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  1. Same here man. They keep saying duma os 3.0 is coming but have not seen anything. Im thinking about switching to asus or another company. Netgear seems to never update anything anymore. Pretty sad for an $200-300 router.
  2. You mind if i test out that beta version? Im really hoping there is a fix. I just dont get how it can work on my previous router but not xr500.
  3. Yes it wont connect to dhcp. Just says disconnected. I dont reboot alot. Just once in a while for cache clearing. I reboot my router by turning it off and then unplugging. Modem is just an ac power cord so i unplug that too. But like i said. It wont connect if i boot my modem completely first. I have to boot router and modem at same time. And then reboot the router again so it will connect. Because if i boot router up and modem at same time but dont reboot router again it wont connect. So once they bootup together i need to reboot xr500 once more and im connected. But wont connect by modem first then router or any other method. Ive tried many ways. Including resets. Like before i never had this issue on the r7000 so its weird. Does the r7000 have its own dhcp server like xr500? If not then maybe Thats what’s causing it. Not 100% sure
  4. I have the same issue. This all started when i switched from the r7000 to xr500. I used to boot my modem first then router but seems to do the same thing on xr500. Only way i can get it to work is boot router and modem at same time. Then reboot router one more time and im set. I gotta do that everytime i wanna use the xr500. I had my modem checked and was fine. I actually even replaced it and still does it. It never done this on my r7000 or previous routers... this is definitely some sort of bug
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