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  1. do you think there could be an option to just restart the wifi and not the whole router..? just wondering.. <3
  2. i have been playing around with different channels i leave it go for about a week or so on each channel to test them but i was also curious as to how to get the 5ghz option i see in a youtube video from techflow..? mine only has the 2.4 option? this issue has been happening for about a year or so.. i have been slowly playing with options to see if theres any improvement but i was also wondering if the cpu gets hot enough maybe that could cause it..? and yeah i have loved the router it has always worked great and even when the wifi drops the speeds are still great for the ethernet devices i was just wondering if maybe because i am using the 2.4 wifi and not the 5.0 that maybe the newer devices i have on wifi dont like the slower 2.4ghz..? i dont have the option for the 5.0 and would like to try it to see if it would help.. aslo i have the newer dumaOS so maybe im just missing the section to change the range from 2.4 to 5.0..?
  3. i am having similar issues the router works great except after about a week or so the wifi drops out completely and i have to go to my desktop and go into the R1 settings and do a restart and then the WiFi works great again for about another week i have the equipment to test channel strength but nothing helps ... it did improve when i upgraded to the new os but before that the WiFi was dropping like every 2 days.. it is mounted on the wall away from everything and when the WiFi drops my desktop which is using a cat6 still works perfectly...? any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated p.s. i was wondering if the r1 only having a 2.5ghz bandwidth could be the issue .. and if so would it hurt any of my speeds if i plugged a secondary router in just for the wifi? i am an early adopter of the netduma and have had it for many years and will not change its a great piece of hardware and software <3
  4. i double checked the email i used and it was correct but i have been refreshing my email and checking my spam and i have not yet received anything from netduma? i found my way to this forum and now we are here well terribly sorry but it finally came through lul now the fun begins
  5. hello i am sort of new here and i am trying to figure out how to setup the host filtering for my pc for the game fortnite i am not new to using the netduma r1 router but i just cant seem to figure out what port number to input for the host filter... if anyone could help i would be grateful i am extremely sorry if this is in the wrong forum section too by the way i just didn't know where to put it so i figured gaming would be a start.... thank you everyone in advance for your time
  6. i am on version 1.03.4 and would like to know if i am supposed to upgrade or not because they way it written is a tad confusing for me anyway....? my router hasnt updated for a very long time id say about 2 years ... i am still on 1.03.4 and i am hoping a tech can help please...?
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