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    VIPER51 reacted to Netduma Fraser in UPGRADE   
    Have you received a link to download DumaOS? If so download the file and then go to Upgrade on the interface and select the file you downloaded then hit upgrade. 
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    VIPER51 reacted to Chaiyoabc in PSA: don’t upgrade to dumaos or you will be forced to p2p in BO4 most of the time.   
    I have been going back and forth between new duma OS and original r1 firmware. And I’m postivie to say that Netduma team is currently woking on cloud update to make sure everything work perfect as much as possible. But just right now this duma os is just in beta stage and can cause frustration rather than good gaming experience. 
    Here is the comparison between duma os and r1 from my experience 
    geo filter and bo4 matchmaking behavior:
    netduma r1 original firmware
    work as expected. You can use geo-filter, put it on strict mode and it will perform just like you expect. All Dedicated servers always show up on map which including Singapore server in my region. Whenever there is problem, I can do as instructed by many of people from netduma team. Which is to turn off console, setting everything up in netduma and boot the game back and it will work just fine. I have never experienced matchmaking issue whatsoever in this original fw. And not a single match I matchmade into p2p lobbies. 
    Netduma’s Duma Os
    On the other hand in duma os, for some reason there are still issues in geo-filter. First I have to mention that I have been using dumaOS for almost 2 weeks which I find it long enough to share my experience for you guys. Don’t get me wrong I am really impress by its dashboard customization and qos feature. However, main issue reamain when comes to geo-filter and matchmaking. About 90% of the time I connect to arab p2p lobbies despite of proper geo-filter setup as instructed by netduma team. Only sometimes I can actually connect to Singapore server for quitr short period and it always disappear when there is ‘setting change’ from Treayarch 
    So far this is what I have been experiencing I hope it is helpful for you guys and it can cause less frustration for you 
    apologize for my english too
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    VIPER51 reacted to BIG__DOG in Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing   
    not a proper, experienced and competative gamer...........the only thing worse than gaming over wifi is gaming over wifi on a tv 
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    VIPER51 reacted to Netduma Jack in Ps4 Pro update 6.00 /netduma incompatible. buffer bloat dslresports issues   
    This seems like a really strange issue. Have you tried a hard reset since the update? (Turn off your Console, Netduma and Modem. Wait 5 minutes then turn on your Modem. Wait a minute then turn on your Netduma. Wait another minute before turning on your console). 
    I'm just glad DumaOS is so soon to be released - hopefully that new R1 upgrade will resolve this issue. This seems like it must be something to do with the back-end of the R1 firmware. DumaOS is a complete overhaul, so I'm hopeful that this issue will die with DumaOS!
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    VIPER51 reacted to Netduma Jack in Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing   
    Yup just to clarify this - it's our main priority to get it ready before BO4 launches no matter what. I believe it'll be ready much sooner, but again I'm not part of the testing / development side at this time so I can't give you a definitive answer!
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    VIPER51 reacted to Netduma Jack in Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing   
    Sure - there's just a couple more steps to take, but at this stage it's extremely minor stuff. DumaOS is running extremely well on the R1. It makes us feel proud of the Mikrotik hardware if anything; it's clear that it still packs a punch!
    Just to clarify, we aren't going to release a launch date or build expectations this time. After the last delay I hope you can understand why - instead, we plan on dropping DumaOS very soon unannounced. It'll be ridiculously easy to upgrade, just like installing any new R1 firmware.
    Looking forwards, once you all have DumaOS installed you should consider it to be the beginning. DumaOS is cross-platform; any feature released for the Netgear routers should make its way to the R1 as well unless there are exceptional circumstances. This means fan-favourites like Ping Assist or brand new features will be released for you guys long into the future. There could also be unique features on the R1 version of DumaOS, such as an entirely rebuilt settings suite.
    Please don't take my word as absolutely accurate, especially later on - I'm just telling you what I know personally. I wish I could tell you an estimate of when it could be launched but it'd be defeating the purpose at this point!
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    VIPER51 reacted to RedBull2k in Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing   
    Bugs creep in even when you have had a particular feature working correctly before... so my update is Bug squashing at the moment
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    VIPER51 reacted to abc123 in Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing   
    Both members (titofuenla and Kudarat) need to let it be and ignore/block one another if they are unable to communicate in a respectful manner.  I am not playing favorites this isn't the topic to yell at one another.  Thanks for understanding and please be patient with your fellow man.
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    VIPER51 got a reaction from titofuenla in Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing   
    No worries. Will be ready for it when it's ready. Good Job, Guys!
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    VIPER51 reacted to witton90 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    It is what it is...
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    VIPER51 reacted to Macca65 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Should have been locked straight after they announced it was delayed, as there has been absolutely nothing to report!
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    VIPER51 reacted to titofuenla in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    It is incredible, a week or more without anyone complaining, but it is enough that one complains so that everyone starts to throw themselves to the jugular like rabid dogs.
