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  1. Xbox live seems to work thanks Fraser yea it shows both now. I'm playing fortnite with my bro I play on PC he plays on PS4. Just trying some tests that's all they both seem to show now thanks Fraser I appreciate your timely response
  2. Hi can anyone refresh me how to see all the hosts on my OG R1 geofilter page. So I have 1 PS4 and 1 PC both running at the same time. How do I get to see the hosts for both. Does it both automatically show (red circle for PS4 and green for PC) or is there a way to switch between maps for either PC or PS4 coz atm I can only see my PS4 hosts. Also I've got PC set as console as well so it should show some hosts right? (But I don't see any green circles anywhere)
  3. Just to clarify - the updated quick form doesn't include 'Your own Location' Does it mean I have to use the older form version to send a more accurate report? Also I'm in Sydney Australia but yea geofilter doesn't load me in lobby for Apex Legends when I try to use it don't understand why. Also just want to put it out there. I feel like OG R1 have different geo filter than DumaOS r1. I have two R1s and I've got both on spectate mode (OG R1 just disabled) but I'm seeing different locations on my server pings. When playing Apex Legends. I'll provide some screenshots when I get back home tonight from work
  4. Same I get booted out from lobby Aus server geo filter doesnt work
  5. Having the same issue as you. I don't use the Geo filter on apex and it plays better for me
  6. I tried dumaOS on xr500. And I sold that Netgear. I'm using r1 dumaos atm. It plays better for me. Netgear quarterly updates takes way too long. xr300 is just an r7000 with dumaOS in it. This release is pretty cringe. They selling outdated hardware. It's not an upgrade on anything really.
  7. @Seye How is it working for you? I'm interested in any updates from you bro
  8. Yea bro. If I'm going to be honest. Pre emptive is better in gaming for me. Hit reg is better. Just my two cents. But Duma OS is more consistent good games. But hitreg isn't as snappy like pre emptive. With pre emptive, games are either really good. Or I could be the one in the receiving end ' one second behind ' but hitreg is still amazing
  9. That jitter could be an ISP problem. It's minimal. But jeesh I'd hate to game on that line. @LegendMask when you were on OG netduma r1 preemptive. Did you have similar pingplotter results
  10. Yes even fortnite. Who even wrote that game should be in prison
  11. have a look at cat 7 too. might be overkill for gaming but cant hurt if you want the best rig
  12. I respect this. Thanks for sharing. I found 98%/98% works for my 50 down/20 up. great hit detection and eliminates that first shoot die first. and all other settings is this same as what yours except mine is on 'Always' for qos
  13. thanks for the reply fraser. yes but I'm not really comparing the r1 and xr500 at this point. im comparing that original r1 gave us more option to be able to tweak what works for our own connection having the option to disable dpi. and other features. But i get your perspective though. but I wasnt bashin dumaOS at all. just saying if we could get that full control over our router like the original r1 did will benefit everyone.
  14. Hi Team, Is there a way to disable deep packet inspection on DumaOS on R1 or xr500? I feel that it's a massive part on my gameplay on PS4 console. I dont really need it when playing console right? Are you guys going to add this option in the future? I do believe that dpi plays a major role for dumaos to pick up and sort what incoming packets are coming in. but tbh i dont really need all those system info of packet monitoring etc etc. I need a simple consistent gameplay that can compete against other tryhards. I feel like dpi just adds that little extra unecessary processing of data that actually makes a difference of kill or be killed. idk what it is. on PC is ok because servers run on higher tickrates. But I'm on a console. stuck on a 60hz tickrate. Would be nice to have the option to disable any extra heavy processing from R1. PS. I got DumaOS on r1 and xr500. both play about the same. original r1 firmware still more dominant in my experience. because I can tweak against lag comp. just my two cents
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