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It is much easier on DumaOS to tell what icons represent what, here's a key:


An allowed player (allowed in Allow & Deny) Allowed_Player_Icon.png

A blocked player Blocked_Player_Icon.png

A denied player (denied in Allow & Deny) Denied_Player_Icon.png

A player Player_Icon.png

A server Server_Icon.png

A blocked server Blocked_Server_Icon.png

A whitelisted server Whitelisted_Server_Icon.png

They might be kind of hard to see (they are white and have a transparent background). I can get our graphics artist to mock up a better version next week.

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I've wanted to know this for a while!

1. This should be on the OS somewhere in the settings.

2. This post should be sticky or whatever since Im sure a ton of people wonder this!




We will most likely add it in future, for now I've pinned it as requested!

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