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  1. I don't have the xr500 anymore, I returned it. NO qos of any router I tried got rid of the additional lag when someone is downloading, but my new router does it the best that i've seen.
  2. well this is my experience of around 4 hours of going back and forth with old to the new router to spot the differences and if it's even worth it. and I think i'm going to keep this router. This router is a legit beast, qos works really good, better than all the routers i've tried. Only thing that will create extra lag is if someone is downloading a file, everything else works perfectly. And I don't know if it's because of the quad cpu in the new router, but gameplay is way more smoother. Hit detection seems to be way more consistent even when the ping is the same as before? I don't know how that works, but it seems like the game legit runs smoother, and better, than the older router. It feels like the game is updating faster on my screen, before with the old router it felt like I was behind everybody else in real time, so it felt like everyone sees me first and felt like I was always in a disadvantage jumping around corners in call of duty. New router has a whole different feeling to the game. hit detection feels better, gameplay is smoother, aiming and killing is a lot easier, even though it seems like my ping is the same? I don't know if that's placebo, But I went back and forth with the old router to the new router, and every time I started playing on the old router, I can feel it being clunky compared to the new router. and every time I went to the new router, gameplay is super smooth, call of duty characters that i'm trying to shoot is smoother, and hit detection is smoother. Also on the xr500 I had the latest software.
  3. got the router, played around with it for an hour and it's pretty good. need to do more testing.
  4. well I just ordered it, so I guess we will see how it goes in 2 days.
  5. probably stock firmware, if the qos on it doesn't work better than what I got currently, probably will return it right aways.
  6. I was looking at Archer C5400X Cause it's on sale right now on amazon.
  7. I have a question, would a quad core cpu on a router make a better qos?
  8. I been playing around with more dd-wrt options and manual priority seems to work the best and set my own bandwidth with each device, and I was able to get my congested network down to 1-10 ms of extra lag if someone was to download a file, or have multiple twitch channels going at once. seems like default priority doesn't work on my network which is probably why the xr500 qos didn't work. I may have to look into more advanced firmwares than dd-wrt if I wanted to get my congested network to no lag at all when someone is downloading, or watching twitch like the er x router, I would just have to watch tutorials how to get that router going with my network.
  9. Sorry I already returned the xr500, I tried every kind of set up and it just wasn't working as good as I was hoping. It worked for reducing my ping when someone was downloading or using a lot of bandwidth but I was hoping it would get rid like 95% of the congestion but it was more like 50% for me. I now run dd-wrt firmware which seems to help a lot more cause it has more advanced options to play around with and see which settings helps more.
  10. one isp, with one modem is all I got at the moment I just have to take it, and my current router set up is pretty good now barely any extra ping when I play games on the ps4 when the internet is getting used up like if someone is watching twitch. Max ping spike I get is maybe a 20 in online games, but that doesn't happen often. but these high lag spikes in the puma 6 test can't be accurate as I never seen that high of a ping in my ping plotter tests or any games I play, or even feel those spikes when I play online games.
  11. the results are always different, sometimes it's very steady and maybe 2 yellow blocks in the picture, and the one time it shows 600ms lag spikes and bunch of red is in the final results. but most of the time when I test it, it's full green with a few yellow it in.
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