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  1. Sorry if this is normal. I've tried Google, Open DNS, and another Comcast DNS that's faster when running GRC Benchmark. It seems to pick up the new DNS, but also says it's using my providers DNS which is Comcast and After changing my DNS and using Pingplotter my first hops are routing through what seems to be Comcasts DNS. Is it normal to use the providers hops first, every time? I am new to Pingplotter and still trying to learn if I can lower my base ping.
  2. When trying to use a specific DNS provider the router still includes my ISP DNS. Is this a bug?
  3. Console gets open Nat but game will only get open Nat with ports forwarded. Upnp list never populates and stays empty. Old firmware populated good sized list.
  4. When allocating a certain bandwidth to a device and running a speed test results show more bandwidth making its way through. Example is setting upload to 6mbs and showing 8mbs on test. Might need tightened up a bit. Sharing is unticked.
  5. Just a question if this is fixable? First, ISP bandwidth is typed in. Second, using dslreports the sliders are adjusted, achieving A+ A+ A+. That’s never been an issue. The issue is when I untick share and specify bandwidth to devices, (PS4), the bufferbloat comes back and looks really choppy on the test. Is this able to be fixed without adjusting speeds? Is it something that a firmware adjustment can fix? Edit: The Download stream seems to work. The upload is the problem.
  6. Please help. I’ve seen servers close to me but I never connect to them. Even on the old firmware I didn’t. Please look into these servers. They appear upon loading Black Ops 4, PS4. I’ve even tried putting the circle directly on top of them.
  7. Jlman3705

    glitching and rubberbanding

    I will record a video tonight. Im at work now but would definitely like to help in any way on this matter.
  8. Jlman3705

    glitching and rubberbanding

    Same here.. I thought it was just me.. rubberbanding, skipping. just realized that I started complaining to my friends since the DumaOS update. Might need to downgrade fot testing purposes. How do I go about downgrading?
  9. Not zoomed out. Possibly just showing host. Yes if invited individually.
  10. Geofilter is not displaying all peers. I have several friends not showing up on the map as well as hosts to allow or deny. Possible that this is a Blacks Ops 4 issue? PS4. In the old firmware it would show everybody in the chat party, normal game party etc. on Dumaos it shows the host of the chat party and at times one other random member.
  11. Geofilter is not displaying all peers. I have several friends not showing up on the map as well as hosts to allow or deny. Possible that this is a Blacks Ops 4 issue? PS4.
  12. Hello, I have this repeating in my log and would like to know if its an issue or possibly an easy fix. PS4 Call of duty ports forwarded on DumaOS. No UPNP. Thanks. Sat Oct 20 20:57:00 2018 kern.info dpiclass-daemon: Kill flow due to timeout Also, this was in there. Sat Oct 20 20:58:39 2018 daemon.warn odhcpd[725]: Failed to send to ff02::1%br-lan (Operation not permitted)
  13. My main concern on my end is that Upnp on the previous firmware would show tons of ports being used by devices. DumaOS does not show any at all. The slider is turned on.