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  1. Played well doesn't mean I won every game I played or I was invincible no! I said "it felt great", great in sense the game was much more stable in performance. hit registration was way better than before more consistent this time around, no random unexplained bullsh... Not getting annoying packet burst icon pop on my screen like I normally do, majority of my game search where more around 20 to 35 ping lobbies unlike before starts at 30 then jumps to 70 before it finds a game. I mean it's clear there was a difference with UPNP turned off, it felt much better for me anyway. I surely hope it stays this way, for once I didn't rage playing warzone lol.
  2. Okay...I had the UPNP off played a couple of games and it felt great. I would leave this off till weekend and see if this changes.
  3. Well yeah pretty much everyone's setup, correct me if I'm wrong. So here my setup BT hub(ISP box) to Netduma(gaming router) then to ps5 and other WiFi devices. How is yours setup?
  4. I reserved Netduma IP address on my ISP router, then ps5 IP reserved on Netduma. This seemed to have helped with random loose of internet. I read and seen videos recommending turning UPNP off, which gives a better experience but I haven't. I mean it wouldn't hurt to turn it off for a few games, I give it a try.
  5. Follow the guide in here http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000076587-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-open-nat
  6. I mean it works but not consistent, plus I have noticed once you join a friend in a party all your netduma settings doesn't work or apply your solely at the mercy of your friend/party leader connection.
  7. Hey Fraser can you help when you can @Netduma Fraser
  8. Yeah the internet drop off issue its back again, I had this problem last year and suddenly it stopped but just now internet wasn't working. All led lights are lit up but no internet, restarted the router internet is back. Firmware version :R2 3.0.205 Logs attached log-1632129299530.txt
  9. Hey welcome to the forum, in the mean time. Disconnect the power cord from he router, wait 5 minutes then plug in the power cord and see what it works.
  10. watching yotubers playing Vanguard nothing has changed in terms of spawns etc its horrible definitely skipping this cod, skipped Cold War also going with battlefield
  11. I don't think its possible to play on the same server all the time, is that possible? Correct me if I'm wrong if there is a way that would be nice to know. Look its not just you this happens to me one days I'm cracking enemy armour twice as fast frying enemies squad wiping with ease dominating lobby I feel invincible on warzone. Other times it takes longer than normal to crack enemies armour or I shoot first break enemies armour but I get knocked down instead ,then watching the kill cam I see I landed all my shots but somehow the enemy survives with 1% health this annoys me. I think is more todo with the kind of lobby you are in or host you are peered with, once I play like two games and notice this I just back out to main screen and search for another game. No matter what tweaks you make, adjustments etc ultimately you are at the mercy of the game(Warzone Algorithm). Lets not forget about broken SBMM that doesn't really work, I believe Warzone is a broken game. If I jump into another BR for instance Blackout, Apex or play older cods multiplayer I dominate the lobby no issues but on warzone a difference experience.
  12. 750 seems to be sweet spot for me and wow the game plays different, its much smoothed movement and responsiveness. Hit reg is crazy good.
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