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  1. Played 4 games; backed out to PS menu and deleted the game...not ready to raise my blood pressure again for another one year, I'm skipping this years cod maybe the franchise in general because cold war is COPY AND PASTE OF MODERNWARE just reskinned.
  2. I'm still experiencing this issue too, no matter how many chat servers I add. Every time its a different chat server, I cant keep adding and adding etc. Well add the chat server but most times I just turn off Filtering mode, once I hear my mates I turn it ON not a fix but a work around for now at times you might have to leave the party and join again.
  3. Yes I believe he is, I had it in mind but I keep forgetting to ask for more profiles added. It takes a while to find lobby's on street fighter v
  4. Have you tried this before and was it better?
  5. I'm located close the the heart of London city, it deosn'tget better than this if you in London. 7 out 10 games I'm on Dedicated server, so I know what am talking about. I have used netduma router and without it direct to my ISP . Drove down to my girls place 😂 same thing drove to my parents and her parents place just to test if any difference nope same results. At this point I have given up on MW cant wait for the next cod. Like I said I enjoy it when I'm doing well, once I get into a lobby and I have bad luck I just turn it off.
  6. Nope not my ISP either I been back and forth with my provider, got engineers todo a line test which was fine, I took it a step further upgraded my BT package from broadband to fibre optic (Halo 2) which is currently their fastest has we speak. I got Virgin Internet which I tried also same bullsh&t. I have not left any stone unturned I made it personal to find the root of this issue , this is not just me I play with friends both here in England, Nigeria, USA etc they all experience the same.
  7. Was using Benq 4K 28 inching gaming monitor 1ms 60Hz beautiful beast of a monitor- cant fault it! https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=BenQ+EL2870U+28+Inch+UHD+4K+1+ms+HDR+Eye-Care+LED+Gaming+Monitor%2C+Free-Sync%2C+B.I.+Plus+Sensor%2C+HDMI%2C+Display+Port%2C+Speaker+-+Metallic+Grey&i=computers&ref=nb_sb_noss Then switched to Asus VG245H 1ms 75HZ with all the goodies for tech specs here is the link https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-90LM02V0-B02370-24-inch-Monitor-FreeSync/dp/B01I1RET3M/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=asus+24+75hz&qid=1597342482&s=computers&sr=1-1 Fantastic monitor .....will highly recommend to anyone in a heart beat, which has greatly increase my response time I move quicker, I feel like am 3 steps ahead of my opponents but still come across random bullsh*^te on MW both multiplayer & Warzone Dude I have spent alot on setups, changes, etc It changed nothing. Its the game! Its the way it was designed. My last result was Netduma, whic is fantastic piece of hardware even that could solve the none sense this game does, cant fault netduma routers for this. If you want to talk Audio device I bought Astros a40 bla bla dont want to get into specifics but yeah I have done everything! Other FPS I dominate but on MW after about 4-5 games of topping the lobby the 6th the game does random crazy things hit registration is off, shot first die first mehn I just switch off the game at this point lol
  8. from experience, if you shoot first and die first. You watch the kill cam notice from the enemies view he see's you first...this means two things my friend. 1. You playing on a shit cod server - sorry that but its TRUE or 2. Your Internet Connection/Setup is crap! Look close at the first gun fight, on your screen you have gone round the corner passed the grass or bush then you see him afterwards but on the his coming he see's you just approaching the flowers/Steps. Its hard to see but watching closely over and over, he saw you first on his screen whereas on your screen you already gone past the flower steps then you see him running round the pillar /wall. I wish I had a software to slow the video down and outline to compare his screen and yours.
  9. Dude even with this which I have tried. I still get destroyed now and then. I play when I have good days but when I notice my shots are off or I die first when I obviously landed all my shots first, I just turn the game off period. Its the way the game was designed, use the same settings on other cods going back to AW, IW,B01,B02,B03,WW2 & B04 I destroyed opponents and top the team lobby boards except I come across more skilled players than myself and even at that I still have a dog gun fight (trade bullets with an opponent )not just drop and die instantly.
  10. hahaha I actually sat down and read it all....lol...If only this guy was writer or journalist, he would receive multiple awards the details. I'm glad his enjoying netduma again.
  11. If only this guy was writer or journalist, he would receive multiple awards the details is just too impeccable to ignore.
  12. Not this post again lol.....I saw a tweet from him praising 3.0 update the other day on twitter, I'm sure his good probably just frustrated at the time of making this post.
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