    Honestly if you are not going to give a new date nor the netduma team will say anything about it until it comes out, I do not understand what makes this issue open. Of the only thing that serves is to be listening to the same as always to protest and complain and the truth that it is always tiring to read the same nonsense.
    Personally I think that the topic should be closed and when there is new news open a new topic.
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    VIPER51 reacted to Netduma Jack in Netduma upgrade (v 1.03.6j - Original Firmware)   
    6j is the latest version, but you don't have to buy the Nighthawk XR500 to get DumaOS. It was delayed back in April which caused a lot of annoyance, but it should be out very soon for the R1 free of charge
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    VIPER51 got a reaction from titofuenla in is the dumos update out for the netduma r1 yet?   
    Thanks Jack. Knew I'd get an honest answer from you.
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    VIPER51 reacted to Netduma Jack in is the dumos update out for the netduma r1 yet?   
    I've explained why we're not giving another ETA - it's too risky, look at the mess it landed us in the last time we gave out an ETA. It's difficult to predict precisely when it'll be ready, so we aren't risking letting anyone down again.
    I saw your question on the DumaOS/R1 delay thread - in response to it, it's Netgear who are working with those YouTubers and Netgear who are mostly promoting their XR500. We didn't make those decisions, and it doesn't mean the R1 is dying or falling by the wayside.
    The thing we'd like everyone to remember is that the software currently installed on the R1 is still groundbreaking, and still won awards, and is still better than any gaming software available on any other consumer router (at least with regards to solving real gaming problems).
    DumaOS will be coming, but you still have the best. We'll be giving you even better soon.
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    VIPER51 reacted to Netduma Jack in is the dumos update out for the netduma r1 yet?   
    We realise the lack of statements / communication has been frustrating. As I've said elsewhere, the developers are keen to take an 'actions rather than words' approach to the DumaOS / R1 launch, as they've made multiple communication errors in the past that have led to this point. They are now just cramming on it rather than getting over-excited and giving launch dates that are too risky.
    There's no conspiracy to raise XR500 sales by delaying DumaOS on the R1. Business-wise, it'd make no sense - Netgear are perfectly capable of selling tens of thousands of units by themselves, and their colossal size means the Netduma R1 is barely a drop in the ocean for them. DumaOS was delayed due to technicalities we wish had never happened.
    Likewise we can't make an offer, such as trading in the R1 for an XR500. Netgear are a very separate company - we're in partnership, but are in no way able to make such an offer. Many of the R1 delays have indeed come from the necessity of fixing bugs or issues with the XR500 - but this is to be expected, as not supporting the XR500 would mean an end to our future relationship with Netgear (and an end to our ability to release our software on the best hardware on the planet, which is hopefully an exciting prospect for you guys as much as us).
    The bottom line is DumaOS is coming to the R1. It's not my place to say when, though I've started telling people it'll be 'soon' because I've seen the developers at work and know this to be true. I'm keen to not repeat mistakes myself though, so I'm not going to build your expectations. I hope this gives you a bit more insight, but the statement remains the same. "DumaOS is coming soon, and will still be free, to the Netduma R1".
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    VIPER51 reacted to Netduma Jack in I really don’t like netduma and the forum support   
    Since you're unwilling to actually take advice and use the forum properly, I'm going to lock this thread. If you have an issue and feel like engaging with support, feel free to open another thread.
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    VIPER51 reacted to Alex49H in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Douchebaggery at it's finest, imagine that. Child, go to your room!!!
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    VIPER51 reacted to inb4 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    :D :D close to reality 
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    VIPER51 reacted to FQs19 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    it's a joke.
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    VIPER51 reacted to mohands in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    they are happy for their partnership with Netgear, they forgot who gave them the positive reputation to reach this place. but they forgot that companies care only about sales, and if the router  router doesn't have a good sales record, they will cancel their partnership, and it's only us who care about you netduma
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    VIPER51 reacted to witton90 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Is what it is, but for those of you saying that it’s so you buy the new xr500 router I think your talking rubbish, if that was the case I’m sure they would tell you the update isn’t available for r1 users, least it will be hopefully ready for black ops 4
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    VIPER51 reacted to Netduma Fraser in OOPS   
    I don't think you need to but it wouldn't hurt to whitelist the Netduma LAN IP address ( just to ensure your PC security isn't blocking anything. Great to hear that thank you!
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    VIPER51 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in OOPS   
    Another thing Fraser, do I have to enter the IPS for Netduma in my Norton security? Or the Playstation IPS to get by the security.Thanks for all your help. Every tip I've gotten from you and your staff and the community have helped on all my issues. Don't have a lot of time and the help gets me a better game every time.
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    VIPER51 reacted to Netduma Jack in RE-boot   
    The advice above is great and accurate. Never use Port Forwarding and UPnP at the same time, and make sure to disable the Geo-Filter after you've stopped gaming. This should improve the performance of the interface.
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