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  1. I don't think we will ever stop getting such questions, a lot of youtubers mislead people to buy router just to find easy lobbies lol
  2. I think the other guy was kinda cheating he bunny twice and straight into a drop shot, which was so fast I didn't see him bend crouch animation. But yeah you missed alot shots when he dropped shot you. why did you leave the head glitch and yourself exposed? You had the upper hand there until you came out behind the crates.
  3. I have had this issue for years, am afraid there is not permanent fix for this. The walk around that works for me is to disable/turn off filtering mode then turn it on when I can hear everyone in the party. Not the best or is it practical on a long run, but it works all suggestion suggested none has worked for me.
  4. Hello Brockers, You can begin herehttps://www.dropbox.com/s/apu6q9ll5m18u83/R2_V3_User_Manual_CMYK.pdf?dl=0
  5. Please quote the person or post a link to where this was said, that would be interesting to know. Look its common sense, look at it this way. The game has been out for just over a year. You cant find a level 1 account or a lobby full of unexperienced players, if you want to really goof around like you mentioned then play Plunder mode.
  6. I'm sorry buying Netduma router doesn't get you into easy lobbies, nothing out there does. Warzone/Multiplayer is skill based game most BR games anyway, look this up on YouTube tons of videos explaining SBMM. Basically the game with match you with other players with similar skill level has you, you could try reverse booting but it wouldn't last. But what I have noticed is in every 5 - 7 sweaty games I play, I'm thrown into an easy lobby basically low level skilled players. Youtubers to meet sweaty try hards but they play all day 8-12hrs, once they get into a easy lobby they dominate and of cause its the best gameplay they upload not their bad games. I would say keep at it, get better over time you get wins more easily provided you don't come across a players that cheat/hacking. Second option is to join someone with a low k/d this helps with getting into low level players. Third other option is to play other BR games that dont require you to sweat your ball sack just to have a good game. Finally try this out on your router to have a better game experience, its worth the try.
  7. I dont take note of ping to be honest, most times I play on USA lobbies when UK lobbies are sweaty most times ping is over 200 but doesnt affect me in terms of lag which I find strange.
  8. No I dont use VPN, placed my home location pointer on south africa took me about 5 to 7mins to find a lobby other times its longer.
  9. Well been playing on Open Nat type for years on all cods, its not a guarantee to have a perfect game. I have had good games also my fare share of laggy lobbies depending on the host to very bad game. But I can say 70% of the time I have a good game but when it comes to MW 2019 its a different matter. Where do I start? The game is broken! Too many bugs not fixed for instance, I have noticed certain operators/skins my bullets dont register on them. At worst I get hit markers on them. Call me crazy but also my mates I play with regularly confirmed it too. I noticed Rose skin is one, the other operator with a gold mask is another I cant remember the operator name but any time I come across them its a 50/50 chance I win the gun fight even if I land my first few shots. I break there body armor and I get knocked down, no am not lagging or missing my shots. Another thing is the weapon balancing is a joke on mw warzone, a weapon that works fine today suddenly stop working. Worst part is they keep making meta weapons to powerful that other guns in that category or other class render them useless! Not to talk of paid to win guns that no one stands a chance against. On top all these mess devs of the game are yet to fix, now throw in SBMM in the mix which favors low skilled players against higher skilled players. Which I understand I understand to give players an even playing field, this does not work has it should. I don't understand why if I come across a low skilled player in my lobby they give them the upper hand making me loose the gun fight by default, it doesn't make sense. I look up there names check their stats, this players are nothing to right home about compared to my stats they shouldn't be in my lobby in the first place if SBMM actually works. So yes no matter the tweaks done on gaming router it would not permanently fix the problems you face on MW'19. Oh almost forgot, hackers/cheaters on warzone. I dont need to say much about this, there are tons of videos out there exposing hackers on warzone on what they do to win. I mean the integrity of the game itself is rotten to the core, dev's are doing nothing about it. Is it even worth the hassle of finding settings that works for you then SBMM or a hacker destroys you? After experiencing all that I have mentioned, these days I just play to while away time not to win. This is just my personal observation, what I have experienced. I have had issues with this game since season 1, but I'm willing to switch to Moderate NAT Type and share my findings.
  10. I would say read through the links, do what people have suggested and ask questions. You might not need for your set just maybe you have a better experience out the box but all the same it doesn't hurt to give it a try. Bare in mind its not Gaming router, its more of the game in question/Servers etc not to mention SBMM etc thrown into the mix of things.
  11. Yes you are correct, they do. I have tested with the first rule worked great. I was meant to turn that off and used the rest, but hey it still worked and game experience itls great besides it would hurt to all them all there haha.
  12. Thanks for sharing your experience and neatly posting the links, I did try them months back but once there is a major update on COD everything falls apart then tweaking starts all over again just to have a decent game. The ports I found on here https://forum.netduma.com/topic/32923-traffic-prortization-please-read/ seem to work really good, my game is much better and I shred faster now. More confident of my gun fights, atleast for now I know when lose a gun fight its either I was caught unware or the opponent is much skilled player. If I may add I'm on PS4 Pro, every now and then I boot into safe mode and do a Rebuild Database.(You don't loose your game/game saves) This cleans up/ defragment hard drive, also I disconnect the network cable for about a 1min and boot the game up. I noticed this helps in terms of performance.
  13. I would say do a factory reset, then repeat what Netduma_fraser suggested surely you should noticed a difference.
  14. I would suggest factory reset on your router and follow through the guide on here Its worth noting, each time you change location or make changes you will need to wait atleast two minutes or restart your console.
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