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  1. Goto Geo-filter Screen and select profiles.There is a profile for call of duty, that's what I use.
  2. Here is one ID 8a232af5c029a2a7 Domain Name stn.ww.np.cy.s0.playstation.net. ID703626f1d30f8f94 Domain Namestn.ww.np.cy.s0.playstation.net. ID9023430ec02f9da2 Domain Namestn.ww.np.cy.s0.playstation.net Like I said each time I join back out of the party, rejoin again I get a new Server and ID so its endless for me for some strange reason
  3. So what I have done so far;- Turned Off PS4, Removed it from Device in Geo-Filter and then Flush Cloud waited for 5 minutes then tried again. That did not work, if I do switch from Filtering mode to Spectating mode I can hear friends in party chat either my ps4 has been added to device option or not. I went ahead with Factory Reset, Flush Cloud then added my ps4 to devices still did not work. I did the unthinkable re-installed/Flashed the firmware again twice lol....followed the steps above that still did not work. So I'm 100% sure its not from my end, I will take a note of the ID's but the funny thing is each time I restart my ps4 create a party a different server comes up even if I have white listed a previous server.
  4. I did exactly has you said still the same issue, nothing has changed. I actually factory reset it hoping that will help but no. Is anyone else gotten their to work?
  5. Yes resrated both ps4 and router still the same haven't been fixed for me, unless I missed a step other than clicking on flush could button?
  6. Its the same issue, I clicked on Flush Cloud still the same problem with chat
  7. I keep getting this error, I dont if Flush Cloud worked or not?
  8. I do find games thou no issues finding games, I read on the knowledge base. I could center my location in the ocean use the smallest radius and set ping to 30m is this best practice to get stable gameplay? also if I do choose to place my home location marker in USA for an example does that mean I play on USA servers?( Never tried this just curious) Thanks
  9. Hey Everyone, I stopped gaming for a while due to working hours plus I just moved into a new home. Now I need assistance on setting up my R1 Router, just want to make sure I have got the basics out of the way. My current setup Home Location: London Filter Mode:ON Geo Filter :ON Distance 1000km Ping Assist: 0 Fast search: OFF QOS 70/70 This currently what I use, is this the best optimal settings for Call of duty Blackops 4? I mostly play FPS games/competitive games and last what are my chances of connecting Dedicated servers rather than Host?
  10. Super thats means we can delete the servers then ?
  11. Yes same with me, will there be an official announcement once this is done? Just to let us know, I could clear the list of servers I have had to add over the days.
  12. Will there be an official announcement on the forum when its fixed? To chat with friends I have to keeo adding amazon and sony servers everytime I reboot my ps4
  13. Yeah Had the issue did a quick search led me here, added that server that fixed the chat issue. Would there be an update from Netduma when this fixed?
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