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  1. So try closest servers or a little farther away? Cuz I have no control over the servers I get connect to here in America. It connects me all over the USA. I'm north east coast and there r no servers on north east for halo 5. Closest to me is south east coast. But game is so dead I just let my filter connect me to anyone in USA
  2. Yes everything connected to the xr1000 . I'm using the xr1000 only connected straight from the wall
  3. I had 1 game now that my shots actually registered but that's rare. I'm playing with my monitor set to freesync on with the fastest overdrive setting and 120hz just to play a game halo 5 that is locked at 60hz just to get my shots to count. I figured with this router I would b dominating since I pretty much know how to aim but in not
  4. I'm so frustrated with this router. I got as a upgrade from my isp modem/router and I'm doing worse than my isp router and I wasnt happy with that to begin with. My shots dont register for certain ppl when I play against them. I raised the ping assist to counter lag compensation and put my polygon to get slightly higher servers and I struggle to kill higher rank players. Can u guys look at my settings and tell me what I need to tweak. Cuz after 3 weeks of using the xr1000 I'm not happy with this purchase playing halo 5
  5. Ok thank you. Yes I'm using my phone. I dont have a desktop or laptop
  6. This is what happens when I use the sliders on the bottom left
  7. I can't zoom into my specific area that I have with my circle. It just zooms into the center of the map
  8. Where is the magnifying glass? I cant find it in my geo filter
  9. Also to battle lag compensation playing against south American players with higher ping what settings u recommend I use so that I can have a fair advantage against them . I dont not wanna play against them just want a fair advantage that my shots will count when shooting high ping players
  10. Ok 1 more question. Is this better than just putting my home location in the middle of the ocean with radius as small as possible with with this settings or just keeping it in my original location?
  11. Ok with auto ping host on or off? And ping assist 0 or 30-50?
  12. If I set me geo filter to strict with ping assist to 0 it doesn't let me find games. Since population is so low
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