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  1. Hi, has anyone been getting Connection interrupted error message on BO4? I have been getting this message all day suddenly, I have restarted mt BT internet and netduma. I have disconnected the netduma and connected PS4 to bthub still the same result. Just wanted to know if its the game itself from Treyarch, anyone experiencing this?
  2. Great gameplay now lets see you do this in CORE ....
  3. Here is a short clip of my game-play, I'm currently grinding for Dark Matter but I was like 2 steps ahead of my enemies was kind of funny because at some point the opposing team got frustrated and all attention me enjoy the gameplay.
  4. Thanks for the help, using the old firmware works much better for me. I had issues with DumaOS, such as I shoot first and die first, randomly get destroyed on cod bo4 I be like what just happened moment that are unexplainable. Reverting back to the old firmware works for me. My hit detection/ hit marker is always on point. I will certainly upgrade in future but I'm good.
  5. My broadband provider (BT) is Download Speed 61.84mbps and upload 13.51mbps but when connected to my Netduma R1 then ran the speed test I get 37.04mbps download and upload 9.25 thats like half the speed. How do I configure the Netduma to get the full speed? Thanks
  6. Here is what I do... If the enemy is on the move then you lead your shot, if they standing still i.e looting, crouching not moving then aim on them directly. As for the hit makers I do get hit markers on body armour but not on the head.
  7. I just watched your clip, dude seriously this has nothing Todo with lag. Do you even use the mini map at all to spot enemies? This is what I can say about this clip.... 1. Your map awareness is ZERO, you have no map awareness of where enemies are on the map. Enemy UAV was announced normally I stay back , keep out of the open or play smart obviously you and your team mates are going to be pinged on the mini map( shown on enemy radar has big red dots). Instead you kept running in the open. Twice there was enemy Hell storm you still kept running in the open, jeeez who does that 😂😂😂 unless you have a death wish lol 2. Your reaction time is waaaaay to slow for your play style, I mean running around the map with no strategy or awareness. 3. You get destroyed because : You see the enemy first but they gun you down first because they know you there also your reaction is slow plus I noticed you didn't heal after a gun fight you won. You rushed into another gunfight with 50% health no way on earth especially on bo4 you gonna win the next gun fight. No offence im not bashing you but these are the things off the bat I saw watching your video, I'm afraid it has nothing todo with lag. NetdumaOS isn't going to make you a better player. This are just basic fundamentals any cod fan boy knows, just play better that's all.
  8. Sooooo? Cancel search when I see "expanding search"? I honestly don't see that useful, canceling the search alone is hard at that split second the game is about to load besides the menu is laggy has hell you might crash the game or never find a lobby that what happened to be on time. I had to restart the game application to find a lobby.
  9. It was 4am in the morning was tired that was my 10th game in a row I was relaxed on the second clip. Just giving my team cover like a real sniper should do lol, Paladin sniper isn't my togo sniper I love the outlaw My reaction is way faster.
  10. I have downgraded from Netduma OS beta to the original firmware, boy oh boy the difference is clear. NetdumaOS is great especially for the new features, but on the original firmware everything works spot on BO4. I can easily tell if I missed a shot or was a hit, my aim are more precise and snap on to my target better. Still using the same settings I was advised to use. I'm not saying NetdumaOS isn't good but for me the old OS works better for me, I uploaded part of my game play short clips watch and see what I mean. Second clip
  11. To be honest using DumaOS on BO4 hasn't been a good experience in general for most people including myself, it's like a hit or miss situation. Playing other cod games IW,WW3, BO3 etc I melt opponents in lobbies be it connected to Peer or Dedicated server. I didn't even know much about peer or Dedi back then, until I started playing BO4 with alot of inconsistency. Been melted in lobbies bullets not registering, lag at times. Some days are good while some is just to bad, watching killcam on bo4 I be like wtf was that. Anyways reducing my radius and moving home location to the ocean, using ping assist with fast search off did the job for me it's been much better but not great to be honest like on older cod games. I don't know much about tech stuff like ping latency etc that happens in the background but I believe BO4 in general is just broken, yes it's a broken game in terms of connectivity issues compared to other cods. For some gamers it works to there advantage while some like myself suffer for it. It's not the fault of netdumaR1 I believe it's just the game. I'm going to downgrade OS, see if there is a difference in experience on BO4 on Netduma R1. Is there settings anyone will recommend to use on the old R1 software version?
  12. Those are great motherboard makers I personally own AsRock Mobo.
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