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  1. If Netduma understand peoples comments and concerns and believe in future proofing and are so busy with their heads down all the time then, Why to this day do the xr series routers still have the same buggy problems they have had since the release date with the features that were advertised out of the box? Do you guys at netduma not think it is patronising to your loyal fanbase to keep only offering us broken promises and absurd timeframes? Isn't it about time you showed your loyal fanbase some compassion?
  2. Im talking just a locked upto date pinned post where people are able to look up current bugs and or find information about current known workarounds nothing more
  3. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that a lot of frustration between all parties involved is exaggerated because of the lack of clarity and common sense At least start by creating an up to date pinned post detailing the current known bugs for Netgear, Netduma and customers to refer to so we are all on the same page then add any information for customers about current known workarounds for each bug until a patch is available Why you guys aint done this already is beyond me
  4. Im Surprised I've not seen a netduma episode on watchdog yet
  5. Seems you guys have lost desire and control for your own product I don't even know why i even come here anymore hoping for fixes for my product it has been an still is just a waste of my time I sure regret my choice in buying a netduma product
  6. Considering you guys stated the blog post (announcement) was already written and ready to go now you say you cant post it because you've hit some snags What where the snags exactly, did someone forget how to use spell checker and now the whole post need to be rewritten Are you guys for real I'm losing my mind here....... Do you guys actually know what you're doing?
  7. I Hear you Buddy On November the 14th 2018 I posted a suggestion similar about the way bugs are addressed it never saw the light of day link https://forum.netduma.com/topic/27042-known-issues-and-workarounds-request/?tab=comments#comment-198363 On November the 23rd 2018 I also posted a posted a poll in the support section to help Netduma and ourselves understand the numbers of people having the same problems to see if there was a way we could certain things focused on I know it wouldn't of been exact but it would have been better than nothing, Sadly it was quickly moved from the support section to the off topic section which to me made it irrelevant so no-one really got to see or take part which was frustrating link https://forum.netduma.com/topic/27233-duma-os-current-issues-poll/?tab=comments#comment-20022 And here we are such a long time has gone by the same problems remain I agree there must be a better way forward even if it is just walking away and binning my product but Its hard to really give up on something you want to believe in
  8. Killhippie you're the one trying to pick holes in my comments in this thread I'm not sure why but on numerous occasions I'm having to explain myself to you and and I shouldn't have to. I paid for this router with my own cash and I expected the features on it to work as advertised and since day one of my purchase, which was just after the release date I have been sat waiting patiently for them problems to be fixed and still to this day we still have the same problems with no end in sight its absurd. Sorry if I offended anyone in this thread/website it is not my intention Im just feeling a bit fed up of the whole thing its gone on far to long
  9. Ok so you got me there, so they mention they have fixed some game prioritisation issues but what good is that with the basic flaw that you cant prioritise locale connections through the geofilter due to the cloud being fudged it kind of defeats the point Also im not speculating im stating the obvious We are only going to get any really major fixes in milestone 1.4 if were lucky, Netduma are either still working on milestone 1.4 or its either going through the testing process, see alex's comment above, either way why would they split their workload at this point we will not get anymore fixes between now and the 1.4 release and that is a fact and then and only then we have to wait for Netgear to push it out like i said don't expect it anytime soon. Now your last comment directed at me about spreading fud causing unnecessary rest is rather uncalled for I don't pretend to be something Im not, I say what I see and I am free to have my opinion and so is everyone else What really is creating the unrest is having to listen to all the Bull**** and Promises about fixes coming when they don't materialise then having to wait another another 8 months plus only to be told the same thing I ain't getting any younger neither is anyone else We want what we paid for.
  10. Basically what this means is this firmware is Netgear specific fixes only because Netduma have not pushed any other fixes for major issues or improvements to Netgear yet The reality of it is we will only get them in the milestone firmware 1.4 if we are lucky and considering this netgear only firmware update has taken 8 months+ I wouldn't be expecting milestone 1.4 to come anytime soon
  11. A lot of people in general normally don't like to take the straight forward approach and there is nothing wrong with that and sometimes its the best way to learn, that is why we have answers to a lot of common problems today because sometimes only through failure we find answers we wouldn't have found otherwise but rather than being over technical my simple comment today about backing up the config was for the straight forward folk who may not have had their first coffee of the day yet and may have needed to revert back for whatever reason
  12. My comment about backing up their old working config was if they wanted to revert back to .40 due to issues with the new firmware some people have complicated setups and as such can take a lot of time to set up and get right Nowhere did I mention to use an old config save on the new firmware Anybody who knew and took the time to set up their router would of known what i meant it was just a reminder nothing more
  13. ok so all the Facts we have at the moment is.. No real fixes No time frame of when they will be fixed Another 8-9 months of hopes dashed ps. I sure was exited first thing this morning when i woke up to see a firmware update had been released as i have usually checked every morning since release for fixes but now Im just deflated again ugh......
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