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  1. Yes deep packet is off aswell, yes I might have to upgrade then but before that should I factory reset my router just in case it’s a glitch or just upgrade and go from there.
  2. Here are some shots of my QoS, i dont have any reservations on getting DumaOS I just didnt see a need to upgrade as this current firmware was doing the job perfect until this hiccup here
  3. I switched to my old router and it’s the same poor results, any other suggestions that I try besides dumaOS I can’t think of anything else I could try.
  4. Yes had the duma before I upgraded and worked perfect, I was with sky previously aswell. That link you sent me was the same one I used previously used for that sky router in the image, they since sent me an upgraded one and I followed the same steps as it’s not much difference but the results are way different. In regards to the MAC address I copied the current ISP router MAC address into the R1 settings but still getting the slow speeds you want me to hook up the R1 to my previous ISP router and see if it still happening, I will do that and give an update in due timing.
  5. Still no joy went all the way up to 999 aswell. ive added some images of my speedtest results the 1st one is duma and the 2nd one is my ISP something strange happened aswell not sure if its a bug but i set my download and upload bandwidth to a lower amount then what speeds i was getting, i set it to 5 down and 5 up and ran a test but i was still getting around the same speeds as the duma speedtest results.
  6. Yeah I forgot to include that in my topic, yeah I did try that also super turbo mode and nothing, still getting the same results. I really don’t know which way to turn regarding this is there anything else you can suggest I do
  7. Hello Guys, I recently upgraded my internet and im not getting my full speed what ive paid for, ive searched through the forums to find fixes but havent found anything so im posting my own issue. I currently pay for 77 down and 20 up and put the figures into the set bandwidth section but the duma will only give me 16 down whilst the upload is fine which is confusing as i get around 17 up. I've tried the the things you guys have suggested to other users regarding reactive algorithm cc sliders at 100 disable IPv6 in lan wan and misc share excess ticked device prioritisation reset i normally am able to figure out how to fix things regarding my internet but this one i just cant wrap my head around it, i also let the duma auto configure my speeds and no joy. when i connect through my ISP router my speeds are fine and as they should be ive quadruple checked and made sure the relevant things are ticked and unticked in my settings im testing through cat 6 cable wired to my laptop. Ive even gone into my ISP router and disabled IPv from there too. Duma is in DMZ aswell and im not sure if its something to do with WAN but im just assuming cause ive thought about everything else. The other option is to factory reset the duma but i thought id come here 1st my router is the sky hub 3.0 Thank You
  8. Thanks I think my might go ahead and do it il have a look into other routers aswell and look into it abit more
  9. I am thinking of upgrading my internet package I currently have 20 down 1 up provided by sky broadband I know that better internet doesnt mean better connections it's your line quality and ping stability and to be fair my line is stable when playing COD I have the odd laggy game but who doesn't, I don't have much complaints, I was thinking if I upgrade to fibre will my line be a bit more consistent as I think fibre is more reliable and stable wire these days but I know sky to FTTC so I know there will still be copper in there somewhere and another thing is when these big updates and patches roll out it takes an eternity to download the files so that would be a benefit as well. Just wanted some info on it. Thanks.
  10. I was wondering if anybody could help me on these pingplotter results I have just got, I ran the test for about 10+ mins and this was the result, I see 1 spike and I think the red line means packetloss could somebody give me a better insight into this please my CC sliders are set to 100/100 and all devices are connected through my Netduma.
  11. When it happens again i will connect a device and see.. i have set my radius from 300-1000 miles and the same issue is happening and i have strict mode enabled
  12. When it happens again i will connect a device and see.. i have set my radius from 300-1000 miles and the same issue is happening and i have strict mode enabled
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