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  1. When I get home I’m going to factory reset everything see if that works
  2. I did do the port forwarding and port trigger for black ops 4 and still moderate nat type . For the most part I was figure it out on my own but this problem is difficult for me
  3. No. I don’t have my PC on the geo filter No I don’t have my pc on the geo filter
  4. Because on my Xbox and ps4 the nat type is open on the game also
  5. UPnP and port forwarding. Yes I my wan ip is on dmz of my modem . It just the game nat type on my pc
  6. i tried everything and cant get an open nat type on black ops 4 for pc
  7. I know where I have to for the port forwarding . To me is not as simple as the r1 it only has to lines where to put the port forwarding numbers . My question do I just put all the numbers in that one line?
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