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  1. What settings you using on netduma?
  2. The down side to this for me anyway , is that I cant stream to twitch of my ps4 like I normally due to the upload mb
  3. Restarted my router and I have been connecting to dedicated server more now hit detection is really great!
  4. The second rule doesn't seem to work, playing Ps4 Bo4-Blackout any advice. And Some times DumaOS classified games enables it self even when turned offS Classified Games
  5. On Warzone & Multiplayer I'm always connected to peers not dedi servers but B04 I'm connected to servers 90% of the time the hit detection is still good either.
  6. Is there a reason why we should disable them?
  7. I tried your settings again seems to be working well on BO4, will try on MW.
  8. The settings are good but after trying this again during the week it felt like it didnt work has it should. No matter what I do the good settings doesn't stay consistent. One day it works and the next it doesn't has anyone experienced this?
  9. I'm going to use exact settings and let you know over the weekend.
  10. I will always say it, its the game not netduma has long as your ping is average you good. Its
  11. I would say go for it, its the next update anyways. You have nothing to loose, the upgrade was great experience more features etc
  12. Yes was great, much better experience but the downside since I got my pc connected to netduma I cant stream or watch movies it buffers on PC. So I have reverted back to my normal settings unless there is a way to balance both my PS4 and PC using this method.
  13. begin here https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/ has for what router to use as main router I would go with Asus Router then netduma I would say let the experts answer that for you here.
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