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  1. Thanks Fraser. I'll take a note of it and keep a lookout the next time it does a DHCP refresh to all devices. It was just strange that the router became very slow with high CPU utilisation as normally and after a reboot, it's very low at around 25-30%. Very happy with the router otherwise and looking forward to new features.
  2. I tried to log into the router and noticed it was slow to open the page. I noticed that one CPU usage was pegged at 100%. Not both CPU's, they would alternate to 100% but both still very high. Normally the CPU's utilisation is low. I then checked the logs and it showed a lot of DHCP events happening quite fast. This is not normal. I checked the device MAC addresses and they happen with computers, iPhones, iPads etc, so I don't think it's the clients. Please see attached pictures. When the router gets into this state, I have to reboot it.
  3. The device normally holds onto it's IP address until it expires or restarts/reboots to get a new IP address from the Router. If it's a windows computer, you can force it to get the new IP address you reserved by using the following commands in the command prompt. ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew
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