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  1. Would like to be added to the list so far as well. Got an XR500 in use currently, R1 as a backup too. Can't wait for V3.0! 🙂👍
  2. I didn't even realise there was a window to sign up to test, whoops 😅
  3. Never worked for me on original R1 firmware. Only worked if the R1 wasn't the router. Connecting directly to the Modem allowed Wi-Fi calling to work. Whenever it has to go through the R1, it doesn't work. I've tried connecting to the R1's direct Wi-Fi network & via an Access Point connected to the network, still no luck when it has to go through the R1. Three (UK) - iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, & iPhone 7 Plus devices!
  4. Yeah very odd, do you think going on each Xbox One on our network and select a different port might help if it's a NAT issue? When it shows on the Xbox's Network Settings, it says UPnP not successful
  5. Thanks for the quick response! Sometimes our Xbox One's show UPnP not successful even though it is enabled. Tried switching it off, rebooting router and then turning it back on.
  6. R1 - DumaOS Log seems to be full of this, not sure why.
  7. Never worked on the original R1 firmware, Wi-Fi calling never appeared for me.
  8. UPNP is enabled, ports don't appear but have been opened for the phone in Port Forwarding. Modem is already in modem mode. Thanks for the help!
  9. @Netduma Fraser Just forwarded that port to my iPhone, and still no luck sadly. Text messages aren't sending. 🙁
  10. @major masingil Thanks for the suggestion, just done that, Wi-Fi calling appeared but then disappeared like 2 minutes later. Couldn't send a text sadly. @Netduma Fraser Hello, I just used a Wi-Fi Analyser to see what channel my network was on, and it's the same channels the modem automatically selected when I put it back in Router Mode yesterday & I put it back in Router Mode today, and it picked the same channels.
  11. Already got QoS disabled to get higher broadband speeds.
  12. Hey, just done some testing. Turned the modem back into router mode and connected to its Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi calling appeared immediately and texts and calls went through immediately. Put the modem back into modem mode, connected back to the R1, Wi-Fi calling didn’t appear. I had to disable and reenable the setting and when it eventually appeared, nothing went through, texts failed to send and calls never connected. Hope this helps!
  13. iPhone - Wi-Fi Calling appears at the top, sometimes. When you go to make a call or send a text when it does appear at the top, it never starts ringing or sends the text.
  14. New cloud update has been perfect until now. ID - 95addba64a34b6bb
  15. Yes, sorry. Latest cloud update. Been very good apart from that
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