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  1. finally after more than 6 months of waiting, I'm still waiting to see with my own eyes because unfortunately I no longer believe it
  2. 6 months ! that I am waiting and that I will soon be yes, I am patient but take us for sheep
  3. hi, 1 month has passed what is the news on this implementation thank you
  4. thank you i hope this will be quickly implemented for the quality of this product. It would be a shame that this is not available because many users will force us to go to products like the Ubiquiti Router. Thanks you.
  5. VLAN configuration on NETDUMA R2 any news on the implementation of this feature? Thanks you.
  6. Need also monitoring for VLAN please !
  7. hello boys, for the new XR300 what about thinking vs XR500 ? any chance to have a new firmware with the XR300 and is it better vs the king XR500 ?
  8. Good news ! a new firmware for the XR500 is for soon ?
  9. Any news for optimise this game with dumaos You need to make compatible division 2 please thank you
  10. You need to make compatible division 2 please thank you
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