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  1. Now I’m trying to login to duma0S interface and it doesn’t let me it saying I’m not connected to the WiFi. And I am connected.
  2. Should still put the actual speed that I pay from my isp
  3. I always had speed my 75/75 this just started happening when I updated the firmware on the xr500
  4. like i said i updated today and this are my speed now
  5. No I haven’t lowered my anti -bufferbloat both of my slider is set to 100 I did everything that the optimal guide said to do but my speed are still lower . This just started happening once I updated the firmware. Yes I dslreports when I’m running the ping test it gives me my exact speed but not speed test
  6. I’m having same issue. I just updated the firmware and my speed are lower than expected I use to get 82.50 download and upload was 85.78 now I’m getting download 67.45 and upload is 25.7 it’s lower than expected. When I run test on dslreports I get the speed I’m supposed to get
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