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  1. Well i am grateful that its not that frequent at least for me.. this is the first time ive ever had this issue so just FYI. Not sure if other people on the netgear routers and the people with R1s have this issue more that might be a possibility?
  2. Sounds good. I rebooted and restarted. Removed device from filter, did a resync on the cloud, added device back to filtering and still the same result. Just happened to stumble on another post with the same issue so sorry for creating another thread.
  3. Hi guys i was going through another thread and it looks like others are going through the same issues. Ping heatmap isnt working in North America or any of the other servers located outside of my region. Rebooted and restarted router as always whenever and that usually fixes stuff but not on this. Using the latest firmware just FYI. Is there an ETA on this? Do i need to resync cloud?
  4. Its not just you im on an R2 and mine is failing to ping aswell even after rebooting and restarting.
  5. Thanks for the help Fraser and Liam as always ❤️❤️
  6. Also has there been any difference shown between polygon mode and the radius mode?
  7. Thanks Fraser. How many servers are ideal in radius for a fast Query time?
  8. I think one of the problems is the fact you're using netgear.. even though the net duma guys try their hardest there is only so much they can do. Had many bad times with net gear.. you couldn't pay me to use a net gear router lol. Id reccomend ordering an R2. You wont regret it. Also please try to stop acting like a 12 year old it gets you no where in life especially online when youre asking for support on a product that you bought. ❤️
  9. So currently i have my geo filter set to only one server and wait times are always long does fast search get rid of or shorten the wait time?
  10. Hello so with my setup and vpn im using my nat goes from normally open but when i use vpn it goes to moderate... Do i have to open up the port that the VPN uses? Curious and am eager to fix this. Thanks guys as always.
  11. Ill just leave it applied to entire device as that is the default for now until i feel a need to do otherwise thanks for the info though. Also how would i know the vpn service is working as it should i copied and pasted openVPN config file correctly? It says next to status that is connected is that mean it is connected properly i take it? Just making sure... first time using a vpn this way. Thanks Fraser!
  12. Is it worth applying specific ports for warzone or just apply it to device? If so do you know what ports warzone uses?
  13. Correct me if I am wrong but once i load up an OpenVPN service of my choice will i be able to choose which devices are applied with the VPN. Example: I would like to apply said vpn to my PC but leave my phone and some other devices such as my console off of that. There is an option to determine or pick devices for the vpn correct? Thanks for the help 😛
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