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  1. Did you restart your console after making changes? Power down your console wait 3 minutes and boot it up.
  2. Oh I see I was just curious it change suddenly, many thanks.
  3. But it was never this way, europe was always my authentication server since day of using netduma. If thats the case how do I change to back to europe please
  4. Yes its on PC, so basically on connecting to server(B04 loading screen I get theat server with solid ring around it), then I get mostly host around me when when its a server its the Texas server
  5. I did not white list it even if I did by chance I factory reset it. No server or host on allow or deny list, as you can see on the screen shot. I can't view the domain because each time I ping it it just spins forever
  6. Call of duty Blackops 4 on PS4, it has a solid circle and I noticed I dont get the authentication server in Ireland anymore like I normally do. So basically when I boot up the game at the start menu that says connecting, normally I see the server in ireland which is normal but not its the same server in the states and I cant ban it.
  7. For the past 5 days have been connecting to servers in the states. I have double checked my settings my home location is UK/London, but connect to server in the states. Please how do I fix this? I have flushed cloud multiple times even factory reset my netduma but still the same at this point it's frustrating has I'm not getting good games anymore. Console PS4
  8. This been happening to me too last 3 days always connecting me to USA servers whereas I;m based in the UK. Have double checked my settings but still does this
  9. Its printer with usb and wifi feature I mainly use WIFI, normally I turn on the wifi on the printer and on the bt router I turn on the WPA it button then on winodws it installs. I'm not quite sure how to go about it on the netduma, the printer brand is Canon MG3200 Series Printer
  10. Interesting the data centre is that the same has authentication server? I see a circled server every time I load a cod game located on Ireland on the geo map
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