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For some reason my Geo Filter is not working correctly.

I keep getting connected to various dedis and peers that are outside of the radius. Ping assist is set to 0, strict mode on, fast search off and the geo filter is concentrated around the U.k. For some reason it likes to connect me to the westcoast usa dedi which I ping 20ms to, but the connection is not great. Im having to deny a lot of these dedi that i dont wont to connect to. Im on Ps4 when I do connect to the UK dedi my ping to those is around 9ms.

Any Ideas guys?? Anyone esle having these issues?? Its not a big problem for me, just wanted to know if its a known issue. Also On Duma Os It doesnt like to keep my Dashboard Settings, everytime i move from that page it jumbles up my layout. Anyone had this problem also??



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Hi Palla,

Are you seeing a server with a white ring around it? This is probably an authentication server which you have to connect to in order to play the game at all. It won't be the actual host of your game (a dedicated server)

If you think you're getting dedicated servers, then double check you have Filtering Mode set at the top. Otherwise all your settings sound fine. 

If it's still happening, could you take a screenshot of your Geo-Filter page and post here. We can take a look at it.

On the dashboard, you just need to wait about 5 seconds after completing your changes and it should then remember your new layout. Don't click off the page immediately after making the changes

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Hi and thanks NA

I will try to get a screen shot.

As for the Dashboard. Ive tried leaving it for ages before i leave the page, but it just keeps jumbling up every time, to the point of were i dont bother with the dashboard anymore. Which is a shame because i have to keep jumping from tab to tab. Having it all on 1 page was brilliant.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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