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  1. Weird. It let me signup from that link you sent with my R1 serial and then when I tried to go back to the site to signup for the nighthawk, it said "you've already responded." I tried incognito mode and that allows me to signup but only with a different email there, and then I can input the serial number when I get the router so I'll wait to do that. Thanks for your help Fraser.
  2. I already signed up but just with the R1. I tried signing up again for the Nighthawk but it says I already signed up and wouldn't let me. Anything I can do to fix that?
  3. Ok. Thanks for all your help. You guys are the best. I'm also gonna be buying the XR450/500 so I'd like to get in on either beta if possible.
  4. Yeah it lets me change the whole ip for the router to I had an issue awhile back that I couldn't set my network up with the that I originally wanted but you said try so I did and that worked for quite awhile. My Netduma R1 is the main router handing out all the DHCP IP's. I have several other routers/AP's taking care of the wifi. The R1 is only router that's DHCP and handing out Ip's. Like I said, I thought it worked fine for a good year or so but now the geo-filter is not working and giving that error no matter what I've tried. All my devices are getting 10.0.0.xxx ip's. R1 is only device getting the All devices are working fine just can't get the geo-filter to work unless I go back to which I'd probably rather not do as I stated earlier. Can you think of any other ideas of what would cause the "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'onReady' of undefined" Geo-Filter error? I attached a screenshot of it if that helps.
  5. Sorry I haven't responded as I've not had the ability to mess around with the router and input all the devices, port forwarding, etc again. Ok, what happens is that when I change the router IP address to it shows that message "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'onReady' of undefined" under the Geo-Filter. Can't change or do anything with it. All other tabs/sections are fine. When I reset the router if I keep it the same(, the Geo-Filter works fine. The Geo-Filter worked fine before with the address until recently. I have several routers on my network in the 10.0.0.. so if I can possibly keep the r1 as that would be great. I just can't use the Geo-Filter at the moment. Anything you can help me with this I'd appreciate it.
  6. I keep getting the error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'onReady' of undefined" in the Geo-Filter tab. I've tried resetting, etc but to no effect. Any ideas what's causing this?
  7. Perfect. That explains it exactly how I needed to understand it. Thank you for the much appreciated help.
  8. I'm trying to test my PS4 running through the Hybrid VPN on my R1 router and it's the only device that is greyed out and won't run through the VPN. Everything on my vpn shows connected and it's working for all other devices I have running through it, just not the PS4. I've tried deleting it and re adding it to my device manager. Tried deleting the Geo-Filter Devices. Not sure what else I can try but for some reason it's not working. Any ideas on why that is? Also was wondering about the "Do Not VPN These Services" & "Only VPN These Services" being switched at least in my UI. Basically if I have to run a device through my VPN I have to choose "Do Not VPN These Services" to have that device run through the VPN, which shouldn't be correct, right? Or maybe I'm just dyslexic or something lol.
  9. Ok. Thanks for your help. REALLY appreciate it.
  10. I just got my new router today but at the moment I have the r1 running both my wired and wireless connections and my ISP is an Arris cable modem. Nothing else. Not sure what you mean by LAN IP of my ISP hub. You mean the default gateway of the ethernet adapter? That's just been changed to the
  11. Yeah the works. Not sure what conflict would have. Also tried as well and that had the same error.
  12. Im trying to change it to but tried different ones and got the same error.
  13. Is it not possible to change the router IP Address in DumaOS? I know with the legacy R1 you had to keep it as but thought I read somewhere that you could change it. When I try changing it, it says RPC error 'ERROR_VALIDATION': Network is not private. Thanks for any help
  14. Well interesting. I was able to get it working by going to that link you sent and then downloading the specific config file. I use to use these but then was told to get the config files through their automatic config file generator that allows you to input your custom IP or use the standard ones and that is somehow generating an OpenVPN static key along with the certificates. Well so far it's working so THANK YOU so much for your help. I'm happy as a clam.
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