to get things to work then again to find another r app to fail in days or weeks to come, I'm sure dumaos or the xr1000 has some serious bugs
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