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help host filtering for fortnite

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hello i am sort of new here and i am trying to figure out how to setup the host filtering for my pc for the game fortnite i am not new to using the netduma r1 router but i just cant seem to figure out what port number to input for the host filter... if anyone could help i would be grateful i am extremely sorry if this is in the wrong forum section too by the way i just didn't know where to put it so i figured gaming would be a start.... thank you everyone in advance for your time :)

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Hi - please could you upgrade to DumaOS: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/

After upgrading, do this to show Fortnite on your Geo-Filter:

1. Delete any devices from your Geo-filter
2. Go to the Device Manager
3. Click on your PC
4. Change the PC device type to a PS4 device type
5. Save your changes
6 Go back to the Geo-Filter and re-add your PC at the top

I recommend you use the Geo-Filter in Spectating Mode, and look at the Map when you join a lobby to see where the server is located. Then back out of lobby if it's the server region you don't like.


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