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Is paypal a must-have option when buying online?

Is PayPal a must-have option when buying online?  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. If you purchase something online and PayPal was not given as a payment option, instead just card details are requested, would you still be happy to proceed with your purchase?

    • Yes, I am happy to pay for something without using PayPal
    • No, I must have PayPal as a payment option to make online purchases

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I am surprised in the vote to see that people are happy to input their credit cards into any site.

The security that PayPal brings would make me trust the new site I had visited and would save me vetting the site through web searching to find out if the site was legit or not.

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I would prefer to use PayPal over entering my card details but it wouldn’t necessarily  stop me making a purchase. I would thoroughly check out the site to make sure it’s legit before entering any card details. I can actually only think of 1 site I use regularly that doesn’t use PayPal.

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