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  1. can u check ore say whats is happening why i make connection 2 those or thad peer ? is this the type of ID you are collecting? or do i just need to ignore those peers and try to deny them? Today i acctually played in the same lobby with my bro and we had some games using the geo filter.. so i started the lobby used the geo filter mode on r1 dumaos and didnt add him in the geo mode. The one thing i noticed is it takes some tryes but after 3-4 times a server shows up in the raduis and u can play aslong u stay in the lobby playing the same mode. but after u go in main menu and for example choose tdm mode you need a couple off tryes to get or see a server thad is in your raduis.. but for now im ok with thad because i dont get host migration or disconnections.. just trying to see or add my experience thad i am having for now ..
  2. Hello, this happens to me in the morning 1 playstation online.. first 3 times i got unable 2 jion i tryed to deny the peer 3 times after thad i connected to server but then tryed to jion another lobby and it whas saying not jionable...
  3. 😅 But i have some good games 2 but if you ask me the diffrence is BIG on who is connected 2 where..
  4. Funny 1 game you destroye people next game u get destroyed.. like most games check the option server info, lagometer 60-80ms ... 😕 if others have like 40 ms Gg. And there are those times 100+ms yeah fuck thad shit.. if you connect to those people or they connect to you.. its not anymore yeah im good or trash, ore how can he be so fast... there are allot good players but because this its a mess.. its about connection, regio,..this game u ending up somewhere so far away and u play on those players local play because servers are overblown... how fast you can move without delay.. second in fps is whats it about.. tryed zombies ended up in texas haha..nice people there^^ funny but those zombies are no joke.. didnt enjoy it for a single round...
  5. I have been reading your responses i know i dont use the port forwarding because i know thad dmz and upnp are doeing the job.. i will try the next step Frazer is talking about using ONE ps4 into the Geo. The thing i noticed is when the first platstaystion is started its more like it gets the open port and the other ps4 gets the moderated port so i think its something wierd but to be honest i would be just happy and cool with us staying in the geo filter..finding games dont getting kicked out.. anyway i will try it today.. i know i played today some matches and the last game was really destroying the connection like lagging like 3-5 seconds freezes and thinks like connection intteruption BUT the game didnt disconnect i whas like huh first time but i know thad i had only mine ps4 in filtering mode and 2nd ps4 whas in spectating mode now.. this happend the 3rd match so i geusse things are changing.. The thing is i dont see the second ps4 on the geo filter... so i cant whitelist it.. i can try put the sliders to 100%.. Going to try it out later see what happens..
  6. this happens me everytime... i cant use the geo filter... have like 10times deleted devices rebooted the router did factory reset.. using DHCP... but nope cant use the geo filter my brother has open nat i have moderate... and this peer is allways showing up is it me or he ? or what is it because its not working if 2 playstations are online...
  7. I have 2 ps4 if we jion same lobby and whant to start a game it doesn't connect "lobby not jionable".. If 1 ps4 usess the geo filter the other one cant jion a diffrent game.. "lobby not jionable" The picture is showing my brother ingame playing inside the raduis and when im in the lobby searching a game a server on the left appearce and i have "Lobby not jionable"...
  8. I need to get myself ready to work.. thnx allot for everything will check the chat if im on work so i can maby see if you can tell me more .. thanks!
  9. if you can tell me if its possible with this modem or not i believe u but if there is a way for me to do this i cannot thank u enough.. but if i need thad EMTA modem i will call tommorow to helpdesk an ask .. i know you can open ports on this modem you can put some dmz thing in it and enable upnp but thads all..
  10. i have checked my router its from Telenet in belguim on the forum they say the modem does not support "bridge mode" or "modem only".. if i whant thad i need to get something like a EMTA modem and thads like 170€ and instalation price..😅😭
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