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  1. I tried that and it doesn’t always work. Sometimes it works with one try and other times it works with multiple tries but it usually leads to the same scenario. Randomly, the router will just stop working and I have to do it all over again.
  2. I have Spectrum and according them I don’t. It should be as simple as plug and play as were all my previous routers.
  3. From my personal experience I wasn’t able to set it up without an internet connection. In fact, one of the steps for setup was detecting an internet connection and if couldn’t establish one, you could not proceed.
  4. Is there any exception to your return policy. I know its from 14 days of arrival but half of that time was used on our older router and conveniently enough towards the end of it is when this router started having problems. Very disappointed in the results.
  5. No solution yet. Internet stared randomly working and now the same thing happened again. This is the 2nd time in 3 days that this has happened and is no one has internet access which is needed working from home.
  6. I get an error that says it cannot detect an internet connection. Offers me to retry.
  7. Already tried this and now I can’t even setup the router since I can’t detect internet.
  8. Hello all, I have no idea what’s going on with my router but randomly today it just decided to not work. I direct connected my desktop to my modem to see if it was a problem with my ISP but internet works just fine when direct connected. Since I narrowed it down to my router, I’ve tried everything and even rebooted twice and still nothing. Router turns on, devices are able to find it (my desktop is connected to my router directly), and absolutely nothing. Any help or ideas? There seems to be more issues related to his router that what I anticipated (AdBlock not working per device, randomly losing connection, randomly unable to access router, etc) and this promise of a new firmware since launch has yet to arrive. Hoping this wasn’t a big waste of money and time. thanks in advance if any help comes. edit: error I’m getting on the router is that is supposedly “DNS server” related but I’ve already tried changing DNS servers and even opted for the option of upstream DNS and still nothing. And like mentioned prior, I can direct connected to modem just fine, just having issues with router.
  9. Is there anyway for us to sign up for an email so we get notified when it does release?
  10. So we do not have access to this build then correct?
  11. Hello, currently running 3.0.123 which is the most current firmware and still having the same issue. I can only disable adblock on devices when I designate a timeframe instead of being able to completely disable on devices. Has this firmware been pushed out yet?
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