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  1. No removed then as was told too ..
  2. Yes tried both ways, just issue with upload, especially with my speeds
  3. As you cam see the download is being adhered to, but upload is 100% thanks
  4. Hi, not its - still allowing the full upload speed.
  5. I still can't get the qos to throttle the upload 😫 no matter what I do
  6. Tried both, even a custom tp doesn't work anymore
  7. Right not sure now but my traffic prio doesn't work all packers are at 0 even for DUMAOS CLASSIFIED GAMES - I feel this firmware is so buggy - this morning no wifi devices would connect without a reboot.
  8. Yes the modem can handle the pppoe is that better to do that rather then router ?
  9. Yeah that auto enable is not working at all - yes pppoe enabled disabled vlan or ipv6 or armor R APPs error appeared less then 24 hours I can't do any speedtest or connection benchmark just fails.
  10. Thanks Fraser, I noticed my R-APPS error has appeared again not sure why? Also if I have congestion control auto enabled am I correcting in thinking if my traffic prio ports are inactive my speed will go back to the limit? Then when I enable my laptop and traffic prio sees packets will that auto enable my congestion control ? It also appears my upload speed is not been limited either no matter how low I set it .
  11. I have factory reset via interface atm no rapps errors, Setting bandwidth to 70% and I now my ports to shadow working however still have the issue of it using the full bandwidth available on other devices say I had 32 Meg and I'm using prio to manage ports for shadow I can see the packets being used while.im.on shadow however if you play netflix I can see packet loss because its using the full bandwidth available can you help with this thanks
  12. Ok so leave that to auto enabled with 70% on each correct ?
  13. Thanks I'll try a reboot and let you know, Another question when setting my qos it still give full speed to other devices let's say 32meg is the limit and rest is overhead, but how would I control allow shadow to have most bandwidth so netflix and downloads don't interfere with packetloss, so it shadow was using 25meg I would have 7 left for other devices is tbat possible? Thank you
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