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  1. Today I got a extender. The 2.4 on the extender is faster then the actual router.
  2. Yes, I have used an app and selected channel 6. The Wifi now goes up to 30 then instantly drops to 8
  3. I fixed the dns issue. I don’t have anything interfering with the signal. It could be a channel issue. The max speed right now is 9mbps down and 27 up. Ethernet is fine, it hits up to 1gig. Only the 2.4 signal is having issues even being right next to the router.
  4. Seperate channels. I believe it has to do with the dns. On my Nintendo switch and Xbox both have errors saying cannot resolve dns and I have to restart the router each time I turn on both systems
  5. Wifi started to act up again so I set it to auto channel. The 2.4 internet will work for a bit then start to become unstable and not connect to anything even when being right next to the router.
  6. I turned QOS back on and the speed is now a constant 54. It seems to work now
  7. Yes, I used a Wifi app to find the least congested. I am using MU-MIMO and HT160. I turned off QOS and it brought the speed up from 16 to 54 is there anyway to use qos and still have speed.
  8. Yes I have Qos correctly setup. 70/70. I don’t use smart connect. I have them both seperated. I get around 300-600mbps on 5ghz.
  9. Hi, I have tried changing channels and everything but I only get around 15 mbps on 2.4 Wifi. Sometimes dips down to 6mbps. I have Comcast 1 gig download speed.
  10. Thank you guys, I had to clear the mac address on the xbox one and give it a static ip, fixed everything.
  11. Hi, my iphone and my xbox got assigned the same ip. When my phone becomes active on my network, my xbox disconnects vice versa. I need to change my Lan IP on my phone. Thanks! EDIT: I changed the Lan IP for the iPhone then the xbox Lan IP changed to the exact same on without me doing anything.
  12. They both have static ip's and nope not using geo filter for the one being disconnected.
  13. Yes and when I disconnect and try to delete it, it will say cannot delete because device is online, Even when offline. I tried the xbox on ethernet and it still happen. This is the only device that is affected including a phone. Version V2.3.2.40
  14. Nope both consoles are in power saving mode, I played on both consoles today and the same one kept disconnecting and the rest of the xbox's stayed connected. I blocked the other xboxs ip in the device manager a week ago but I factory reset the router. Could that be why? I have also gave static ip's to all the xbox's.
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