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  1. Just gives us the working software updates and the cloud updates to patch the problems people are experiencing all over the forum to make the router more usable and stable and stop brushing over it and keep releasing your OS on new product lines creating more problems for all involved I didn't buy into a Beta Its time somebody brought a lawsuit against companies selling a promise that they don't deliver on fleecing customers out of hard earned cash
  2. Don't tie yourselves down with something that is going to tie you down for another 6 months or so just to make the user interface look pretty when the underlying product is borked
  3. New features and enhancements: Added the Hybrid VPN feature, which replaces the VPN client feature. Added the VPN provider PureVPN to the Hybrid VPN feature. Added the ping assist feature to the Geo Filter. Added advanced ping stats to the auto ping dashboard. Bug Fixes: Fixes the issue where the speed test feature in the Nighthawk app does not work. Fixes the issue where the speed test feature in the installation process might fail. Security Fixes: For more information about security vulnerabilities, visit https://www.netgear.com/about/security Upgrade Instructions: Using the Download Link below, download and extract the new firmware to a convenient place such as your desktop. The filename after extracting is XR500-V2.3.2.40.img Download Link : http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/XR500/XR500-V2.3.2.40.zip Run your web browser and open http://www.routerlogin.net. Click Settings => Administration => Firmware Upgrade page. Click Browser button and locate the firmware image file. Click Upload button. Wait for upgrade progress to complete. If any problem occurs after upgrading, try clearing the configuration by pressing the Reset Button on Rear Panel until the Power LED blinks and hold on for 5 seconds at least, then the router will reboot with default configuration. Here are guides on how to setup Hybrid VPN and Ping Assist: Hybrid VPN guide: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087492--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-hybrid-vpn Ping Assist guide: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087579--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-ping-assist
  4. Im not quite sure why your referring to the code of conduct as my topic was on point for anyone visiting the support section that was having issues but it is now in the Feature ideas & Improvements sub-forum I don't think it belongs here as its not describing any feature ideas or improvements it is describing current issues also it was in no way intended to toxic, insulting, or anything else And going back to our previous posts you said You raised good points that we've addressed/heard? Which points have been addressed/fixed?
  5. somewhere better? (See under) You raised good points that we've addressed/heard? (Which points have been addressed/fixed?) Seems moving this thread from the support section has made this poll more or less null/void to the actual statistics as it is quite hidden from anyone visiting the support section that would have definitely voted/commented or been aware of current problems had it stayed there I think that hiding posts like this and your unwillingness to be transparent in any way just causes unnecessary stress and loss to consumers Its crazy that a lot of people have paid hard earned cash for these items and still we are loosing more time and more money trying to sort a situation that is still ongoing be it from people purchasing it for the first time or people waiting for a fix or people thinking there is something wrong with their internet Its pretty sad and unjustified to say the least
  6. The dude previously moved this thread from support to off topic when i asked about why it was moved and reported it someone else moved it from off topic then it got moved to feedback There is no need to manipulate it was very much on topic I will not carry this thread on nor will I seek anymore help on this forum at this current time i am getting nowhere so far Im £250 out of pocket for a device that on day 1 had its core components broken and 6 moths later still has the same problem go figure
  7. like i said in my previous post I have listed my issues within the first post i have had since may the 10th may, I have also said they are still ongoing so that is in fact a support issue!!! I would also you didn't delete all the posts that have been added so far I want this to be seen that my has just has just being edited by forum staff
  8. I created this thread because personally i don't think enough is being done to rectify any of the current issues Read my post above which id posted on the 19th of november in another thread It talks about how i feel ive had issues since the 10th of may this year when i bought this router and the problems are still very much still ongoing If your dealing with any of the problems above please do the poll and share any of your feelings here if you feel the same
  9. You don't need to its personal preference some people recommend factory reset after every update and some people don't unless you have a fault The update normally preserves your current settings but sometimes it may not I recommend to be on the safe side you at least check your settings are good
  10. As it stands Netgear users are very frustrated with their current duma OS due to: The Geo Filter Currently doesn't work as it should due to cloud server misplacement issues The Allow and deny servers doesn't work either as it should due to whatever issues etc QoS kinda works better on the download then the upload (for me anyways) These core components of DUMA OS are the reason a large majority of the people bought this gaming router in the first place These problems should be treated with highest of priority by Netduma within a timely manner there is no need to keep passing the blame on to netgear or avoiding peoples questions regarding these matters There needs to be more transparency with your consumers acknowledging what the current problems are because everybody I see coming to the forum at this current time is asking the same set of questions Please dedicate a pinned thread telling people of known issues and workarounds if any Not doing so is just adding to the frustration of the consumers as well as yourselves its wasting a lot of peoples time Also What is so wrong in offering us ping assist in beta at this time if you unable to offer any respite with the current problems it may help We may be able to work it out together Some how there must be a way to solve the current divide that is starting to become more apparent as the days go on What I'm failing to understand is the R-apps where initially created for a specific reason by Netduma and that is ease of expandability Most of these DUMA OS features are an R-App and are Independent to Netgears actual router firmware Quotes from this link - https://rapps.dumaos.com "R-Apps are independent features on your router. Just like an app on your smartphone, each R-App solves a problem to give you the best connection possible. It is so easy to add new R-Apps to your router. This extendibility means you will always have the latest, powerful features to take control of your network. Yet as Netgear DUMO OS Users we are unable to test the new R_apps in beta ourselves or even experience them or have our issues fixed without having to wait for them to be implemented by Netgear as part of their annual/ seasonal router firmware update whenever that may be The current issues are unacceptable and even more-so with the new features being released on the R1 that Netgear users may find beneficial right now
  11. Please read my earlier response ps. i sent you a message also on saturday could you send me a message in response to that
  12. Basically having more than one NAT device usually happens when you connect your own router to a gateway installed by your internet service provider that also includes the NAT and routing functions A simple fix would be to connect your XR500 to a modem setup in bridged mode or just by using a simple modem that lacks the NAT and routing functions, it would eliminate the problem altogether I Dont really agree with using the DMZ as a quick fix and its not something i would advise without knowing their network setup first
  13. My Apologies i did not notice this was requesting a 1 on 1 I dont agree with what your saying Pollutionblues the ideal situation would be to not have to use the DMZ at all and have his/her network setup correctly
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