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  1. I’ve noticed an uptick in “wtf” deaths since the last update. As someone else mentioned, with those pings it would seem your router is doing its job. Can’t fix a broken game though
  2. Probably mislocated hosts, cloud update coming soon. What are your ping times when you get connected to these hosts?
  3. Hey all, only been using the XR500 for a week or so now, but I find I typically turn off geofiltering and QOS after I’m done gaming. I know that it’s not entirely necessary as there is the option for “when high priority traffic detected”, but it makes me feel better knowing my gf won’t be slowed down if the Xbox is left on or something. would it be possible to have easily selectable profiles to make switching easier so you’re not having to turn on/off or change settings? Just one tab where you select a preset profile and it applies changes. additionally, a small thing, but it would be nice if there was a symbol key somewhere on or accessible from the geofilter page. Perhaps there is and I missed it.
  4. Have you tried increasing your search radius? Perhaps you have filtered out verification servers or something. I’m not sure the reasoning, but I struggle to find matches if my radius is under ~1300km, even though I’ll then match with players and hosts in my state. Hopefully that will be fixed with the upcoming cloud update but maybe give it a try?
  5. That is very frustrating, I’ve had my own separate issues that I just resolved. There are definitely still some issues on the games front regarding connectivity. Are you starting geofilter etc BEFORE logging on the game? Have you tried moving your geofilter to a different point? For example I’m in central Florida with a radius set to about 1300km but I’ve found if I put my location point in the ocean off the east coast somewhere around the Carolinas I have no issues finding games, whereas if it is centered on where I actually live, I have a lot of problems finding lobbies. Just something to try, I’m sure others will chime in! Good luck.
  6. Host type: Dedicated ID: 51684f1a05f0979c Domain: 104-156-240-26.choopa.net 32ms location in map: Miami Host type: dedicated ID: 5168491405f0979c domain: 104-156-240-20.choopa.net 26ms Location Miami I am in central Florida. Appear to be same server. To make this easier, am I able to copy and paste from the geofilter page?
  7. I’m not sure if it was IPv6 or upnp, but I haven’t had any issues since, I’m at work currently but was just able to remotely access the Philips hue. I’m back to enjoying using the xr500! Definitely looking forward to that cloud update though. I had seen some others having internet dropping issues as well perhaps something for those people to try again. Everything seems to be happy now. Thanks all.
  8. Well. So far so good! Perhaps there was a conflict from not having ipv6? I will refrain from saying problem solved for a couple days but I’m cautiously optimistic! Thanks
  9. When I first experienced the internet disconnection issue, I thought maybe it was an outage so I spent about a half hour with spectrum troubleshooting, there were no outages in my area (I dislike spectrum but their uptime is typically really good in my area). I think I’ve narrowed it down to an issue between my modem and the router. I just don’t know what the issue is. When I got home last night and began troubleshooting I found I had indeed turned off QOS and Geofiktering the night before after my gaming session, so that is not actively the issue. When I have the issue, I can remover the XR500, hook up my old linksys router and be back online in mins, so the modem seems to be functioning correctly. I dug into my settings a little deeper last night (I’m by no means a wiz when it comes to networking) and turned on IPv6 and turned off upnp. Following that I rebooted the router and still had the issues, so I rebooted my modem for the 2nd or so time and it finally reconnected. I am still at work currently and the gf is working late as well so I can’t report on the status currently but it was still connected this morning when I left the house. This is the most confusing part for me, now granted I’m taking this particular information from my gf who is most definitely not a technology person. The hue has never required me to reboot the hub following an outage, because it is hardwired it has always just.. worked. By the time I got home amazon echo was also not working, I performed the above to fix. I thought maybe it was a QOS issue throttling my other devices because the Xbox was technically on, but later found I had turned that off after gaming the night before. I’m interested to see if turning on ipv6 helps the situation (didn’t realize it didn’t default ON). Thanks for the responses so far will report back later!
  10. I just rebooted my modem for the 2nd or 3rd time and it has now reconnected to internet. It took a while though, I would get white led, then it would turn orange, now finally back to white. While exciting and I’m glad I can game tonight, it is most inconvenient. Any ideas what might be going on?
  11. I’m at my whits end here. I’ve had nothing but problems since I bought this thing(for almost $300!). The first issue that has plagued me was the internet disconnect happening once a day, conveniently while I was at work and couldn’t troubleshoot it for my gf. So I made sure I had the most current firmware and did a factory reset, after searching the forums for procedures that seemed to work for people. I thought that solved it, but according to my gf who is now helplessly at home while I work, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The issue today was that our amazon echo would tell the weather but not activate the Philips hue that is hardwired to the router. I thought it was maybe that the Xbox was in instant on so the router was throttling bandwidth from everything else. After I had her power off the Xbox and reset the router it’s now having the no internet issue again. W.t.f. This router replaces a 10 year old+ router that hadn’t been updated in years and it worked far more reliably than this! I’m obviously very frustrated, because when it works, I love it. But with my gf being home from work a solid 4 hours before me, and us going on vacation soon, relying on a pet cam and Philips hue, I’m not sure I can devote any more time to troubleshooting.. again! /rant any suggestions GREATLY appreciated!
  12. I connected to at least two different “peers” last night that were actually dedicated choopa.net servers. Granted I had to be in spectate mode to do so.
  13. Something in the new update is not playing well with dumaos. I was having a struggle fest last night, tried multiple different things, increasing my geo radius, decreasing it. Either way if I was able to get into a match at all it was awful peer hosts with 40+ms ping. Eventually I said ok maybe I just need to put on spectate and see what I pull naturally. With geo location set to Georgia (I’m in central Florida), and radius at about 1300km(see pic) I went to spectate mode, restarted game and the very first game I connected to a dedi and went 32-3 in a hardcore tdm. This did allow me to build my allow/deny list substantially so hopefully once the issue is fixed I’ll be golden, but once I went to spectate mode last night it was solid. Mostly dedicated server or low ping peer, sub 22ms.
  14. Host type: Peer ID: ba426b36df59252a Domain: 66-42-89-54.choopa.net ping: ~20ms My location: Central Florida Im a noob with this stuff, didn’t get the location but everything I seem to connect to from central Florida is “peer”. Even though I’ve connected to a couple different .choopas. This was found with my range set to about 1300km with geolocation set to Georgia on spectate mode. I was really struggling in filter mode and only connecting to 30-60ms peers. Once I turned off filter I started connecting to 18-21ms dedicated servers, but they all showed as peers. I’ll try and get the other one that I connected to but as I said I’m still getting a feel for all this.
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