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  1. on the Xbox speed test but on the PC speed test its what it be
  2. no i am not Modem > R1 > AP yes that is my set up
  3. all my computer and xbox are wired to the netduma but my wireless is through an AP
  4. i have my xbox wired to my r1 and my sliders set 60/60 and im still getting full download but the upload is fine i do have an AP does that matter
  5. i get open nat without vpn
  6. nord vpn is there a better one to use i am use vpn hybrid
  7. with dumaos I'm get double nat when useing vpn
  8. Kev


    I'm looking for a vpn for gaming and watching videos any ideas i was using nord but i don't if that's the one i should be using or if there's a better one
  9. any idea what i should set my anti bufferbloat sliders to i've tried 70/70 and doesn't seen to work for this what network generally looks like
  10. Kev

    ipv6 on xbox

    OK thanks for the info
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