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  1. I've got a strange issue with my wifi on right now. yesterday it dropped everything offline and every device says "obtaining Ip-adress" and keeps looping that. The network is visible and joinable, but doesnt do anything further. All wired connections work fine, including my other router I use to make a guest wifi. the R1 is connected straight to a fiber modem, I've got a few devices wired to it and stuff like tablets and phones on the wifi. When I look at the device manager, It shows everything offline and random devices pop up to the 2.4ghz for a few seconds then offline again. would you like to take a closer look, or should I just reboot and fiddle around?
  2. would also be awesome to control my UPS with it, so I could reboot all of my network devices with my router
  3. just wanted to point out that there are also people like me out there who really don't care about wifi. I would rather have a beefier router than any kind of builtin wifi. I actually hope that sometime in the future when the R2 comes out netduma would let people setup their own wifi
  4. OMG, that would make a badass pokemon! Archer, radiowave type, when pushed too hard it floods all connections... Dumamon I choose you!!!
  5. incase you need to test something unusual. I live in Finland and I've got Freedome by F-secure. Never tried it on my R1
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