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  1. Wasn’t there a beta sign up in a sub forum long ago? Now we have to sign up again? Well hope I’ll be able to join now ! Cause at the last time it was said that all from this post would be take into account when beta starts!
  2. Would like to participate also!!! Please put me on the list!
  3. Omg I would really like to know something... Why is it that fvcking COD wants us to do/tweak around with special router settings here and there and then again and so on??? Can someone explain this to me? Every other fvcking game works perfectly, but this POS Game it is always the same to get a little better experience! It is just horrible !!! And what annoys me the most is I know some friends do nothing about this... they just fvcking plug their consoles into their normal isp router and just play and don’t have any issues! How is this possible ?
  4. U know that Games like cod don’t use a lot of bandwidth, do you? It is more important to have a stable connection that sends out the packets fast and have a low ping!
  5. Hello I would like to know if there are any news regarding the cloud update ?!
  6. And that is what i dont understand that for some the netcode is better and for others is bad ... As is said I had a friend that had the same problems as you in Blops 3 but had a good time in IW. For me it was completely different, i had a nice time in Blops 3 and could not kill anyone in IW. Would like to know the reasons for this... Right at the moment i have again a bad time and i feel like i am behind nearly every enemy... Like i am a second behind what is happening. This way this game is just unplayable and unfair for me.
  7. For me black ops 3 was the best netcode a CoD ever had ! What is really strange is a friend of mine had really bad problems in black ops 3 but was rocking Infinite warfare ! For me it was vice versa. Right now I played two rounds of mw after the newest patch and it seems that it got worst ... after the second game I went offline ! For me this game is absolute garbage ! Maybe I will sell the game and wait for the next one ! At this moment this game is far from being enjoyable for me and I don’t want to play a game completely frustrated and angry just to see some mofos instakilling me the whole time while I can’t kill anyone !
  8. I am just angry at myself to have fallen in the same trap everytime Infinity Ward comes with a new COD. At least this time I bought it as Disc and not Digital like the greatest of Bullshit CoD ever (Infinite Warfare). If they dont change somethng significantly with their bullshit netcode in the next patch I will turn it in or sell it before the value is completely trash of this game. I cant get it that for some the game works good or at least it seems to work completely work and for others it is absolute unplayable. You see Youtube Videos and it seems that some of them are playing a complete different game. They have all the time to go to cover when shooted or they are able to kill 3 or 4 guys while being shot. As far as I shoot someone many times I hit them many times and they can get to cover or they shoot like 1 or 2 bullets at me and I am instant dead... just to see this bullshit Killcams... Horrible and frustrating. This time it will be really the last IW Cod i will ever buy, this a55holes are completely incompetent in programming a decent and fair netcode. I hope the next CoD will be playable again and the most important that it will bring fun again.
  9. This time I am really happy that I got the disc version not like with infinite warfare... this bullshit game I bought digital ... now at least I am able to turn it in at GameStop or sell it to some fanboy that blindly loves cod regardless of what bullshit game it is
  10. I just would be able to enjoy this game ! Really and that after the greatest piece of shit called infinite warfare but it is impossible I don’t know what to do anymore ! I have tried everything ! But it is like being always 1 or 2 seconds behind the enemy ! Some of the killcams it is like seeing a noob without lifting a gun having shot nearly half of a clip into them before ... then you watch YouTube videos and it is playing for all so damn good as they would be playing a complete other game ... they get shot and they have all the time to get to cover or to kill the opponent ... I don’t have the time to shoot back or to run to cover
  11. This Game is a Piece of shit ! They will Never learn how to Programme a decent netcode ! Completely unplayable for me ! Shoot first die first every fvcking gunfight... so damn frustrating !they get hit 3 to 5 times and they are able to get into cover . They shoot back I instadie like I would be playing hardcore ! Now it is getting even worse sniper and shotgun bullets not registering and that from one to two meters away!
  12. Watching the video is for me as I would be watching a complete different game ... I play on PS4 with netduma r1 and I always have shoot first die first and I mean really always... would love if the game would play like in your video ! It is just horrible and frustrating at the moment... I have changed my play style completely and it is now completely boring! Have to camp a lot and still this way, being so much times in a better position I loose gunfights due to shoot first die first! Killcams showing completely different situations! Sometimes even me looking to another direction or not even lifted up my gun not to say that I never shot my gun, having shot nearly half of a clip into an enemy! I don’t get it, but Infinity ward games were always a struggle for me in case of netcode! I don’t know what to do at the moment tbh! yesterday I even had sniper and shotgun shot not registering... 4 or 5 times in different lobbies shooting enemies twice in really close distance to an enemy with the shotty right in the chest not even getting a hit marker ...
  13. After hard resetting it works again, but i do not know a few weeks ago it was really enjoyable to play on the spanish server or better said black ops 4 , but it seems that this game is so broken. Now i get instamelted with one to two bullets every time ... this will be my last call of duty until they make a decent net code ... u unload a whole clip to them just to get instamelted it is so annoying and frustrating. U watch the killcam and this super pros just to not say something else are not even hitting u full ...
  14. I am trying now to make a hard reset over the reset button on the back of the router because that is not normal... this way the router just makes what it wants ... EDIT: Tried that also a few times progprogprog has not helped ... Deleted a few times, readded, put on strict mode put off and on again. Nothing worked. As is said i will try now to hard reset and setup the router again for the third time now...
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