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  1. Don't think anyone knows, it happens when you use any VPN not just duma.
  2. Tried this and it didn't work, I just get stuck at searching 3/6 on both consoles.
  3. Would it be helpful to have a list of servers to block? I've started blocking them all manually but it is time consuming. Seems to be blocking them though.
  4. So a bit of my background, I've been using geofilter for the last two years and had cards down to 20 mins. Ran around 100/150 cards for people over a weekend. This was a nice little sideline and I've been trying to work out a new way of doing it. I'm close, but am hitting a stumbling block. I'm happy to offer limited help those that are themselves helpful. But for obvious reasons I'm not about to put out a how to guide, sorry. My current stumbling block, and I think the last thing I need to solve. Is that it stays as searching for around two minutes before moving to evaluating. In that time it doesn't match anyone. I have managed to get two consoles into rumble. But that's after the long wait in searching. Anyone else come across this issue of spending ages on searching?
  5. How did you manage that mate?
  6. Not working for me this season. Think the new ddos protection has put a stop to it.
  7. Interesting, I have come across some of these players with blocked IPs in recent weeks. They don't show up when you select them, just keeps searching. They still show up on the map though so hopefully still be blockable for using the router as intended.
  8. It used to work. Sadly hasn't worked properly for some time. At least in my experience.
  9. Your bigger issue is that you can't stop your friend matching other people. Unless you both have the same router.
  10. I think matchmaking is done on steam servers now. PS4 infrastructure doesn't have anything like that so you're fine.
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