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  1. @bowser914 In the mean time check this post out with related wifi issues
  2. Thats strange, @Netduma Fraser hey Fraser can you help out?
  3. Okay... I would say report your issue here, you would get help there.
  4. Have you done a factory reset? Its kinda recommended todo factory reset after an update, I would say try that then give us your feedback.
  5. So I factory reset mt BT router and netduma router, used my normal settings, Now been connecting to dedicated servers all night not sure what has changed.
  6. Well Its just my PS4 connected to R2 other devices such has laptop mostly mobile phones are connected via wifi.
  7. Okay I need just about 5 volunteers to test this on there netduma R2, others are welcomed to try if you want. Give feedback don't hold back on your experience. I turned off everything on Router so no Geo filter setup; QOS also disable UPnP just out of curiosity, my hit detection improved game felt much more smoother than before. Can you guys try this out both on multiplayer and warzone and give me your feedback. At first thought it was random but it worked well for me, I'm baffled why could this be so?
  8. I mean when I join friends there pop up has host on the world map, granted they are on allow list. I guess joining a party outside of my radius disables/ignores my current setup but thanks for explaining.
  9. I have been meaning to ask this but I keep forgetting, here goes... I have made changes, optimized my settings etc. When joining a party or friend to play on Warzone for an example which they are located outside of my radius they been the host, does my current change or remain the same? I know for sure If I'm the host, they join me my current settings remains e.g Radius search, ping assist etc. But would like to know if this changes if I join someone else outside of my radius.
  10. Had no idea there was a new update, just seeing this now. Will update and report back.
  11. is SMBB is no ones friend, instant melt can mean many things could be your internet is poor, latency issues, interference of such kind, bad host or connected to shady server or you suck at the game or even the game is BROKEN!!!!. SBMM plays mind games with you, it will either throw in a bot lobby or sweaty as fuck lobby. From experience after 5 to 6 games you having 2 to 5k/d or higher the game throws me into sweaty as fuck lobby, second scenario the game throws me into a bot lobby but my aim is off; random shit happens and I die. I have sat in a corner before waited for a bot player past and I shot at this guy point black with a shotgun 5 times, guess what? He turned round shot at me twice and I died, watching the kill cam from the shock he emptied a whole slip into me I saw my self just standing still in the kill cam. All I will suggest is switch to Moderate nat type, see if it makes a difference if the game throws you into a sweaty lobby or with bots and you still not having a good game. Restart your console or close the game app wait 1 or 2 then try again. Now a days I dont try hard anymore unless I'm called out in a lobby then I go ham. When I have 3 to 4 good games, I chill and go easy to avoid been capped by SBMM its crazy but sadly its the truth everyone on here has their experience of this mess.
  12. If you going for open nat type you can get information here http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000076587-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-nat
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