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  1. @Netduma Admin: I need to come back to this topic, cause we have discovered that this spot in the USA is responsible to find opponents in a co-op game. So actually it must be a server but it is shown on the geo filter as connection type „peer“. If you want to play co-op it needs to be included in the circle cause strict mode is just working for servers. Is there any chance the your software is changing the connection type to server? Also the location could be shown wrong because I have a ping of 10ms to it from Germany.
  2. Don’t take this dslreport page for serious. The same happens to me even before the update. This page is just not working anymore. Only trust Pingplotter or the ingame Ping at the Geo Filter.
  3. I had this problem already before I bought the R1. I don’t want to bother you guys with questions not concerning your product but thought maybe you have an idea.
  4. @Netduma Admin Do you have any idea why those connection losses happen several times a day? It’s no R1 problem but very annoying when happening during a game. Maybe a line interruption for a part of a second? Must be a very short moment because you don’t realize while using the internet on the iPhone or IPad or computer.
  5. ¿Cuántos jugadores hay en Colombia? Mi círculo tiene un máximo de 800 km, pero probablemente Alemania sea más pequeña que tu país.
  6. Anyone an idea what Kind of host that could be? It shows up everytime you start the game. Domainname is eusercontent.com. This is a Website where you can purchase domain names for thousands of dollars. Does this make any sense or is it just advertisement?
  7. Yes IPhone would need an app cause with this surface it is too small anyway to change any settings. On the other hand with Iphone and IPad it’s more comfortable to check for example the Ping to the opponent (to prepare your self mentally to the expected quality of game play; at PES you really feel the difference if it is a ping between 5-25ms, 25-40ms or one above regarding smoothness; so I cant agree the sentence at the help description at Auto ping saying a ping up to 100ms in general is fine; with your excellent tool „lag free“ was yesterday, now it’s time go the the best possible quality and all about 50ms is not playable) sitting infront of the PS4 with the big laptop. But this is a really luxury problem at the moment ;-)...
  8. After rotating it’s the same. It’s in every category the same. You scroll down and then the red background stops. On the IPhone it’s also like this.
  9. I just discovered that there is a small issue on the IPad. The red background stops after one screen size. Maybe this could be improved.
  10. My congratulations. I experienced DumaOS already some days on the XR500 but decided to go for the R1 because of the neutral design. It have been some tough days to play PES during the last weeks but today with the open beta it was almost perfect. Played online opponents with a ingame ping of 9ms. Cant remember that had this before. Even discovered a Pro Evolution Profile. For now all I can say: Keep up your great work and many thanks for this wonderful tool.
  11. Solved it. Reduced the quality of Netflix and there it is: A stable ping graph 🙂
  12. I know now where the peaks come from. The highest ones are created by Netflix/Amazon Prime on the 4K TV. Smaller ones are created by Netflix/Amazon Prime on the IPad. Those devices are connected by wifi. @Netduma Admin: Do you have any advice on it apart from turning them offline?
  13. Thanks again. 1) My Router is a Fritzbox 7430. I ordered a newer one just incase it’s too old. 2) I tested it wired but connected to a powerline because it’s not possible to put the cable directly into the R1 on the ground floor. 3) There are so many other advices in this house which could get suddenly online. 3 IPads, 2 Xboxes, Iphones, Television with Internet. So yes, most likely somebody was watching YouTube or Netflix. But no execessive downloading.
  14. @Netduma Admin I always thought the geo filter shows the Ping of my opponent. So it’s actually showing mine? If it is like you say, then I could test my ping towards a friend in the geo-filter and see if it changes e.g. using the congestion caps or other settings? Ping during an online game: Ping without playing: Is there something to read out of it?
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