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  1. Did you restart both netduma, internet router and your PS4 after the changes give 2-3 minutes before loading PS4? Also try this out your location middle of the ocean and ping assist to 30, see how that goes play for 24hrs give me feedback
  2. I would advise you to work more on your geo filter and QoS
  3. What works for Wizrdburiagrnd might not for you, granted this games especially cod is broken, you have to experiment and run test continuously until you find your sweet spot and improve on that
  4. What's an IP modem? How do I set this up? I leave alone so I can experiment this setup, cheers.
  5. @East thats good news, I'm not a tech guy like you but what does this traffic prioritization actually mean and do? I'm getting a copy of MW today give it another shot first experience was very bad hopefully this gives me an edge.
  6. Hey like I said TCP okay at the time it felt better than my current setup before using yours on here, TCP and UDP didn't noticed a thing or difference felt like I didnt use Traffic Prioritization at all like it was OFF. Then UDP only: #Find Lobby's with in seconds of search both Multiplayer and Blackout #Start game with team mates, not the last person to load into the lobby while count down starts, even if I back out of a lobby and join another I'm not randomly thrown into another lobby where people have abandoned halfway to the end or about to end. #On blackout Alcatraz I'm most times the first 1 or 5th person to land before others depending on how close the game spawns me to the closet building 90% I'm 1 or 2nd among my team mates, I know this because I can tell when my team mate land or an enemy near by. #on Multiplayer and Blackout I dont miss a shot anymore, I use to spray and pray hoping first few shot I miss and the rest I hit my target. But now all my shots I land hit there target , Its more precise that's the only I can explain it. Movement is way quicker I'm one step ahead of my opponent unless they know I'm round the corner and even at that I still get a drop on them if Im really quick. No more shoot first and die first BS which I'm so happy about, now I think I would give Modern warfare try. At least now I know for sure I hit my targets! You can see all this in action in the videos I posted above heck Iat times I cant keep up with the pace of my character. I just hope other people get this working for them.
  7. Yeah all thanks to you, Just look at the second guy I turned on LOL its like I ran on the wall like Neo in Matrix movie 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Update: So I have tried TCP which at first was good then tried UDP & TCP made no difference, thentl UDP only boy oh boy......the difference is clear my gamplay smooth and much more better. Servers and peers I connected to ping where between 5 to 8ms, in game ping was between 18 to 23 steady. I would say to anyone else who wants to try this out and ain't getting results, I would suggest trying UDP only. @East Thanks for sharing this.
  9. To be honest the difference ins't massive but definitely difference from my normal settings. Same has OP instructed. Any ports forwarded, upnp on or off? No Any DMZ for console Yes Bufferbloat sliders enabled? make it 100% and select Never QoS enabled in bufferbloat section? Excess bandwith enabled/disabled? Unchecked Down/Up speed in MB reserved for gaming device in bandwidth flower? left mine has default. since I dont have much devices on it. Priority rules created and port no.s? TCP, UDP or both? I used both noticed no difference then used both worked for me, yet to try UDP only DumaOS classified games enabled/disabled? Disabled Im try gonna tweak other settings and see how things go.....
  10. Nah it doesn't, it with antirecoil, turn semi auto to full auto etc I read this online
  11. How is that enjoyable ??? I get bored in two games
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